10 Steps to God’s Financial Blessing–Miracle Prayer For Financial Blessing

Today we will be talking about 10 steps to God’s financial blessing. There is a saying that you cannot out-give God. So we will look at ways and steps to use that principle. to increase your income.


Making a decision to receive God’s financial blessing has great power. It starts the ball rolling. It gives you some momentum that carries over into the other nine steps.

So make the decision. Make up your mind to do something positive about your financial situation. Nothing will happen until you make this decision.

Making the decision to receive God’s financial blessing will propel you through times of doubt and insecurity. Your faith may be tiny but it only takes a little to accomplish great things in the long run.

You can do this. It is not rocket science. There are things you need to understand. There are things you need to do. But they are not too hard for the average person to understand.


It is another small step to decide to do all the 10 steps. Say to yourself out loud “I will take the 10 steps so I can receive God’s financial blessings.” This is a very powerful step. It is a small but mighty step in your journey to God’s financial blessing. You really need to do all 10 steps to get the best results. So I ask you not to skip any of the steps.

These 10 steps really do work. I have done all of them myself. I had to exp[eriment a little to come up with these 10 steps. You will save time and effort and maybe money by following these 10 steps. They are not difficult. So prepare yourself to do all 10 steps. You will be glad you did.

By the time you finish this step you will be 20% of the way through the 10 important steps.There is great power in making a decision. I have done it many times when I wanted to accomplish something. When you have done this step there is another important step. To me it is a fun one.


The next step is number 3. It involves reading scripture verses on God’s Financial Blessing. I will list some sources that I used in my search for financial blessings This will give you the background you need. It will give you a better understanding of what is about to happen.

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Read all the verses that I have listed for you. Study them a little. Let them sink in to your mind. This part is important. You really need to immerse yourself in the knowlwdge about tithing, giving, and generosity. This will put you in a good place before the next step.


With God all things are possible. We are talking about good things like financial blessings. Yes. God has the power to do for you what is promised in the Bible. I have experienced much of it for myself. But don’t just take my word for it. Put God to the test.

That is the best way to increase your faith. Start small and increase your faith a little at a time until your faith grows. It only takes the faith the size of a mustard seed to make a HUGE difference in your life. It only takes a mustard seed sized faith to make a TREMENDOUS DIFFERENCE in your spirit and your finances. This is why God asks us to put him to the test.

It helps to make your faith grow. It is impossible to please God without faith. If you need to you can write out some verses on index cards and read them over every day. This will help your faith in God and his power to grow. That is what you need before you take the next steps.


Next you need to believe not just that God can do wonderful things for you. But also that he wants to do those things for you. You also need to believe that you deserve what God has in store for you.

I urge to read Joel Osteen’s book “Next Level Thinking” available on Amazon. It is a great book. It is one of the best I have ever read. I read a lot. His message is perfect for someone trying to break through barriers in their finances, for example. God wants a life of abundance for you. However, sometimes our thoughts and actions get in the way. Next Level Thinking will help you get to the next level in your life. It will help in your financial life and in your spiritual life. They are all connected.

In the first chapter pastor Joel Osteen talks about the time years ago when the first sub four minute mile was run. Experts said that it could not be done. They said that the human body could not handle it but… after Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile barrier it was broken three hundred times in the next ten years.

This shows the power of belief. So believe that you can receive God’s supernatural power. You can do things with God’s help that you could not do on your own. You deserve it too because you are a child of God. You do not have to be perfect to deserve God’s favor. God loves you and wants the best for you. But there are things you have to do and believe. They are all listed in the 10 steps. When you finish all the steps you will be living a blessed life…an abundant life.


Now it iis time to pray about your fimancial blessings. You need to determine how much you want. You need to find out how much you need. There can be a big difference between the two. With God’s help you can figure out a what is the magic number for you. Determining the magic number for you will take some thought and some prayer.

I always believe in the power of gratitude. By that I mean giving thanks in advance. I did some experiments that showed that giving thanks for something will give you 50% more of what you gave thanks for. This number may not hold true for everything, but it demonstrates the power of gratitude.

Another thing about giving thanks in advance shows faith. Your faith will grow as you use this type of prayer and you receive what you are asking . Your faith does not have to be 100%. A little faith is very powerful.

Pray about your finances. Think about what you need. Believe that you will receive what you ask for. Say it out loud. “Lord, I believe you can give what I ask and I believe you will give me what I ask. To show my faith I give thanks it advance. Amen.”

It also would help to use the law of attraction. The law of attraction says that we tend to attract to ourselves what we think about. most. Try to visualize the amount of money that you need. Imagine it as clearly as you can. See the number in your mind. Visualize a pile of money. Do whatever you can to make it seem real already.. This is a powerful technique I use,

Pray that God will help you figure out the amount to ask for.

“Dear God, our Provider and Source of all financial blessings. I believe you can provide exactly what I need. I believe you WILL provide exactly what I need.. I give you thanks in advance. My faith is growing. I pray like in Lord’s prayer for daily bread. I give you thanks for all you have given in the past. i pray in your will. I pray in Jesus’ name Amen. ”


1. First you need to figure out how much you can give. This should be based on your own financial situation. Do not try to make a generic decision here. You know your circumstances better than anyone. If you are struggling then you will need to take baby steps first. Start whereever you are now financially. Any amount is better than no amount of money.

2. Figure out how much you believe you need.. If your need is great but your finances are not, you will need to move slowly up the ladder of giving. That is perfectly fine. You will get where you want to be in time. If you have debt you can work to get out of debt first. This will put you in a good position.

3. Decide which level of giving makes you most comfortable. This is something that you can pray about if you have not already.

4. Try to find a balance between your first three decisions. This balancing act may not be clear cut. But the act of finding the proper balance for YOU is what is important. Do not worry about any set amount in the beginning.

5. Pick a number based on the first four decisions. Now you are finally ready to pick a number. You could put most of your descretionary money toward getting out of debt. But I believe it is best to give something. In the long run you will get at least part of the money back no matter how little you give.


a. First you need to set a clear and specific goal.. “I have a goal of $10,000 for my financial goal

b. Next set a definite deadline for reaching your goal. You need to set a definite date for reaching your goal. “I will have $10,000 by Oct. 7. 2019.”

c. Writing down your goal on paper or on your computer or phone is an important step. There is great power in writing down your goals. You are more likely to remember it . You are more likely to act on it too.

d. Finally, put it somewhere where you see it everyday. This is another important step. This will keep your goal in your mind every day. This step reminds me of the George Harrison song. “I’ve Got My Mind Set on You”. It is a love song of course but this is a different sort of love song.


a. Set out a plan that makes you comfortable. Give what you can realistically without straining your budget.

b. Make double sure it is realistic for you now. If it is not make an adjustment. Adjust your giving down if you must. The important thing is to get started.

c. Make sure your deadline is realistic. Make your plan for at least 6 months ahead.

d. Simply write out your plan completely and clearly. “My plan is to give X amount per week for 6 months.”

e. Put your plan in your wallet or by your mirror. That way you can see it every day. You will not forget to focus on your plan.


a. Start immediately to implement your plan. You know what to do and how to do it. Start now so you keep your momentum going.

b. You can give weekly or monthly. However be sure you give consistently and joyfully.

c. Stay on course through 6 months to a year. Then you can re-evaluate. You can make adustments up or down as nedded.

d. Keep your own records. I have a separate account just for giving. That way I kow much is going in and how much is going out.

e. Enjoy your blessings. There are many. They are financial for sure. Blessings of joy and love are also part of the blessings you can expect to receive. God will bless you if you are acting rich toward God.

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