Secret Prayers That Really Work

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This is a review of the book “The Secret Prayer” by Dr. Joe Vitale.

Name: The Secret Prayer: The Three Step Formula For Attracting Miracles


Author: Dr. Joe Vitale

Publisher: Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.

Pages: 243

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100


There are three steps to  the secret prayer and attracting miracles. Let your “secret” prayer be between you and the Divine. Telling others may attract negaive thoughts from others. A secret prayer is certainly more powerful.

In the introduction the author says that most people don’t really believe that anyone hears their prayers or that anything will happen. There is often a sense of desperation. It is like being stranded on an island and putting a note into a bottle hoping someone finds it. Desperation is not conducive to getting your prayers answered.

1. Active Grattitude

I know from my own experiennce that gratittude is very important. That is why I always give thanks when my prayers are answered. I give thanks before they are answered also.  Dr. Joe Vitale is exactly right on this point. He has several chapters in this section. He has 11 to be exact. He also talks about the importance of faith in getting prayers answered. You have to believe it to see it.

The author says that active gratitude is the most important step because it is “all you need to attract more good into your life.”

2. Detached Request

Two of the chapters in this section are “How to Stop a Hurricane’ and “How to Boost Your Prayer Power.” I found both of these to be fascinating chapters.  Joe says “When you get down to it , what you hold to be true–whether yo’re aware of it or not–creates your life as you know it.” This is from the second chapter mentioned above. 

3. Inspired Action

“Pray and Attract Money” is the first chapter in this section of the book. There are at least 3 powerful prayers in there. In fact I said one of them a couple of weeks ago and my number of hours have gone up by 5 hours a week at my work. I just made the connection as I was writing this. So I have proven that these prayers really work. The author is exactly right again. I find this book to be a joy to read.

The prayer is called the “Prosperity Prayer and Affirmation”  and it starts like this ” I am the source of all wealth. I am rich with creative ideas” That is all I will quote here. It goes on for a page.  The author suggests repeating it every day for 30 days.. 

The Good: 

The book has many interesting ideas, facts and stories. The prayers and affirmations really do work. I was fascinated by the chapter titles alone. One of them is called “Pray It In Writing.”  I would like to try that.

The chapters are short. There are 42 chapters.  I like the way the book is organized into three parts. One for each part of the three step formula for attracting miracles.

The Bad::

It is really hard for me to find anything bad about this book.  The only thing I can think is that it tends to require some reflection and thought. It is not a book to be read really quickly. I also found it to be a little jumbled. There is great variety but sometimes it is too much for me.

Who Is It For? 

This book is for anyone who wants to be on the “fast track to happiness and fulfillmen”t  This is definitely my kind of book. If you are happy being miserable this is NOT for you.



$17.95 in new paperback

My Final Opinion:

I love this book. It does what it promises .It helps you shape the life you want. It attracts miracles. This a realistic and practical book.

At a Glance:

Title: The Secret Prayer

Author: Dr. Joe Vitale


This ia a very postive and powerful book for getting what you want in life.

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