9 Ways to Save More Money

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1. Save Automatically..  Set it uo so that your deposits go directly to the bank.  That way you never see the money and you will not miss it. Make it so you must go to the bank to get money out.

2. Pay Cash.   Paying cash for every thing as you go makes saving easier.  You feel a little pain every time you pay for something.  Paying by plastic is not really paying it is just a promise to pay in the future.

3. Save overtime and bonuses. When you get overtime or a bonus put it all or a percentage into your savings. This will really add up over time.

4. Wait 24 hours. 

Before making a purchase over $50 or more wait 24 hours.  Then see if it is something you still want.  See if it is somehing that still makes sense.

5. Roll over your payments to savings. 

When you finish a car payment I mean make the last payment put the same amount into your savings.  So if your payment is 300 dollars you start putting that $300 into savings the next month.

6. Ask whether a need or a want.

Ask yourself whether what you are considering buying is a need or a want.  If it is really a need then buy it.  But if it is a want you might want to say no.

7.Save a percentage.

If you are putting money aside and you get a raise put a percentage of your new income aside.  That way you automatically increase your savings. The same goes for your 401k or IRA.

8. Save your change daily.

Start the habit  of saving your change every day. It really adds up over time.

9. Hold your budget the same.

If possible keep the same budget next year as you had this year.  That way you are also allowing yourself to save more.

10. Start a business so you can save even more.  One opportunity is reviewed on the page below:


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