How to Build Your MLM Mailing List

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Build a Relationship With Others First

I came across Chuck Holmes website when I was looking for information on MLM Mailing Lists. I like his approach. In his article “Tips for Building Your MLM Mailing List” he says to send an MLM newsletter to prospects. You don’t want to sell your business opportunity directly. Let people get to know you and trust you first.  Provide good value. Include encouragement, information and your newsletter.

What You Can Do To Build Your List

1. Some of his suggestions are to mail 100 free newsletters each month to people interested in MLM. Be willing to spend $10 a year for each prospect. Many will eventually join your program. Money will come in monthly from the same people in most programs.

2. Ask for referrals from people already on your list.

3. You are trying to develop the image of a leader by offering your newsletter.

4. Mail postcards every month promoting your newsletter.

5. Promote the newsletter and not your business opportunity.  If you ask prospects if they want your newsletter they will probably say YES. It is an easy sale.

6 Collect business cards from people you meet ar MLM events.

7. Mail 500 postcards every month promoting your newsletter.

8. My thought was to place small ads in the business opportunity tabloids.  Offer your newsletter free for $1 postage and handling. This will demonstrate they have a real interest in your MLM newsletter.

For More Information Visit His Website

Chuck Holmes has more information at Search for “Tips for Building Your MLM Mailing List” You can see the whole post there. This is a very good website if you are interested in MLM.  You can learn a lot.  You will not have to struggle in vain. The post on building your list is an excellent place to start.

E-Books Available to Help You

I went to his website again yesterday. I bought an e-book on how to build a niche website to help build your MLM list of prospects. The book only cost $7. I thought that was a great price for such valuable information. I forget the exact title but you can find it in his store. It was 32 pages. I believe the title was “How to Build a Niche Website.”

What to Include in Your Newsletter

When you produce your newsletter be sure to include three things at least. They are ideas, information and encouragement.

Your subscribers to your free newsletter need to know what to do.  This post includes some ideas on what to do to build your MLM mailing list. Be sure to include valuable useful information like the website address of Chuck Holmes. He is very knowledgeable about multi-level marketing. Perhaps most important of all is encouragement. Many people will give up too early. They may quit when they are on the verge of success.  Make sure you are not that person.  Show how taking little steps every day or at least every week can build an amazing business. Success comes inch by inch and it is a cinch.

Please share this on social media if you like this post. Thanks. Good luck in your MLM adventure. If you don’t give up you will BE SURE to SUCCEED.

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