Ways to Avoid Scams

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Ways to Avoid Scams

  1. Don’t answer your telephone. Let an answering machine do it.
  2. Don’t talk to or email anyone you don’t know.
  3. Don’t pay $99 for a website you don’t own. You want to own it so you have control of it.
  4. Set your own dreams and goals.  If someone has a scheme it probably won’t fit your goals and you move on quickly.
  5. Check out a business online before giving anyone your money.
  6. Beware if someone asks what your credit limit is.  This is a big red flag.
  7. Set your own maximum dollar limit you will spend on any opportunity.  Stick to it.
  8.  Set your own retirement savings goal for the year. Write it down.
  9. I have made all these mistakes, but I have also used these guidelines to prevent being scammed again. These guidelines really work.
  10. If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.
  11. Get good advice from those who are helping you to avoid scams.
  12. I was looking into a real estate partnership deal when I was pointed toward Wealthy Affiliate. This is a solid honest business with a community of knowledgeable, caring, helpful people. WA will help you build a real business online.  This is a business you can run from home. It is free to start and you get two free websites.

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