How to Rank My Website in Google

Hello everybody. I recently watched a live webinar by Jay on Wealthy Affiliate. In it he gave several tips for ranking your website higher. A better ranking means more traffic. More traffic can be turned into more money.

Several things were mentioned over and over. If your site is new or you are not satisfied with your websites ranking these tips will help. Most of them are simple to understand. They are usually simple to make the necessary changes.

1. Use Your First Name

Using your first name on your site will make you  stand out as a real person.  You are not just a number. You are not an impersonal corporation. So don’t make yourself look that way. Use your first name. It will help you get noticed as a real person.

2. Use an Image 

If you use of image of yourself it will also make you more of a real person. You can use a photograph. Or you can use another type of representation of how you look. You can use gravatar to help with these options.

3. Internal Links to Previous Posts

It is a good idea to use at least one internal link to a previous post. This helps to connect the dots of your website. It helps to make connections between posts on related topics for example. As long as you have at least two posts you can have an internal link. Google likes internal links. They make your site more useful. It also helps you to connect your posts to each other. It can help bring you more traffic to your site.

4. External Links To Another Website

External links to other sites gives your site more authority. You know about other websites than your own. These external links makes your website more useful to your readers. This is a very good thing if you want more traffic and a higher ranking.

So I suggest you keep external links in your mind while you are writing your content. You can go to wikipedia to find an authority source.

5. Use Meta Titles

It is a good idea to use meta titles. A meta title is the name of a web page.  It is usualy displayed at the top of the page.

6. Use Meta Descriptions

A Meta description is a summary of a web page and is 155-160 characters. .Search engines show it when it includes keywords that are being searched. It entices users to click through to a page. This is a part of SEO.

7. Include a contact page

Including a contact page makes you more accessible.  Users can contact you if they need to. This could include your email address for your blog or website. You could also include your physical address. You could even include your telephone number.

8. Use PPC Advertising

After your website is developed well you can use ppc advertising. PPC adverising means pay per click. You only pay for results. If no one clicks you do not have to pay anything. Kyle co-owner of wealthy affiliate used this when he was getting started. 

9. Read blog on

I reccommend you read a blog post on about “why wikipedia is to top on google: the seo truth no one wants to hear.” It tells why and how wikipedia ranks at the top for 99% of randomly selected keywords.

10. Unique and In-Depth Content

Your content needs to be unique. It should be different from everybody else. No copying some one elses content is allowed. 

Your content should be in depth. My traffic has been rising recently after I tried to write 1500 words per post. Some of my early posts were only 400 words or less. Longer content does help your ranking in google.

11. Target Your Webpages for Key Terms

You want to use keywords that people are actually using in their searches. This will make easier for users to find your webpages. It will also let you rank higher in google. This will bring you more traffic. Of course you need traffic if you are an affiliate marketer trying to make money.

12. Make Your Internal Linking Structure Great

Every new post should link to another post on a related subject. For example, a post on keyword research could be linked to one on the jaaxy keyword research tool. Beginners usually forget to link older posts to the newer ones also. Wikipedia does both kinds of linking very well.

13. Build Page authority

Page authority is a score developed by Moz to predict where a single page will rank. The higher the score the better the rank. Scores go from  1  to 10.  

14. Build Domain Authority

Domain authority is a score developed by Moz to predict where a domain will rank. Scores range from 1 to 100. The higher the score the better the rank. Domain authority is based on many factors.  

So if you want to rank higher in search engines here are 14 ways you can do that. This post was inspired by Jay of Magistudios at This is a good place to get the training you need to make money online. Please check out my review of wealthy affiliate

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