Best Investments for Income

Lately I have been thinking about how to never run out of money in retirement. The answer is finding the best investments for income. It really is possible. You probably can’t do by putting your money in the bank. You need to make it grow at least 10% a year on average. But how can you do that safely even through market downturns? You can buy dividend stocks. Divedend stocks are stocks that pay you dividends no matter what the current price of the stock, They can provide you with steady income no matter what the markets are doing.

Right now my favorite investments are mutual funds. Mutual funds are a collection of stocks you can buy all at one time. If one stock goes down it does not hurt your entire portfolio. You are ok because the other 99 or whatever the number are doing well. This is called diversification. It provides a layer of protection.

There are special mutual funds that include only dividend paying stocks. Some of the best and cheapest are from the Vanguard company.

Here are two of the best.  Dividend ETF. Vanguard High Dividend Index (VYM)  ( 3.15% yield).  The other is Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF (NASDAQ :VIG). It has grown by 350% in the last 10 years. This focuses moe on growth than dividends.

My source of information and inspiration for this post is a book called “Dividend Growth Investing”. The subtitle is “Get a Steady 8% Per Year– Even in a Zero Percent Rate World”. It is wtitten by Freeman Publications and copyrighted in 2021.

Two of the best REITs identified by the author are: Realty Income (NYSE: O) with a yield 15.3% over the last twenty years. It pays dividends monthly. It has paid reliably for 25 years. 

The other is W. P. Carey (NYSE:WPC). Dividend yield of 5.9%  It pays quarterly.  Both have raised dividemds even during the pandemic.

Now I would like to give you some individual stocks that pay good dividends.

One is a banking stock that the author says Warren Buffet would love. People’s United Financial Inc. (NASDAQ:PBCT)

It is well run with great capital management.  It has paid dividends and increased them for 49 years. Current yield 6.6%.

Kinder Morgan (NYSE:KMI)  This is a large energy infrastructure company. It owns over 83,000 miles of pipelines

that carry oil, natural gas, refined petrolem products and carbon dioxide. Current yield is 7.3%.

Next I like Freeman’s choice of ExxonMobil (NYSE:XOM).  It has a capitalization of $141 billion. Current yield of 8.7%. It

has  increased dividends for 37 years. The high price for 52 weeks is $73.12 and the low price is $30.11. The low stock price

 gives you an opportunity to get a bargain.

Another oil stock that has been beaten down by the pandemic is Chevron (NYSE:CVX).  Warren Buffer would say this is a

time to buy.  He says buy when others are fearful and sell when others are greedy. Current yield is 6.3%. The number of

years of increased dividends is 34. 

I expect to have other posts on similar investments to these.  If you like this post please tell others about it on social media.

Thank you. The Freeman book title mentioned above is one of the best I have ever seen for those who are retired or soon

will be.  These are some of the safest investments you can find. Good luck. Please comment below. I will try to answer

promptly. Thanks.

How to Build Your MLM Mailing List

cash by mail

Build a Relationship With Others First

I came across Chuck Holmes website when I was looking for information on MLM Mailing Lists. I like his approach. In his article “Tips for Building Your MLM Mailing List” he says to send an MLM newsletter to prospects. You don’t want to sell your business opportunity directly. Let people get to know you and trust you first.  Provide good value. Include encouragement, information and your newsletter.

What You Can Do To Build Your List

1. Some of his suggestions are to mail 100 free newsletters each month to people interested in MLM. Be willing to spend $10 a year for each prospect. Many will eventually join your program. Money will come in monthly from the same people in most programs.

2. Ask for referrals from people already on your list.

3. You are trying to develop the image of a leader by offering your newsletter.

4. Mail postcards every month promoting your newsletter.

5. Promote the newsletter and not your business opportunity.  If you ask prospects if they want your newsletter they will probably say YES. It is an easy sale.

6 Collect business cards from people you meet ar MLM events.

7. Mail 500 postcards every month promoting your newsletter.

8. My thought was to place small ads in the business opportunity tabloids.  Offer your newsletter free for $1 postage and handling. This will demonstrate they have a real interest in your MLM newsletter.

For More Information Visit His Website

Chuck Holmes has more information at Search for “Tips for Building Your MLM Mailing List” You can see the whole post there. This is a very good website if you are interested in MLM.  You can learn a lot.  You will not have to struggle in vain. The post on building your list is an excellent place to start.

E-Books Available to Help You

I went to his website again yesterday. I bought an e-book on how to build a niche website to help build your MLM list of prospects. The book only cost $7. I thought that was a great price for such valuable information. I forget the exact title but you can find it in his store. It was 32 pages. I believe the title was “How to Build a Niche Website.”

What to Include in Your Newsletter

When you produce your newsletter be sure to include three things at least. They are ideas, information and encouragement.

Your subscribers to your free newsletter need to know what to do.  This post includes some ideas on what to do to build your MLM mailing list. Be sure to include valuable useful information like the website address of Chuck Holmes. He is very knowledgeable about multi-level marketing. Perhaps most important of all is encouragement. Many people will give up too early. They may quit when they are on the verge of success.  Make sure you are not that person.  Show how taking little steps every day or at least every week can build an amazing business. Success comes inch by inch and it is a cinch.

Please share this on social media if you like this post. Thanks. Good luck in your MLM adventure. If you don’t give up you will BE SURE to SUCCEED.

Success with MLM by Mail

mailbox with money in it

I recently joined a  Multi-Level Marketing program. I plan to sell it by old fashioned direct mail.

Here are some steps you can take for multilevel marketing success. First find something that works. Multi-level maketing has the potential to make you a lot of money.

One article I read said ” Fact: 10% of all new millionaires made their money in Multi-Livel Marketing.”

You Can Make Money

My newsletter said that it had the “highest percentage of people making $100,000 or more.” That impressed me. That means that it is definitely possible to make excellent money with the Risk vs. Reward newsletter. It is short but very motivational and informative.

A Simple Strategy For Letting People Know You

I have acquired the reprint/ resale rights to a few different reports on multi-level marketing. I will offer them for sale in the business tabloids. I will introduce myself to prospects this way. I will build up my authority in this area and then mail prospects my letter offering free information about Risk vs, Reward. This is a very sound and realistic way to get people to join eventually. It will not happen overnight. It ill take a little time. But it will work. You can do the same thing.

So Introduce Yourself By Selling Low Cost Generic Information on MLM

I will offer informational reports for $5 and 2 first class stamps.  This way I am building a good prospect list.

They have demonstrated an interest in MLM. Later I can try to get them interested in my particular program.

I am taking baby steps first. Then gradually I will move to offering my program.

Build a Website

People look for MLM programs on the internet. So it could be very good for you to have a website. There you can promote your MLM program(s)

I have a website that is getting more traffic since I began focusing on mail order. In the beginning I had a wide variety of topics to cover. Now it is focused on a particular niche, mail order or direct mail.

Where to Build Your Website

I know a good place to get all the training you need to build an online business. Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate at

Wealthy Affiliate Review. Thanks. You will be glad you did. Wealthy Affiliate is changing and growing all the time.  You can get help from members at any time. Just ask. There is a ton of training available on almost any topic on which you need information.

One Way to Build a Direct Mail Mailing List

You can place small ads in a mailorder publication like “Shore to Shore” or “World Wide Discount Advertiser” You will offer a short report about MLM. Ask for $3 to $8. Everyone who responds to your ads is on your mailing list. This list is 20 times more powerful than a random or cold mailing list of people who don’t know you.

How to Get Typesetting for Your Ads

One of the best sources I have found for typesetting is L & M Wholesale. They are located at  P. O. Box 11, Verona, PA 15147. They do quality work.  They also offer some information on MLM that you could sell. That can help you build your direct mail list. We are not talking about email lists right here. 

Building a Direct Mail List is Fun

There is nothing that is more fun than building a direct mail mailing list. It takes some time to develop, but it is the heart of your business.  Without a mailing list you could say you do not have a business! It is your most important asset.  With a list you can bring in money any time you want it.

Mail Order Business Opportunity Secrets

You may want to see my post on “Mail Order Business Opportunity Secrets” You can find it here. You will learn to do things that most people do not do. These things are simple, but they can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE. 

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How to Make Money By Mail

Here I am offering you 10 short reports you can copy and sell by mail. This is a practical way for you to make money by mail NOW! This article is short and to the point.

mailbox money

I recently acquired the rights to copy and sell these 10 reports. They can sell for 1 or 2 or 3 dollars each. I am offering them to you now for $2 each. Here are the titles of the 10 reports. You can order 1 or 2 or all of them or anything in between. They are 

10 Ways to Make Money By Mail

        __ How to Make Money With Direct Mail Methods

        __The Best Books to Sell By Mail

        __How to Have Realistic Goals in Selling Your Information By Mail

       __How to Sell short Reports

       __ How to Start a Mail Order Business On A Shoestring

       __Make More Money By Using The Best “HOT” Words

       __Money Making Newsletter

       __74 Keys to Making Money In A Home-Based Business

       __How to Easily Maintain Your Best Customer Names

       __20 Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

There they are. These reports will educate you on what to do and how to do it.  And… they offer you a way to make money soon. Look over the list and decide what you want. Send $2 cash each by postal mail to:

Norman Smuck

P.O. Box 89

Paoli, In 47454

Start Today!

Be sure to cover the cash with a dark sheet of paper. Thanks. However many you choose will get you started. That is the important thing.

I also have a short report I wrote to help you get started right. It is called “7 Simple Secrets to Mail Order Success”.  I offer it to you for $2 cash also. It will help you with where to advertise and how to advertise. These are both important to your success.

You will not get rich overnight with just one or two reports.  There are two imprtant things to remember. Profits come from repeat sales. These repeat sales can be much bigger than the first sale. The first sale is to let the customer get to know you and trust you.There are literally hundreds of short reports you can order for yourself and then copy and sell to others.

I have just given you easiest and simplest way to start a mail order business. I urge you to do somehing with this information.

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Mail Order Success Secrets–21 More

Here are 21 more mail order success secrets. This is a continuation of my previous post.

  • 1. Cover Letter. Have a cover letter telling a little about you to make you a real person. Use this letter to give the reader a reason to order from you rather than the other guy or gal. Offer a bonus of stamps or a written free bonus. You could offer something like “How to Make $500 Profit from a 1000 Name Mailing List”
  • 2. Deadline. It is important to include a deadline for response. A definite date deadline would be the best. Or you could say “respond within five days”. You need to create urgency.  Give the reader a reason NOT to delay action.
  • 3. Survey.  I have used a simple little survey of business opportunity interestI listed 8 different opportunities and asked which the reader was most interested in.
  • 4. Mail Regularly. It is important to mail regulary like 10 letters a day for best results. Mailing every day has power in it to give you what you want.
  • 5. Offer a Second Program for Free. If you offer a second smaller program for free the perceived value of your offer goes up.

     6. Develop a USP. You definitely need to develop a unique selling proposition. Something that sets you apart from the rest like “fresh hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less”.       

     7.  Learn All You Can.  There is a lot to learn about mail order. No one knows everything so keep learning. Keep an open mind to new things. Never stop learning and you will be ahead of most of the competition.

     8. Discover the Magic Words of Advertising.  One of the most powerful words is “free”.  Everyone likes to get free stuff. Another powerful word is “guaranteed.” A third powerful phrase is a short testimonial. I recently wrote a small one inch ad that contained all three. It worked very well.

     9. Have More than One Product or Service.  I now have more than 7 products and services. One product alone might break even or make a small profit. The real money comes from the second and third product or service.  The first product ttracts attention. Later products bring in the money in a big way.

    10. Follow Up Your First Sale With Another Offer. First, say thank you for the first sale and then offer something else that could be related to the first. The best time to make the sale is when they are satisfied with the first product or service.

    11. Respond Quickly.  This is something very important.  Respond quickly and your customer will love you more and will be more likely to buy again. That is what you want.

    12. Sell Advertising. Every business needs advertising.  You need to let people know that you are in business.  You can help them to get what they want if they know you exist. Advertising is necessary. This knowledge will help you make money.

There are many 50% dealerships that split the money with you.  Your job is to get the order and the other person fills the order for advertising.

    13. Always Say Thank You. It is a good idea to always say “thank you for your order”.  I did a little experiment a few years ago that showed you could possibly get 50% more business by learning the habit of saying thank you. So say thank you and you will be rewarded.

    14. Use Quality Printing. Many beginers try to save a few dollars on cheap printing. It is too faint or blurry. It does not leave a good impression. You will be judged by your printing so make it the best you can get.

   15.  Sell Reprint Rights To Information. Sell reprint rights to some small reports. These short reports can help you get leads. Then you can follow up with other more expensive offers. Some of the best marketers do this.

   16. Be As Helpful As You Can Be. It is good to be kind and helpful. If you are willing to help someone who is struggling, you will be remembered.  You could even have a customer for life. Think about how much money that could mean to you. It could mean thousands of extra dollars over the years.

    17. Piggy Back  It is important to respond to an order quickly and… to send another offer when you fulfill the first order. This saves you time and postage expenses. This is called “piggy-backing” and is a smart way to do business. 

    18. Own Your Own Mailing List. 

Owning your own mailing list is extremely important. It allows you to mail to the same person multiple times without paying another rental fee. Multiple mailings will improve your results tremendously. Dan Kennedy stated that his most important secret was discovering the power of a sequence of letters to the same person.

I recently found a source for a list that you can own. It is from George Bon. His address is 1811 N. Glasscock Rd., Mission, TX 78572. These names are described as fresh, accurate, and responsive for mail order programs, work at home business. The prices are very reasonable

The number for more information is : (956) 400-3335.

P. S. I have only mailed to a small sample of his list. I did receive some money in the mail.  I will need a few months to have a better idea of how good is this list.

    19. Build a Funnel

You need to find or develop a simple easy inexpensive way for people to become your customer. Something in the  $5, $10 or $20 range would work.. Then you can gradually offer more expensive products or services. Finally you can offer things in the hundereds of dollars range. All together you have the potential to get hundreds or even thousands of dollars from a customer over a period of years. Ahh! that is what you really want. But you have to take baby steps to get to the mother lode.

I have more but similar information in another post. To see it click here

     20. Have Something Unique.

I recently ran 5 small 1″ ads in the money-making tabloids. Based on response in less than two weeks my most popular ads were unique. One was different from anything else in the magazines.  The second one  had a specific amount of money promised in the headline. I believe that made it stand out.

     21. Keep Growing.

Keep learning and growing. Keep trying new things. That is how I found my very best ads.  I did NOT just copy someone else’s ads. My best were similar to some other ads, but definitely different. This is important to remember. You can use similar words and phrases, but please do not copy an ad exactly.

     22. Never Quit. 

Do NOT give up. Many times I have felt like giving up but then something good or encouraging happens. The race is won not by the fastest but the one who PERSISTS until success.

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Mail Order Business Opportunity Secrets

cash in your mailboxI

Cash in your mailbox

I have compiled 90 secrets to mail order business opportunity success.  I will give you some of them right here. I prayed for mail order business opportunity wisdom. This is one of ten prayers God always answers. That is prayers for wisdom are always answered.

Why Listen to me?

It is a fact that most people do not succeed in the mail order home business opportunity field. I have seen thousands of opportunities. I have analyzed hundreds of opportunities. I have tried scores of opportunities. And I have thought long and hard about what makes a successful mailing. I have prayed for business wisdom in this area. Few people have done all of those things.

I have also followed and studied some of the best mailers on the planet.

How to Stand Out

One area where most mailers fail is in standing out from the crowd. They copy or print a flyer, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on and stick an address label on the envelope and put it in the mailbox. They do nothing that thousands of others are not doing.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is very important. It helps to personalize the offer. It shows that you are a real person and not a robot.

The reason I do not like someone to mail for me is that there is no opportunity to send a cover letter. With a cover letter you can put some real emotion into the offer. The cover letter is a chance to offer a free bonus or at least something different from every one else who is mailing the same flyer or letter. Give the prospect a reason to buy from you rather than someone else.

Use Customers Name

People love to see their own name in writing. It helps to attract their attention. You can put their name at the top of the flyer . You could also use a sticky note on the flyer with the person’s name on it.

Tell About Yourself

In the cover letter you can tell a little about who you are. You can also tell why you are mailing this offer to the prospect or lead. Tell your name and what you do for a living etc. This will set you apart from everyone else who is mailing the same flyer. This is so important. The first three things I have told you about could be the difference between profit and loss. So don’t think that it is too much trouble.

Offer a Free Bonus

Offer a free bonus in your cover letter and you have another way to set yourself apart from your competition. There are places online where you can find a simple little report that you could offer as a bonus. One man I know about sent me a bonus about a study comparing the response rates of different mailing lists to the same offer. This was valuable and interesting information.

Have a Specific Deadline

It could only help your response rates to your letter if you have a very specific date deadline for response. Peolpe tend to put things off. If they do that they may never get back to your flyer. Here is an example “Reply by June 21 to receive the free bonus”

Give Valuable Free Information

Another thing I have seen is mailers giving everyone free valuable information with their letter. People who give more usually receive more.  Don’t be afraid to try this. It could boost your response by getting the reader involved before they decide to buy. This is a very good idea.

These ideas will give you a better chance of succeeding with your mail order business opportunity. Good luck to you.

Please feel free to leave a comment or question below. I will try to answer quickly. Thanks.

P.S. I just received information that  https;// gives good results for mail order business opportunities.

Scripture for Financial Blessings

This is about scriptures for financial blessings. This is the right time to pray for your finances.Prayer Help Finances

Prayers Help Finances

Many people are struggling with their finances right now. The Virus (COVid-19) has caused a lot of problems with finances.

This is a book review of  “Prayers and Promises for Financial Breakthrough”.

Title: Prayers and Promises for Financial Breakthrough

Author: Joan Hunter

Publisher: Broadstreet Publishing Group

Pages: 176

Chapters: 15


This book has many prayers based on scriptures. It also contains an idea that is new to me. The idea is to give an offering of an amount that is related to the chapter and verse numbers of relevant scriptures. One such verse is Philippians 4:19.(NKJV) “And my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  The idea is to give $4.19 or $41.90 whatever God is leading you to give. I strongly believe in the power of praying scriptures or praying prayers based on scriptures. Adding the offering based on the chapter and verse could only stengthen the prayer.

The above scripture and the related prayer are found in chapter 10 “God Supplies.”

Another page is about “Reaping the Hundredfold Blessing.” This is based on the hundredfold blessing received by Isaac in Genesis 26:12 NIV.

Another chapter on Multiplication tells how the author asked for a new car and seeded $111 based on Dueteronomy 1:11. She ended up getting a car for $11,000 less than any other similar make and model. It was so much less that she wondered if something was wrong with it. No there was nothing wrong with it. God just blessed her mightily.

I like this book a lot. It is now one of my favorites on the subject of finances. Thank you Joan for writing this book.

There are many financial scriptures and prayers based on them. This is a practical helpful tool for improving your finances.

If you have financial problems this book will help you increase your income. The testimonials are enlightening and inspiring.

My son is now laid off due to the corona virus. I will recommend he get and use this book.

Another story I remember from this is the story of man who had recently been released from prison. He had no money. He had no job. No one would hire him. He did not even have the money for the seed offering of $1.11. So the author gave him the money. He then put that whole amount into the offering. Amazingly he was offered a job the very next day! That is a powerful story. There is hope for you. This is a very encouraging piece of work.

One idea from this book is write down when and what you prayed for. Then you keep track of the results. This will help to build your faith. This is the time to put prayer first rather than last.

There is no guarantee of exactly what results you will get.  But God promises that you will get good results if you trust in Him.


This is a very interesting and practical book. It will help you with your finances. It is inspiring and useful. I really believe in the power of praying based on scripture. Every word is true and powerful. You are not left to struggle alone with your finances. The testimonials are very interesting. I give this book 4 1/2 stars out of 5. This is definitely worth the money.

To quickly improve your finances go to 

I do make a small commision on your purchase but it does not change the price for you. Here are some other books by Joan Hunter: “Supernatural Provision: Living in Financial Freedom”. and “Prayers and Promises for Healing”.

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Please click here for Books on Prayer and Finances.

Take care of yourself and stay safe. God bless you.

Goals : Book Review–Importance of Writing Goals Down

This is a book review of “Goals” by Zig Ziglar.

A Harvard study of graduates found that those who had clear and specfic goals written down (3%) were 10 times as successful financially than the (97%) who did not. This makes this book very important for any kind of success financial or otherwise.

Book Review

Title: Goals

Author: Zig Ziglar


Publisher: SoundWisdom

Pages: 170 


Zig Ziglar inflenced and taught over 250,000,000 people with his programs and books. He is a major figure in the areas of goal setting and sales training for example.

First he talks about four reasons people do not set goals. The first reason is fear. “The average 18 year old has been told “no” 148,000 times and “you can’t do that”.  The second reason is poor self-image. They cannot imagine graduating from college for example. The third reason is no buy-in. They don’t believe it is really important. The fourth reason is  they don’t know how to set goals.

This book has practical steps to take to help you set and reach your goals. It has many little stories to illustrate the main points. This book is inspirational and motivational. I loved this book.

Nine Steps

Next he tells us about 9 steps to powerful goal setting. Here is a very brief summary of the 9 steps:

1. Write it Down to Make it Happen

Write down what you want to be do or have.

2. Ask Yourself Why

Look at what you wrote and ask yourself why do you want to be do or have each item.

3. Reduce or eliminate

You probably want more than you have time for.  (You)” have to say no to the good so (you) can say yes to the best.”

4. Find Balance

Try to avoid putting too much emphasis on one or two areas of your life. There are seven areas to your life.–physical, mental, spiritual, social, career, financial,  or family.

5. Explore what  Will Reaching the Goal Do For You

There are seven basic questions you can ask yourself. Will reaching your goal make you happier, healthier, more prosperous, more secure, more friends, more peace of mind, improve family relationships?

6. Stretch Yourself

You need to have some goals that really make you stretch. Make yourself reach for something wonderful.

7. Check for Negativity

Unrealistic goals are actually negative rather than positive. They can lead to depression. For example,  a goal of making one million dollars in a year is unrealistic if you do not have $2,500 in savings now.

8. Five Questions to Ask

Ask yourself if this is really your goal or is it someone elses ?

Is this goal fair and morally right?  If you are taking advantage of someone it is not a good goal.

Every decision should be weighed on whether or not it is bringing you closer to your major objective.

Can I emtionally commit to this goal and see it through to the end.?

Can you see yourself reaching this goal?

9. Choose your top 4

To narrow down your goals to only 4, you need to take inventory of where you are.

Step two is to write down the goal.

What benefits will you get from reaching your goal?

What obstacles do you need to climb over to reach your goal? If you are on a diet you will have to change your eating habits.

What additional knowledge or skills do you need to reach your goal?


This is a really good book to help you set and reach your goals. It is practical, inspiring, and motivational. It will help you to set and reach your most important goals.  I used it myself and I am very satisfied so far. I highly recommend Zig Ziglar’s book Goals.

Other books by Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale

See You at the Top 25th Anniversary

How to Stay Motivated

Selling 101: What Every Successful Sales Professional Needs to know

Born to Win

The Performance Planner: Goal Achievement System

To quickly order your book or books  click this link.

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Make Cash with Amazon Affiliate Program

a few days earnings

This is a review of a good book on how to make money as an Amazon affiliate. You can do this with a website dedicated to reviewing products that are sold on This is based on information from someone with experience. The author makes $20 to $40 a day from one small Amazon website. This could be the opportunity you are looking for.

Title: How I Make $20 to $40 a Day From One Amazon Niche Website: A Step by Step Guide to Running A Successful Amazon Associates Program

Author: A. B. Lawal


Publisher: A. B. Lawal

No. of pages: 95

Dimensions: 9 in. X 6in.
Who is this for? This is for someone who wants to succeed in affiliate marketing faster than the average blogger does.

Introduction: The author says that all you need is one small niche website to make money online. He shows you how he did it with his first website.

Table of Contents Highlights:

Amazon Affiliate Basic Requirements

Choosing Your Niche

Coosing the Right Product

Keyword Research

Using Jaaxy

Quality Keyword Rules

Researching the Competition

SEO Terms You Need to Know

How to Set Up Your Website

Choosing the Right Domain Name

How to Install WordPress

Customize Your Site

Install the Theme

Install Review Plugins

You Can Create Categories for Amazon Affiliate Products

Creating Your Amazon Affiliate Link

Create Menus

Create Static, Sticky, and Regular Formats

How to Write Blog Posts for SEO

How You Can Write Reviews Posts for Your Affiliate Products

Free Images and Videos

Embed UTube Videos

Create Links for Your Affiliate Products

Create Amazon Affiliate Tracking IDs

Use Direct Maketing Approach

Large Social Media Traffic

Get Quality Backlinks to Your Site

How Amazon Pays You Commissions

Samples of information:

In How to Choose Your Niche the author says you only need 10 long pages on 10 products. This is simpler and faster than keeping a blog up to date.

He also says it is not necessary to be passionate about your niche. But he does education himself deeply after discovering whether or not a niche will be profitable.

In How to Choose the Right Product he offers three rules.

1. Avoid seasonal products like Halloween costumes for example.

2. Stay away from low-priced products. The commissions are lower. You should look for products over $50.

3. Look for products with four stars or more and good reviews.


His advice makes sense. He is thourough in discussing all the important topics. The use of pictures helps to explain what he is talking about. They do not distract from the topic being discussed. i like that he puts important points in highlights or bold type. This makes it easy to read and to find the most important words or phrases.

He is very good at taking a step by step approach to his instructions. I like that he tells you what you need and…what you do not need. I find that helpful.

There are some typos and grammatical mistakes, but these are not common. On the whole it is easy to read.

One very valuable thing is that he has a website to answer questions and to help you if you need it. After you read the book you can get all the help you need. This is an outstanding service.

The author has excellent information. He explains new things very simply and clearly.


My final verdict is that this is a very useful well presented book. It is practical and clear. I give this five stars out of five.   

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There is another good paperback book that is helpful and easy to read. It is “Amazon Associates Affiliate Program” by Ryan Stevens. Good luck in your affiliate marketing.

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Manifest Your Millions: A Lottery Winner Shares His … Secrets Review

Your lottery winnings

Introduction: This is a book review of “MANIFEST YOUR MILLIONS!” by Eddie Coronado.

Title: Manifest Your Millions! A Lottery Winner Shares His Law of Attraction Secrets.

Author: Eddie Coronado


Pages: 107


You Need to Read This Book Because it is a Law of Attraction Book Written By a Lottery Winner.

This book has some unique perspectives on the Law of Attraction and the use of Creative Visualzation.


Chapter 1 The Author  explains what the Law of Attraction really is.

Chapter 2: He describes the Power of Affirmations to bring you prosperity.

Chapter 3: The author discusses Creative Visualization.

Chapter 4: More on the power of Creative Visualization 

Chapter 5:  The power of giving thanks and receiving

Chapter 6: Living in Balance is important

Chapter 7: Questions and Answered about the Law of Attraction

Chapter 8: Your Action Plan for Prosperity

These are magnets representing the law of attraction.

According to Coronado the law of attraction is a “spiritual technolgy” available to anyone. It is a force that is set in motion by human thoughts. It can help you to manifest your desires. It is a law because it is repeatable.

I like the way the author makes clear a subject that could be very confusing . It could really be confusing if you are new to the subject. His book is easy to read. It is not too long and not too short either.

The author has experience in using the law of attraction to win large amounts of money. He won $50,000 in his first win. Later he won $193,000. This shows that lightning can strike more than once. The law of attraction is repeatable.

The author is not giving you a system of numbers but a system of thoughts to help manifest your desires.

He talks about the importance of continuing with your good thoughts over time. It is not something to do once in a while, but to do on a continuous basis. 

What is Creative Visualization?  Creative Visualization is ” a process whereby the creative faculty of the mind is used to imagine having or doing something.”  For example, you could imagine yourself winning a large lottery. prize. Or you could imagine yourself with a new car, a great new girlfriend, getting a promoted at work, or taking a wonderful vacation. Imagine what you would see, feel or experience if you were living the experience in reality. The chapters on Creative Visualization show how to use your imagination to achieve any goal.

If you are a woman you could imagine an ideal marriage. Imagine what you would feel holding your husbands hand etc. Involve all your senses. Imagine everything in detail. This will help you to reach your goal faster than  you thought possible.

Visualiztion is a very powerful technique for reaching your goals. Think about what you want as though you already have it. This practice is recommended in the Bible.


I like this book. It is complete. It does not leave out anything important. It is easy to read. This is one of the best books I have ever read about the Law of Attraction  and winning the lottery. I have read several.

It has some unique information on Creative Visualzation. I also like that the author has an action plan at the end. It is fairly simple and doable.


Readability: A+

Length: A

Completeness: A

Uniqueness: A+

Helpfulness: A

Satisfactory: A

Experience of author: A-

Action Plan: A


This is a very good program for winning the lottery through the Law of Attraction.  It does not give you number patterns to look for. It is primarily focused on using the Law of Attraction for the purpose of winning large lottery jackpots. I give this an overall rating of A.

From my own list of favorites and bestsellers on the subject I want to mention These:

Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery. by Richard Lustig seven time grand prize lottery winner.

How I Play and Win Lottery Scratch Off Tickets by Bobby Alexander.


 For information on this and other win the lottery books click here.

I do receive a small compensation when you purchase. However, I still recommend all the books I mentioned including any other books by Eddie Coronado. Thanks for your interest.

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