How to Get Web Traffic Now

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Are you wondering how to get free unlimited traffic for your website? You have come to the right place. We are talking about how to get web traffic now.

Use Your Keyword Tool

To start use your keyword tool to search for keywords.  Just type in something relevant to your users search.

The keyword tool will give many other examples of keywords and phrases to use. You will select the best for your purposes.  You will be looking for the low competition keywords.

This article is based on a case study done by Kyle co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate.. He started by searching for  “organic milk”. He came up with a list of topics related to “organic milk”.  One that caught his eye was “benefits organic milk.” He thought that did not make sense so he typed in “organic milk benefits”.

Look for Low Competition Keywords

You will look for the best keywords you can find with the lowest competition.  That is the low hanging fruit. You need to look for keywords with a Competition number of 100 or lower first. A number below 200 is o.k., too.

Use Google to Find More Long-Tail Keywords

Next he looked for longer words and phrases as keywords to find good keywords without much competition. He finally came up with ” organic milk benefits for children.”  Google had suggested that when he typed in “organic milk benefits.’ He thought children would be the first in search frequency and it was.

Ranked #1 in Google in 19 minutes

Kyle did this case study for another site than his own.  The particular post was ranked #1 in Google in only 19 minutes. That is amazing to me.

Still Ranked #1 After 6 Years

Also it is still ranked #1 after 6 years.

More low Competition Keywords Are Best

Kyle says that it is better to have 10 keywords with 100 searches than to have10 keywords with 1000 searches and be on the 3rd page in Google. 

Write Naturally Like Talking to a Friend

It is best to write naturally when you are working on your content. You don’t want it to sound like a scientific document. Write like you talk to a friend.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions about this page. Writing it reminded me of some things I had forgotten. Thanks.

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