The Best Way to Invest Money is in What?

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Today I am going to talk about tithing, giving and generosity. There are blessings attached to these things. I have found the best way to invest money is in your church.

1. Tithing is an expression of love and giving thanks to God for what he has given you.

2. There is real joy in giving that is not exactly like any other.

3. You have to sow in order to reap. It is a law of the universe.

4. God promises that if you give you will receive. This is a key part of the money tree.

5. You need to sow in fertile soil.  This refers to sowing in the Kingdom of God. Some soils are better than others.

6. It is very important to give to your local church. This is where most of your money should go.

7. You can and should give offerings for missionaries and other good causes.

8. You need to give regularly and consistently. This should not be a hit or miss thing. It should be weekly or monthly.

9. God asks us to test him on tithing and giving generously. I believe this is the only time God asks us to test him.

10. God owns everything. So a tithe is just giving back some of what is already his.

 I did a little experiment one time that demonstrated this. I received a letter in the mail that looked like a chain letter but it did not ask for any money. It did ask for me to mail 20 copies of the financial blessings letter. The first time I received this letter I did not respond within 72 hours. Then I received another copy of the letter. This time I did respond. I prayed that if God does give financial blessings that there would be a dramatic difference in my income between the week I did not mail the letter and the week that I did mail the letter.

Here is what happened. After the first week I had no income at all. I was not scheduled to work that week. But in the 6 weeks following this I was scheduled to work more hours than usual.  The net result was I had more income than usual for the 7 weeks even though I had zero income the first week. God answered resoundingly that yes there are finabcial blessings and God is the one who controls them. Not my employer, not Uncle Sam, not any one else.

11. God loves a cheerful giver. It is important to feel good about your giving.

12. You will need faith to give sacrificially. There is no way to do it without trusting God to fulfill his promises.

13.You will reap in proportion to your sowing. The more you give the more you will reap.

14. To prosper more you have to give more.

15.Stinginess does not lead to riches but to poverty. This may seem strange but in my experience it is absolutely true.

16. Money is not evil, but the “love of money” is the root of many evils.

17. God is a giver and he wants you to be a giver too.

18.To put things in perspective you cannot take your money with you when you leave this world. So do not hold on to it too tightly.

19. God wants you to be prosperous in every area of life including financially.

20. God does not ask us to do anything that is bad for us. This includes tithing and giving.

21. Give your best or first money and not the leftovers.

22. God wants us to love him. Giving to your church will help you to love your church more. Your heart will be where your money is.

23. You should give in secret. No one needs to know how much you give.

24. God knows exactly how much you give and that is what is important.

25.You can start gradually and let your faith grow until you become more comfortable.

26.You can learn by doing. That is the best way to discover everything you need to know.


The best way to invest money is in your church. I invested 20% of my income and received a 23% gain in only 6 months. I encourage you to try this for yourself. It is exciting and good financial results are guaranteed.

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