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I found a great book by Jeff Walker, internet millionaire.  He writes from experience. He provides a lot of value on making money on the internet. The book is called  “Launch.”

Zero to Six Figures in Seven Days

Chapter 1 tells about Jeff going from nothing (no income) to six figures in seven days. Wow!

He was desperate to make a change in his life. His wife was working long hours to support the family whle Jeff stayed home to take care of the kids. He had been working a long time about seven years to make a change. Finally one single click of the mouse changes his life forever. He sent one email, less than 50 words, to his subscribers to an email newsletter.

About 59 seconds after his mouse click he got his first sale.By the end of the week he had made over $34,000 –almost as much as he had ever made in a whole year at the corporate job he left

What he learned that day not only changed his family’s life but the lives of thousands of other people’s lives too.

He had started a business that made profits right off the bat. But he empasizes his is NOT a “get rich quick” book.

but Jeff says” The reality is this: The internet has completely changed the game for anyone who wants to have their own business. It’s now easier, faster, and cheaper to start and run a business than at any time in history.”

Later, Jeff actually made $106,000 in seven days.  His system of product launches was still working–and very well.

A Million Dollar Day

He went to a seminar in Dallas in 2003. There he met some people who are his friends to this day. He also discovered that not everyone was doing what he was doing.  No body was doing product lauches the way he was doing them.

He helped a friend use his system and he made a million dollars in one day. After that friend thanked him for his help publicly,. others began to ask him for his help.  He started a whole new business showing others how to do product launches the way he was doing them. He developed a Product Launch Formula traning course. His launch for that brought in over $600,000 in a week.

Wouldn’t you like to know more about this system? Would you like to know how you could use it, too.?

 Please send a comment if you want to know more.

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