How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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              How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?  Affiliate marketing is where you help to sell a product you don’t own. You help make a sale by mentioning it on your website and you make a commission. Affiliate marketing is the easist way to make money for beginners.

Set Clear Goals

Goal setting is amazingly important in helping you to get what you want.  Nothing else is more important. So state your goal clearly in a short sentence.. Put it in the present tense.  State it with emotion. Be specific about the amount you would like.  You could state it like this:. 

“I feel great because I am making $5,000 a month in affiliate marketing.”

Choose a Direction

Next you need to choose a direction to go in.  What is your niche?  It is a narrow specific group of people you want to reach.

To choose one think about  what are your interests?. Do you hve a passion for something? If you love antiques you could write about that.  Almost any niche can make money for you. You need to stick with one for a year or two to get the most benefit from your enjoyable work.

Choose Your Affiliate Program

Once you have chosen your niche you can choose which products and services to become an affiliate for.  You need to do at least a little research first.  I can help you with that at the end of this post.  I wll show you what program I am working on.

Build a Website — In as little as 30 seconds

Now you can build your website with Wealthy Affiliate in as little as 30 seconds.  On my own I failed to produce a usable website at all.  With WA I finished it in less than 5 minutes. Yeah!

Choose Your Keywords to Target–One key to building traffic

You can use any keyword tool to find keywords.  Google has one. Wealthy affiliate has one very good keyword tool. You are looking for words that people use when making a search online. You can use these keywords to get traffic to your site. You are looking for the largest amount of traffic, but with the LEAST amount of competition.  That is the sweet spot for you.

Write Content Like Writing to a Friend

Now you can write an article like you are writing an email to a friend.  Make it positive and useful. You do not need to write like an English teacher you had in school.  Write like you talk and you will be fine.

Write Helpful Reviews for Products or Services

Write helpful reviews for people looking for information about products or services. For example many people look for information about online business opportunities.  You could provide honest reviews of products with a ranking of xx out of a 100.  This will be useful for comparison purposes.

Put Your Affiliate Link Into Your Review

One key to making money with affiliaiate marketing is to put a link into your reviews or other articles. That way when your visitor buys something you get credit for the sale. It also means you get a commission on that sale.  This is how money is made.

Write 10 or 12 Articles

One affiliate marketer who has been doing it for 10 years or more says that having 10 or 12 articles is a critical point.  You will rise in your rankings with Google.  New websites rank the lowest.  Ones with more content mean better rankings. better rankings will lead to better traffic.

Keep Building Your Content

Continue researching and writing content based on keywords.  Your site will gain “authority” when you have even more content. You may have to write for a year or more.  But sooner or later you will succeed if you keep on keeping on.

Start Making Money

You will reach a point if you stay with it where your traffic grows a lot.  Then you can really make some money. You can go from one visitor a day to a hundred a day or more.  That’s when the money will really come.

Persistence Pays

The first year or two are the hardest then you will be rewarded for your enjoyable work.  It does not seem like work when you really enjoy what you are doing.  It also helps to stay focused on what you are doing. 

This is not a “get rich quick” process, but it does work.  I wish you the best.

Track Your Success

It is important to recognize different milestones along the way.  You do a lot before you make money.  Then when the money does come the fun really begins.

Celebrate Your Success

You should celebrate every time you reach a milestone. Small celebrations along the way help motivate you to do even more.

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