How to Grow Your Own Money

Is it possible to grow your own money? The answer may surprise you.

Can You Really Grow Your Own Money?

Yes the Bible says that God gives you a way to grow your own money. Ps 66:12-14 ..12 …”we went through fire and through water; but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place. 13  I will go into thy house with burnt offerings: I will pay thee my vows, which my lips have uttered, and my mouth hath spoken, when I was in trouble.” (KJV)


So they went through fire and water (trouble) and God brought them out to a wealthy place. Why did God bring them to a wealthy place? Because He had no choice.  He made a covenant with Abraham that forever fixed what God would do.

Prosperity for God’s children shows the continuance of the Abrahamic covenant with you and me. This not just for ancient Jews, but  applies to Christians now. This is truly amazing. This is a very important passage that will change your finances if you follow through with your part.

God wants to bless you financially and in other ways too.  One thing that Abraham did was to give 10% of his income to the Lord. This opened the way for Abraham to be blessed. This will open the way for you and me too.

7 Ways to Grow Your own Money

1. Realize that God gives you the power to get wealth. This is stated in Deut. 8:18 “But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today.”  God created us. He gave us certain abilities that enable us to get wealth. Everyone has something that they can share with others to make money. We help each other in life.

For example, I am definitely not an automobile mechanic.  But I can write well enough to be interesting and informative. I have made some money through my writing. But as a mechanic I would be a complete failure.

I also work at Walmart in maintenance. That involves cleaning restrooms , empying trash, and sweeping floors, and cleaning up spills. I don’t have any special talent in those areas, but I am good enough that Walmart pays me every two weeks.

2. Realize that you are part of the Abrahamic covenant. This is for all Christians today. Look at the verse above. It mentions the covenant with the forefathers and that it applies to us today.  God has promised this blessing. He does not and cannot break his promises.

3. Give to God in thanks for what he has done for you. Give 10% of all your income.  This opens the door to supernatural increase.

I read somewhere that we get more of what we give thanks for. So I did a little experiment. I walked through a large retail department store. I walked for 20 minutes counting how many people were wearing red. It could have been any color. I saw 6 people wearing red in that time.  Then I repeated the experiment but giving thanks for people wearing red.  I saw 9 people wearing the color red. I repeated the whole experiment and got the same results. So I saw 50% more people after giving thanks than I did before giving thanks. Giving thanks pays. Gratitude is definitely a good attitude to have.

4. Praise the Lord. Praise God for all the things he has done for you.  He gave his only son so that you could be saved. He gives you food to eat. I hope you are giving thanks for that. He gives you a roof over your head. He blesses you in countless ways. God is an awesome Provider.  God loves you so much. God helps you through life if you ask him to help you.

5. Respect the Lord. Respect for God means to regard with honor, have a high opinion of, place great value on, have reverance for, and submit to the authority or judgement of God. Many people do not have respect for God today.  Even many Christians do not have respect for God.  To have more peace and joy and blessings we need to have respect for God.

6. Delight in God’s commandments. God does not command us to give, but he does want us to give generously to the church. He does command us to love Him with all our heart and mind and soul. There is a verse that says …delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. The idea is that if we put God first we can get what we want and ask for.

7. Receive God’s increase in your finances. Receive God’s increase in your health. Receive God’s increase in your protection from Satan and from bad things happening to you.

Sometimes God gives us things and we do not take them and accept them. I have done this before. I once found a large amount of money on the floor.  I was conflicted. Do I accept it or not? I did not accept it.  Later I realized that money was meant for me.  It was the exact amount I had prayed for a few days earlier. I found what I asked for but I did not receive the money. I did not accept it.

The same thing can happen with our health.  We may feel better and take it for granted. We may not realize it was a gift of God meant for us.

We need to be careful about not noticing when things are going well. God protects us fron Satan’s mayhem, when we give or grow our money tree. When trouble comes in bunches it may be Satan at work.

To find out more about growing your money go to Jay Snell’s website. He has more information about money and health and healing. This is one of my favorite websites. Jay taught me that blessings promised to Abraham also apply to Christians today.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I will happy to answer. Thanks.