Mail Order Success Secrets–21 More

Here are 21 more mail order success secrets. This is a continuation of my previous post.

  • 1. Cover Letter. Have a cover letter telling a little about you to make you a real person. Use this letter to give the reader a reason to order from you rather than the other guy or gal. Offer a bonus of stamps or a written free bonus. You could offer something like “How to Make $500 Profit from a 1000 Name Mailing List”
  • 2. Deadline. It is important to include a deadline for response. A definite date deadline would be the best. Or you could say “respond within five days”. You need to create urgency.  Give the reader a reason NOT to delay action.
  • 3. Survey.  I have used a simple little survey of business opportunity interestI listed 8 different opportunities and asked which the reader was most interested in.
  • 4. Mail Regularly. It is important to mail regulary like 10 letters a day for best results. Mailing every day has power in it to give you what you want.
  • 5. Offer a Second Program for Free. If you offer a second smaller program for free the perceived value of your offer goes up.

     6. Develop a USP. You definitely need to develop a unique selling proposition. Something that sets you apart from the rest like “fresh hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less”.       

     7.  Learn All You Can.  There is a lot to learn about mail order. No one knows everything so keep learning. Keep an open mind to new things. Never stop learning and you will be ahead of most of the competition.

     8. Discover the Magic Words of Advertising.  One of the most powerful words is “free”.  Everyone likes to get free stuff. Another powerful word is “guaranteed.” A third powerful phrase is a short testimonial. I recently wrote a small one inch ad that contained all three. It worked very well.

     9. Have More than One Product or Service.  I now have more than 7 products and services. One product alone might break even or make a small profit. The real money comes from the second and third product or service.  The first product ttracts attention. Later products bring in the money in a big way.

    10. Follow Up Your First Sale With Another Offer. First, say thank you for the first sale and then offer something else that could be related to the first. The best time to make the sale is when they are satisfied with the first product or service.

    11. Respond Quickly.  This is something very important.  Respond quickly and your customer will love you more and will be more likely to buy again. That is what you want.

    12. Sell Advertising. Every business needs advertising.  You need to let people know that you are in business.  You can help them to get what they want if they know you exist. Advertising is necessary. This knowledge will help you make money.

There are many 50% dealerships that split the money with you.  Your job is to get the order and the other person fills the order for advertising.

    13. Always Say Thank You. It is a good idea to always say “thank you for your order”.  I did a little experiment a few years ago that showed you could possibly get 50% more business by learning the habit of saying thank you. So say thank you and you will be rewarded.

    14. Use Quality Printing. Many beginers try to save a few dollars on cheap printing. It is too faint or blurry. It does not leave a good impression. You will be judged by your printing so make it the best you can get.

   15.  Sell Reprint Rights To Information. Sell reprint rights to some small reports. These short reports can help you get leads. Then you can follow up with other more expensive offers. Some of the best marketers do this.

   16. Be As Helpful As You Can Be. It is good to be kind and helpful. If you are willing to help someone who is struggling, you will be remembered.  You could even have a customer for life. Think about how much money that could mean to you. It could mean thousands of extra dollars over the years.

    17. Piggy Back  It is important to respond to an order quickly and… to send another offer when you fulfill the first order. This saves you time and postage expenses. This is called “piggy-backing” and is a smart way to do business. 

    18. Own Your Own Mailing List. 

Owning your own mailing list is extremely important. It allows you to mail to the same person multiple times without paying another rental fee. Multiple mailings will improve your results tremendously. Dan Kennedy stated that his most important secret was discovering the power of a sequence of letters to the same person.

I recently found a source for a list that you can own. It is from George Bon. His address is 1811 N. Glasscock Rd., Mission, TX 78572. These names are described as fresh, accurate, and responsive for mail order programs, work at home business. The prices are very reasonable

The number for more information is : (956) 400-3335.

P. S. I have only mailed to a small sample of his list. I did receive some money in the mail.  I will need a few months to have a better idea of how good is this list.

    19. Build a Funnel

You need to find or develop a simple easy inexpensive way for people to become your customer. Something in the  $5, $10 or $20 range would work.. Then you can gradually offer more expensive products or services. Finally you can offer things in the hundereds of dollars range. All together you have the potential to get hundreds or even thousands of dollars from a customer over a period of years. Ahh! that is what you really want. But you have to take baby steps to get to the mother lode.

I have more but similar information in another post. To see it click here

     20. Have Something Unique.

I recently ran 5 small 1″ ads in the money-making tabloids. Based on response in less than two weeks my most popular ads were unique. One was different from anything else in the magazines.  The second one  had a specific amount of money promised in the headline. I believe that made it stand out.

     21. Keep Growing.

Keep learning and growing. Keep trying new things. That is how I found my very best ads.  I did NOT just copy someone else’s ads. My best were similar to some other ads, but definitely different. This is important to remember. You can use similar words and phrases, but please do not copy an ad exactly.

     22. Never Quit. 

Do NOT give up. Many times I have felt like giving up but then something good or encouraging happens. The race is won not by the fastest but the one who PERSISTS until success.

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