How to Make Money By Mail

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Here I am offering you 10 short reports you can copy and sell by mail. This is a practical way for you to make money by mail NOW! This article is short and to the point.

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I recently acquired the rights to copy and sell these 10 reports. They can sell for 1 or 2 or 3 dollars each. I am offering them to you now for $2 each. Here are the titles of the 10 reports. You can order 1 or 2 or all of them or anything in between. They are 

10 Ways to Make Money By Mail

        __ How to Make Money With Direct Mail Methods

        __The Best Books to Sell By Mail

        __How to Have Realistic Goals in Selling Your Information By Mail

       __How to Sell short Reports

       __ How to Start a Mail Order Business On A Shoestring

       __Make More Money By Using The Best “HOT” Words

       __Money Making Newsletter

       __74 Keys to Making Money In A Home-Based Business

       __How to Easily Maintain Your Best Customer Names

       __20 Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

There they are. These reports will educate you on what to do and how to do it.  And… they offer you a way to make money soon. Look over the list and decide what you want. Send $2 cash each by postal mail to:

Norman Smuck

P.O. Box 89

Paoli, In 47454

Start Today!

Be sure to cover the cash with a dark sheet of paper. Thanks. However many you choose will get you started. That is the important thing.

I also have a short report I wrote to help you get started right. It is called “7 Simple Secrets to Mail Order Success”.  I offer it to you for $2 cash also. It will help you with where to advertise and how to advertise. These are both important to your success.

You will not get rich overnight with just one or two reports.  There are two imprtant things to remember. Profits come from repeat sales. These repeat sales can be much bigger than the first sale. The first sale is to let the customer get to know you and trust you.There are literally hundreds of short reports you can order for yourself and then copy and sell to others.

I have just given you easiest and simplest way to start a mail order business. I urge you to do somehing with this information.

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6 thoughts on “How to Make Money By Mail”

  1. Thank you Norman for sharing how to make retirement income. One of your reports jumped out at me and that is: How to Start a Mail Order Business On A Shoestring. Most people who are retired don’t have a lot of extra money so the price is affordable for your information as I believe everyone can pay one or two or even three dollars. I also like: 74 Keys to Making Money In A Home-Based Business. This definitely interests me. Thank you for all the information and making it affordable to all who are wanting to make money at home! Question: For the 10 ways to make money by mail, are these short booklets with step-by-step instructions? 



    1. Thank you Evelyn for your comment and question. I just checked and found out that the first report ( How to Start on a Shoestring) lists 4 specific steps to get you started. The 74  Keys report has many clear specific steps you can take to make money

  2. Hello Norman! First off! Compliments of the season. Loved this article, helpful and easy to get. I really cannot thank you enough for sharing with us these 10 ways  on how to make money via mail, I am racing to check it out right away and get to work asap with the resources I would obtain.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. These are available from me. Similar information is available from people like Jeesi Kyann advertising in business opportunity tabloids like Shore to Shore. The address is: CHA Service, Box 1980, Rogue River, Oregon 97537. The web address is 

  3. This is an interesting way to make money. I have never thought about this is possible. Less the postage, the returns is many folds. But just wanted to clarify what information is needed for you to send the reports back? Is this digital or post back my snail mail? Perhaps more details may help. Looking at the list of reports, I find them helpful to help people get started to make money by mail.

    1. This is by postal mail. You need physical copies to make copies to send to your customers. Thank you for your comment and question.

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