Keyword Research

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is important for your online business. It helps you get traffic. That traffic will lead to viewers which will lead to customers.

What is a keyword?  It is a word or phrase that people use to search for something on the internet.

You can use a keyword tool to search for keywords.  There are at least a hundred thousand keywords that you could use. You simply type in a word or phrase and google will tell you which ones people are using. This is very useful.

You can type in a word and google will give you four options for completing a phrase. This is wonderful.  You don’t have think of everything yourself.

Saving Keywords

Be sure to save your keyword list to use for later.  You are looking for keywords that get some traffic but have little competition. There will be a column that tells you how many pages of competition there are for each set of keywords.  You want a number of 300 or less.  The ideal number would be zero.

Use Keywords in Your Content

You will want to use keywords in your content to get the traffic you need.  You could use them in your title, the first sentence, and once more in the body of your content.

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