Last Chance Guide to Financial Security With Wealthy Affiliate

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You only have one life to live.  You really only live in the present.  So take advantage of all your opportunities.

Here is your Last Chance Guide to Taking Advantage of Wealthy Affiliate Before it is TOO LATE!

I don’t know how old you are. But no matter your age you don’t know how long you will live. So I urge you to seriously consider the opportunity to make extra money for your retirement.  You could make thousands of extra dollars every month.

The average income spent in retirement is about $43,000. Will you have enough? If you are like most people you will not have enough. Not the way things are going at the present. So what can you do? One thing you can do is to start a business.  One of the popular businesses right now is an online business. It is possible to make $1,000-$10,000 a month in as little as two years or less. This is according to a survey done by problogger. 

You Only Live Once

You only have one life to live. They say cats have nine lives but people only have one life.  What will you do with your life?  If you want a happy retirement some day you need at least 2 or 3 sources of income.  So how many sources of income do you have right now? If you have less than three sources I want you to consider Wealthy Affiliate. Every one in the Affiliate Bootcamp who finishes the course makes consistent money. That is  according to the co-founder Kyle. I believe him completely.

Average Retirement Income Figures

Here are some retirement income figures from the U. S. census Bureau.

The median income is the middle income. Half make more and half make less than the median.The mean income is the average of all the incomes.  This number is considerably higher. These figures are for 2017.

age of household                                   median                              mean

55-64                                                     $62,802                            $89,986

65-74                                                     $47,432                            $68,905

75 and older                                          $30,635                            $45,989 

SOURCE: Data summarized from the U. S. Census Bureau’s Current Poulation Survey.

If You Can Dream It You Can Do It

I have read this statement in motivational books. I believe it is true  Well I can’t fly you say.  Well yes ,but the Wright brothers did fly. So if you can dream it and believe it you can do it. Or you say it this way: if you dream it and believe it you can achieve it.

Many people give up too soon.  But if you really want something with a burning desire , you will not give up.

Building a website with Wealthy Affiliate is really easy. Building a business takes a lttle time. But Wealthy Affiliate and the commnity will help you if you ever get stuck. 

You Don’t Have To Know How to Blog Now

You don’t have to know everything about how you can build your business. You will do iit in tiny little steps. You will learn as you go. You will make mistakes, but will make course corrections like an airplane pilot.

So just break it down and take one small step at a time. “Mile by mile it’s a trial, inch by inch it’s a cinch”

Do not be afraid to do something great for yourself and your family.  Help make your retirement a happy one.

Turn your dreams into goals. Set very clear and specific goals Keep them in front of you every day. They spur you on to greater efforts and accomplishments.

If You Can Write an Email You Can Blog

If you can write an email to a friend you can write for your blog.   Don’t think that you can’t do this because you can. If you can read this you can write. The main secret is to write like you talk. You do not need to write like an English teacher in high school.  Perfect grammar is NOT required.

Useful content is more important than great literature. Reviews help your readers find good products and services. There is a template you can use for all of your reviews. That way it will be easy for readers to compare different products and services.

You Will Feel A Great Sense of Accomplishment

You will feel great when you write a useful post for your readers.  I feel a natural high when I finish a good post.  You will too I bet. You are making the world a better place by offering insight and information.

Nothing makes  you feel better than providing services for your readers.  If you are a natural writer this is one way you can write and get paid for it. If you are not a natural writer, you will still get a thrill from offering something useful to others. It is exciting to see your writing on the web. You are somebody on the web if you can persist and offer people.valuable information.

You Will Grow From This

Building out your website will help you to grow.  You will use your brain cells every day to come up with new and interesting information.  I will venture to say it will likely help you prevent Alzheimer’s disease.  This could be a good side business that  can keep you engaged for many years. It is never boring.

You will use the logical and creative sides of your brain. You will use the left and the right sides. Scientists have shown that being mentally active is good for you. The brain is like a muscle that needs exercise to be at its best.

Take Control of Your Time and Your Life

Take control of your life and your time.  Spend more time doing things that are meaningful to you.  Spend less time doing things that don’t really matter.   Do the things that give you real satisfaction. Do things that make you happy. 

If we are not careful other people will determine how we spend our time. They will any way to a degree.  But to be happy you need to do something for you.

The great thing about this is that you can make money from doing something that you love.  What could be better than that? One of my favorite books is called “Double Your Income Doing What You Love”. I love the title. I love the idea of making more money from spending more time on what makes money for you. On the other hand you can spend less time doing things that you hate.

Exercise Your Creativity

Building a website and building a business will exercise your creativity. You will learn how to solve problems. You will learn to think of alternative solutions for your problems.  You can always ask for and receive help but you will need to be creative to implement them.

Creativity is about thinking of more than one possible solution to a problem. You can think of several possible solutions and then pick the best one for your situation. Usually people try to give the one right answer in school for example.  But when you exercise your creativity there is more than one correct answer. Thinking of many alternative solutions is a very powerful technique that will help you to succeed in a big way.

You can use your creativity when you write blogs.  You will need to come up with many different posts and pages. You will write on many different topics.  It will require some creativity to be able to come up with something new and different.

Being more creative will make you a better person. You will be more valuable to your readers as you become more creative. Long live creativity. You need to be a little creative in order to be interesting.

Make Real Money Real Soon

A survey by Problogger showed that 5-8% make a full time income from blogging.  Many more make $1000 a month or more. About 13% make from $1000-$10,000 a month. Most use more than one way to make their money. 

It is not a get rich quick thing. It takes some work to write useful content, for example. It takes most people 1 i/2 to 2 years to make real money. This is the reality of this blogging business.

Some people think you can make millions quickly. That is not true.  Others say it is not possible to make money blogging. Both extremes are wrong.

Learn Skills For Life

Wealthy Affiliate will give skills that you can use for the rest of your life. You will learn how to write useful content. You will learn how to attract readers. You will also learn how to engage the readers that you attract. You will learn how to advertise with pay-per-click.

You Can Sample Wealthy Affiliate For FREE

Yes you can sample Wealthy Affiliate FREE for 7 days.  My advice is to do as much as you can before you your FREE time runs out. Give yourself a chance to really get a feel for what you can do. If you do this you will have no regrets.

Set up your account. It is fairly fast and easy. To sample Wealthy Affiliate and kick the tires you can click here

This will send to the review and from there you can go to the Wealthy Affiliate website.God bless you.

Bonus for When You Start an Account

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