10 Reasons Affiliate Marketing May Be For You

These 10 Reasons may convince you to try affiliate marketing.

1. Increase Your Income 

Affiliate marketing can increase your income without having to get a second job. It can also increase your income without having to quit the job you have. 

You can even add to your retirement income with affiliate marketing. It is very convenient because you can work from your home.

If you are struggling to keep up with your bills affiliate marketing could be your answer.

Some affiliate marketers make thousands a month like Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome.com.

2. Low cost entry

Many entrepreneurs have had their dreams cut short by not being able to raise many thousands of dollars of venture capital.  But affilaiate marketing only cost a few hundred dollars to start.  You do not need to borrow any money either.

You can simply sign up for the affiliate program of your choice. You then put your affiliate link in your blog or website.

If you don’t have one go to my good reviews page on Wealthy Affiliate.-Retire With Extra Affiliate income here.  When you join they can help you build a website or blog in minutes.

3. You are the boss

If you have been thinking of retiring from the daily grind in your 9 to 5 job, you can leave it behind and be your own boss.

Or if you have always wanted your own business and want to build the life you love affiliate marketing can make that possible. 

You need the right affiliate program, an internet connection, good marketing skills and you are on your way. You can earn enough to live on with affiliate marketing.

4.You have freedom

You have freedom to work when you want to work.You don’t have to work long hours or worry about traffic while getting to work. Some people now have to drive  one or two hours to get to work and tthen another hour or two to get home.. You could eliminate the long commute forever.

You can work as little or as much as you want. There is nothing better than being able to work when you want.  You can take a vacation whenever you desire. Imagine that!

You may now have a bossy boss. You may have all kinds of restrictions becuse of your job. All this could be eliminated. You could be free at last.

5. You Can Live Anywhere

If you had a physical store you have all kinds of restrictions on where you can live. You must have a location that can give you the traffic flow that you need. You cannot just live anywhere. But with affiliate marketing you can live whereever you want.

If you are an affiliate marketer you can work from home, or an office.  You can go into business any where you have an internet connection. You can take charge of your time and your life. There is nothing better than being  excited about your own business. 

6. No Customer Service issues

You do NOT have to worry about customer service when you are an affiliate marketer. With conventional product sales you have to deal with customer of all kinds. 

As an affiliaiate marketer you have to worry about running your affiliate link and driving traffic to your site to increase sales. You don’t have to worry about the thousands of possible customer complaints on a product or service. Just concern yourself with driving traffic to your site and you will be O.K.

The merchant you are selling for has a customer service department to handle complaints. They can take care of all that for you.

7.No Special Skill Needed

You do not need any special skills when you join an affiliate program. You do need basic knowledge of the porduct or service so you can write a good review. Many business opportunities require special knowledge or skill. You only need basic knowledge of the product based on your use of the product.

You can conduct research on the product if you need to, but still you do not need to be an expert in its use. So you do not need special skill or knowledge.  You do need basic knowledge based on your use of the product. That is all.

8. Free to join

You can join for free. Choose the best affiliate program you can find. Go to the merchants website and sign up without paying anything. Check out the Wealthy Affiliate program review now. This is my favorite affiliate program. You can test it out for free. It is free to join.

9.Risk is Low

There is very little risk  Unlike running a physical store where you could have theft. You could have a fire. You could have other imaginable troubles. With affiliate marketing the risk is very low. This is one of the best reasons to consider affiliate marketing for yourself. What could be better than that?!

10. No stressful stock control issues

If you had a physical store you would have to do stock control, invoices, process customer orders and process when payments are due etc.  These stock taking activities can be stressful. They also take time. With affiliate marketing you do not have to worry about any of that. What a relief, right.

I recommend you read this article again. I aso recommend you join the Wealthy Affiliate program. It will help you trmendously in building a website and building a money-making business.

Law of Attraction How To

Hello again. Here are some law of attraction how tos. I will show how to get an extra 

$500 in the next 21 Days

More about that in a minute.

Attract what you want

It is really important to think about what you want and not about what you don’t want. There is power in positive thinking. Negative thinking just causes trouble. We tend to attract exactly what we think about. Watch your own thinking and try to remain postive.

when it comes to retirement planning think about a specfic number of dollars that you can live on. The average at age 65 is about $45,000. If that is your number keep that number in mind and it will help you figure out ways to make that number a reality.

You attract what you think about

Yes it is true Thoughts become things.  There is a science to this called quantum physics. I won’t go into that here. But for now you just need to know that matter (things) are potential, they are fNOT fixed. One set of electrons and protons can be one thing now and the same ones can be part of something completely different later.

That is enough science for this blog.

To get more think more

I did one experiment that suggested that the same thoughts repeated over and over are more powerful than thinking a thought only one or two times. Make that two different experiments. I will go into those in more detail later in this post.

Experiments and exercises

I tried another experiment. I learned from a millionare that he used the phrase “everything is coming to me easily and effortlessly”

  One day I decided to say “money is coming to me easily and effortlessly” I said it over and over about 50 times in one day. Ater several hours of saying that phrase I found a lot of change in one small area. It was about $1.75. There were nickles, dimes, quarters and a lot of pennies. 

That was amazing to me. I had never “found” that much change in one place before in my life. It had to be the powerful attracting phrase repeated many times that did the trick.

Another interesting experiment

First, I walked around in a store for 20 minutes and I counted 4 people wearing red. Next I used a similar buit different phrase. I said to myself “red clothing is coming to me easily and effortlessly”. I repeated that for 20 minutes in a busy department store. I kept track of how many I saw wearing red. The total was 6. That was 50% more than the first time. So thought changed my environment as far as red clothing. 

I attempted to repeat the experiment again and I got the same results. There were 50% more “reds” spotted than there were the first time without repeating the phrase. That “magic” phrase really made a difference. 

Admittedly, this is not a strictly “controlled” scientific experiment but I am confident if I repeat it a 100 times I would get similar results every time.

Law of Attraction and Money

The law of attraction works for many things, but it works really well for attracting money. I have described two different “money” experiments that worked well.  This reminds me of another little experiment I did. I repeated a thoughjt about attracting dimes easily. That day I found 5 dimes in one place. 

Amazing! I have never before found 5 dimes in place before. Have you? …No? That’s what I thought.

Thoughts change your results no matter what you are thinking about.

Does the law of attraction really work?

These experiments mentioned before show that the law of attraction really works. Here is a summary of what we learned from these experiments.

1.Thoughts become things

2. More thoughjts become more things

3. Money comes easily with the right thoughts

4.Positive thoughts bring more than neutral or negative thoughts

5.Affirmations have power to change your life

The power of words to get what you want

Words have power so be careful what you say.  Saying things like “I never have enough money” will actually chase mooney away from you. On the other hand positive thoughts will bring what you want.

$500 in 21 Days Story

I wrote a small booklet about how to to be $500 richer in 21 days or less. Here is how that happened.

I met a man in Walmart. I had never talked to him before. This time we talked. He told me about his money problems. He had a one million dollar farm. He was offered that much for it. but he did not want to sell because the farm had been in his family for well over a hundred years.

Unfortunately he was living on Social Security alone. He had no other source of income at all. The problem was even worse because he spent half of his Social Security check on medicine. He had high blood pressure. He was definitely between a rock and a hard place. He had no room financially.

I thought about this man’s pproblem for several weeks. I could not stop thinking about it. Finally, I went online and discovered a website that promised $500 in 21 Days if I did a little experiment. I tried the experiment and I received $503 in 17 days.

How to get your $500

You can get $500 in 21 days just by asking for it.  If you believe in God ask Him for $500.  If you do not then ask the Universe for $500. Think postively about receiving the $500. Give thanks in advance. This shows faith. Then look for the money. It may or may not come all at once.

It may seem strange or even silly to do this. But go ahead and do it anyway. It will be worth it. I challenge you to test this for yourself.

How to get your FREE copy of $500 in 21 days

I wrote a little booklet giving more detail on how to ask for and receive $500  in 21 Days. It is short, only about 10 pages. But it is powerful. You will receive least $500 if you follow the siomple instructions Write to:

                                                $500 in 21 Days

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Survey: What do you want?

Survey: What do you want? This or That?

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Making Money With Craigslist

Hello everybody. Here I am going to tell you what I have recently learned about making money with Craigslist. This information is inspired by Moneymaking Craigslist Magic by Dwight Allen. I have not made any yet but I am learning about what it takes to  make money.  This is one way to make money online.

Advantages of Using Craigslist to Make Money

1. Craigslist is perfect for the little guy or gal to make money because it is free.

2. Millions of people are looking on Craigslist every day.

3.It works fast. In a matter of days you will know if your ad is going to work. Magazine advertising takes months to know if your ad will work or not.

4. Posting on Craiglist is really easy.  You simply have to follow the instructions.

5. You don’t have to have your own website or an Amazon or Ebay account. You don’t need an information product of your own.

6. Anyone can do this anywhere. You can sell an information product of your own or simply act as an affiliate.


Free Email plus Free Craigslist ads help you sell moneymaking opportunities

Craigslist is one of the top job databases.  People who are unemployed or underemployed look here.

This opens up an amazing profit opportunity for you.


How this works

You can post your ad in the job offered classification.  You are not going to lie. You are not offering a job, but you are placing a “blind” ad. There are many of these blind ads in Craigslist’s job offered sections. They give just a few details but  may not give the name or even the phone number. You are asked to respond by email with your contact information.

People looking for work on Craigslist are used to seeing these “blind” ads. People will not find it unusual when you post a “blind” ad on Craigslist. If they are really interested and they need to make some money, they will give you their email address. They will click for more information.

After they send you their email address it is ok to send them an offer for your moneymaking product by email.


Build your email list

Build up your email list. You can use it to offer other moneymaking products with a low price around 4 to $7 and certainly under $20. Your email list is like gold. People who get a free product first (ebook or pdf) will be more like to get something from you that they have pay for. They will trust you more.



Whenever you send an email you should offer the option to cancel or stop sending emails. This is just a courtesy. If they don’t say stop you can continue sending various moneymaking and other offers.  You will get repeat business from some people. They are the real gold lof the list.

There are no rules against mailing to anyone over and over if they give you their postal mailing address.


Not everone orders but…

When you begin to get one order out of a hundred (that’s good by the way) and you get a hundred emails a day, you can make $10 to $25 or more every day. Now you really have a money maker.


How to choose an affiliate program  to promote

Just Google “affiliate” and you will come up with programs to connect with in your niche. I found a list of top 10 affiliate programs for selling books. This is perfect for my niche. I also discovered shopify this way.



Popular ideas and how to get more

Some of the most popular ideas right now are information on paid surveys.  affiliate marketing plans,,social media posting for pay, writing short articles and getting  paiid.. And there are many other ideas you could come up with.



How to maximize results

To maximize your results you need two things. You need to keep the price in the right range. Your price needs to be around $7 and not over $20.  People who are job seeking usually don’t have a lot of money to spend.  If you are selling an ebook you ask for only $4.


Secondly you can use testimonials from past customers.  You can put them in your ads or sales letters. If you can get reviews from recognized authorities that will make customers more likely to buy.



There are two big don’ts. Don’t advertise anything that does not work. You do not want unhappy customers asking for a refund.  You don’t want customers to flag your ad.  Then it is removed with just a click  There is no appeal process. .


Don’t offer mult-level marketing programs in the j”ob offe”r section. If you have ta program in hat you know works you can market it but do so in two steps. First offer an information report or an ebook.

Do not use hype or make wild claims about possible earnings.


Review other job offers

To get an idea how to make your offers, it is a good idea to look at other job offers.  Try to pattern yousr after the best ones.


What to sell

Some othe popular ideas are “Make money sending emails”,”Make money writing short articles on your computer,” Make money posting on social media”,, “Make money filling out surveys.’

There are many other ideas you could use with a little imagination. Reviewing other job offers and combing two or more ideas will help you come up with new ideas.


How to sell

Place an ad for something like “Get paid to play on Facebook”.People contact you then you send them a free or low priced reort or pdf teaching them how to do it. You could do it another way and send them directly to the company. You then get a commission for everyone who joins the program.

Next go directly to Craigslist for your area. Click on the “jobs offered” section  As your category you will check either “general labor” or “marketing.”

Don’t put your affiliate link directly into your ad. Also don’t tell them it will cost them anything or how much.

This is just the introduction to selling on Craiglist

Here I have just given you enough to get started. There will be some tesing to find out what works for you. This is the real fun  and excitement of selling on Craigslist.

I wish you the best.

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P.S. I had a comment on this Craigslist article. It said something like “isn’t it dishonest to advertise in the “job offered” section when you are not offering a job?”

Here is my comment: It clearly is wrong to say that you are offering a job if you are not. But we are not advocating doing that.  Part of the problem is that Craigslist does not have a “business opportunity” section to advertise in.

So we have to use what is available and be sure NOT to suggest that we ARE. However it is common to have ads on Craigslist that are not jobs. There ARE ways to make money ads , though, and could be of interest to someone who is looking for a job.

There is always the alternative to go to Ablewise or another website that does have business opportunity ads.

Also after receiving their email address there is an opportunity to explain more about what is involved in the money-making opportunity. Most will not respond but some will. If they do then it is o.k.