How to Build Your MLM Mailing List

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Build a Relationship With Others First

I came across Chuck Holmes website when I was looking for information on MLM Mailing Lists. I like his approach. In his article “Tips for Building Your MLM Mailing List” he says to send an MLM newsletter to prospects. You don’t want to sell your business opportunity directly. Let people get to know you and trust you first.  Provide good value. Include encouragement, information and your newsletter.

What You Can Do To Build Your List

1. Some of his suggestions are to mail 100 free newsletters each month to people interested in MLM. Be willing to spend $10 a year for each prospect. Many will eventually join your program. Money will come in monthly from the same people in most programs.

2. Ask for referrals from people already on your list.

3. You are trying to develop the image of a leader by offering your newsletter.

4. Mail postcards every month promoting your newsletter.

5. Promote the newsletter and not your business opportunity.  If you ask prospects if they want your newsletter they will probably say YES. It is an easy sale.

6 Collect business cards from people you meet ar MLM events.

7. Mail 500 postcards every month promoting your newsletter.

8. My thought was to place small ads in the business opportunity tabloids.  Offer your newsletter free for $1 postage and handling. This will demonstrate they have a real interest in your MLM newsletter.

For More Information Visit His Website

Chuck Holmes has more information at Search for “Tips for Building Your MLM Mailing List” You can see the whole post there. This is a very good website if you are interested in MLM.  You can learn a lot.  You will not have to struggle in vain. The post on building your list is an excellent place to start.

E-Books Available to Help You

I went to his website again yesterday. I bought an e-book on how to build a niche website to help build your MLM list of prospects. The book only cost $7. I thought that was a great price for such valuable information. I forget the exact title but you can find it in his store. It was 32 pages. I believe the title was “How to Build a Niche Website.”

What to Include in Your Newsletter

When you produce your newsletter be sure to include three things at least. They are ideas, information and encouragement.

Your subscribers to your free newsletter need to know what to do.  This post includes some ideas on what to do to build your MLM mailing list. Be sure to include valuable useful information like the website address of Chuck Holmes. He is very knowledgeable about multi-level marketing. Perhaps most important of all is encouragement. Many people will give up too early. They may quit when they are on the verge of success.  Make sure you are not that person.  Show how taking little steps every day or at least every week can build an amazing business. Success comes inch by inch and it is a cinch.

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Mail Order Business Opportunity Secrets

cash in your mailboxI

Cash in your mailbox

I have compiled 90 secrets to mail order business opportunity success.  I will give you some of them right here. I prayed for mail order business opportunity wisdom. This is one of ten prayers God always answers. That is prayers for wisdom are always answered.

Why Listen to me?

It is a fact that most people do not succeed in the mail order home business opportunity field. I have seen thousands of opportunities. I have analyzed hundreds of opportunities. I have tried scores of opportunities. And I have thought long and hard about what makes a successful mailing. I have prayed for business wisdom in this area. Few people have done all of those things.

I have also followed and studied some of the best mailers on the planet.

How to Stand Out

One area where most mailers fail is in standing out from the crowd. They copy or print a flyer, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on and stick an address label on the envelope and put it in the mailbox. They do nothing that thousands of others are not doing.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is very important. It helps to personalize the offer. It shows that you are a real person and not a robot.

The reason I do not like someone to mail for me is that there is no opportunity to send a cover letter. With a cover letter you can put some real emotion into the offer. The cover letter is a chance to offer a free bonus or at least something different from every one else who is mailing the same flyer or letter. Give the prospect a reason to buy from you rather than someone else.

Use Customers Name

People love to see their own name in writing. It helps to attract their attention. You can put their name at the top of the flyer . You could also use a sticky note on the flyer with the person’s name on it.

Tell About Yourself

In the cover letter you can tell a little about who you are. You can also tell why you are mailing this offer to the prospect or lead. Tell your name and what you do for a living etc. This will set you apart from everyone else who is mailing the same flyer. This is so important. The first three things I have told you about could be the difference between profit and loss. So don’t think that it is too much trouble.

Offer a Free Bonus

Offer a free bonus in your cover letter and you have another way to set yourself apart from your competition. There are places online where you can find a simple little report that you could offer as a bonus. One man I know about sent me a bonus about a study comparing the response rates of different mailing lists to the same offer. This was valuable and interesting information.

Have a Specific Deadline

It could only help your response rates to your letter if you have a very specific date deadline for response. Peolpe tend to put things off. If they do that they may never get back to your flyer. Here is an example “Reply by June 21 to receive the free bonus”

Give Valuable Free Information

Another thing I have seen is mailers giving everyone free valuable information with their letter. People who give more usually receive more.  Don’t be afraid to try this. It could boost your response by getting the reader involved before they decide to buy. This is a very good idea.

These ideas will give you a better chance of succeeding with your mail order business opportunity. Good luck to you.

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P.S. I just received information that  https;// gives good results for mail order business opportunities.

Scripture for Financial Blessings

This is about scriptures for financial blessings. This is the right time to pray for your finances.Prayer Help Finances

Prayers Help Finances

Many people are struggling with their finances right now. The Virus (COVid-19) has caused a lot of problems with finances.

This is a book review of  “Prayers and Promises for Financial Breakthrough”.

Title: Prayers and Promises for Financial Breakthrough

Author: Joan Hunter

Publisher: Broadstreet Publishing Group

Pages: 176

Chapters: 15


This book has many prayers based on scriptures. It also contains an idea that is new to me. The idea is to give an offering of an amount that is related to the chapter and verse numbers of relevant scriptures. One such verse is Philippians 4:19.(NKJV) “And my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  The idea is to give $4.19 or $41.90 whatever God is leading you to give. I strongly believe in the power of praying scriptures or praying prayers based on scriptures. Adding the offering based on the chapter and verse could only stengthen the prayer.

The above scripture and the related prayer are found in chapter 10 “God Supplies.”

Another page is about “Reaping the Hundredfold Blessing.” This is based on the hundredfold blessing received by Isaac in Genesis 26:12 NIV.

Another chapter on Multiplication tells how the author asked for a new car and seeded $111 based on Dueteronomy 1:11. She ended up getting a car for $11,000 less than any other similar make and model. It was so much less that she wondered if something was wrong with it. No there was nothing wrong with it. God just blessed her mightily.

I like this book a lot. It is now one of my favorites on the subject of finances. Thank you Joan for writing this book.

There are many financial scriptures and prayers based on them. This is a practical helpful tool for improving your finances.

If you have financial problems this book will help you increase your income. The testimonials are enlightening and inspiring.

My son is now laid off due to the corona virus. I will recommend he get and use this book.

Another story I remember from this is the story of man who had recently been released from prison. He had no money. He had no job. No one would hire him. He did not even have the money for the seed offering of $1.11. So the author gave him the money. He then put that whole amount into the offering. Amazingly he was offered a job the very next day! That is a powerful story. There is hope for you. This is a very encouraging piece of work.

One idea from this book is write down when and what you prayed for. Then you keep track of the results. This will help to build your faith. This is the time to put prayer first rather than last.

There is no guarantee of exactly what results you will get.  But God promises that you will get good results if you trust in Him.


This is a very interesting and practical book. It will help you with your finances. It is inspiring and useful. I really believe in the power of praying based on scripture. Every word is true and powerful. You are not left to struggle alone with your finances. The testimonials are very interesting. I give this book 4 1/2 stars out of 5. This is definitely worth the money.

To quickly improve your finances go to 

I do make a small commision on your purchase but it does not change the price for you. Here are some other books by Joan Hunter: “Supernatural Provision: Living in Financial Freedom”. and “Prayers and Promises for Healing”.

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Please click here for Books on Prayer and Finances.

Take care of yourself and stay safe. God bless you.

Goals : Book Review–Importance of Writing Goals Down

This is a book review of “Goals” by Zig Ziglar.

A Harvard study of graduates found that those who had clear and specfic goals written down (3%) were 10 times as successful financially than the (97%) who did not. This makes this book very important for any kind of success financial or otherwise.

Book Review

Title: Goals

Author: Zig Ziglar


Publisher: SoundWisdom

Pages: 170 


Zig Ziglar inflenced and taught over 250,000,000 people with his programs and books. He is a major figure in the areas of goal setting and sales training for example.

First he talks about four reasons people do not set goals. The first reason is fear. “The average 18 year old has been told “no” 148,000 times and “you can’t do that”.  The second reason is poor self-image. They cannot imagine graduating from college for example. The third reason is no buy-in. They don’t believe it is really important. The fourth reason is  they don’t know how to set goals.

This book has practical steps to take to help you set and reach your goals. It has many little stories to illustrate the main points. This book is inspirational and motivational. I loved this book.

Nine Steps

Next he tells us about 9 steps to powerful goal setting. Here is a very brief summary of the 9 steps:

1. Write it Down to Make it Happen

Write down what you want to be do or have.

2. Ask Yourself Why

Look at what you wrote and ask yourself why do you want to be do or have each item.

3. Reduce or eliminate

You probably want more than you have time for.  (You)” have to say no to the good so (you) can say yes to the best.”

4. Find Balance

Try to avoid putting too much emphasis on one or two areas of your life. There are seven areas to your life.–physical, mental, spiritual, social, career, financial,  or family.

5. Explore what  Will Reaching the Goal Do For You

There are seven basic questions you can ask yourself. Will reaching your goal make you happier, healthier, more prosperous, more secure, more friends, more peace of mind, improve family relationships?

6. Stretch Yourself

You need to have some goals that really make you stretch. Make yourself reach for something wonderful.

7. Check for Negativity

Unrealistic goals are actually negative rather than positive. They can lead to depression. For example,  a goal of making one million dollars in a year is unrealistic if you do not have $2,500 in savings now.

8. Five Questions to Ask

Ask yourself if this is really your goal or is it someone elses ?

Is this goal fair and morally right?  If you are taking advantage of someone it is not a good goal.

Every decision should be weighed on whether or not it is bringing you closer to your major objective.

Can I emtionally commit to this goal and see it through to the end.?

Can you see yourself reaching this goal?

9. Choose your top 4

To narrow down your goals to only 4, you need to take inventory of where you are.

Step two is to write down the goal.

What benefits will you get from reaching your goal?

What obstacles do you need to climb over to reach your goal? If you are on a diet you will have to change your eating habits.

What additional knowledge or skills do you need to reach your goal?


This is a really good book to help you set and reach your goals. It is practical, inspiring, and motivational. It will help you to set and reach your most important goals.  I used it myself and I am very satisfied so far. I highly recommend Zig Ziglar’s book Goals.

Other books by Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale

See You at the Top 25th Anniversary

How to Stay Motivated

Selling 101: What Every Successful Sales Professional Needs to know

Born to Win

The Performance Planner: Goal Achievement System

To quickly order your book or books  click this link.

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Make Cash with Amazon Affiliate Program

a few days earnings

This is a review of a good book on how to make money as an Amazon affiliate. You can do this with a website dedicated to reviewing products that are sold on This is based on information from someone with experience. The author makes $20 to $40 a day from one small Amazon website. This could be the opportunity you are looking for.

Title: How I Make $20 to $40 a Day From One Amazon Niche Website: A Step by Step Guide to Running A Successful Amazon Associates Program

Author: A. B. Lawal


Publisher: A. B. Lawal

No. of pages: 95

Dimensions: 9 in. X 6in.
Who is this for? This is for someone who wants to succeed in affiliate marketing faster than the average blogger does.

Introduction: The author says that all you need is one small niche website to make money online. He shows you how he did it with his first website.

Table of Contents Highlights:

Amazon Affiliate Basic Requirements

Choosing Your Niche

Coosing the Right Product

Keyword Research

Using Jaaxy

Quality Keyword Rules

Researching the Competition

SEO Terms You Need to Know

How to Set Up Your Website

Choosing the Right Domain Name

How to Install WordPress

Customize Your Site

Install the Theme

Install Review Plugins

You Can Create Categories for Amazon Affiliate Products

Creating Your Amazon Affiliate Link

Create Menus

Create Static, Sticky, and Regular Formats

How to Write Blog Posts for SEO

How You Can Write Reviews Posts for Your Affiliate Products

Free Images and Videos

Embed UTube Videos

Create Links for Your Affiliate Products

Create Amazon Affiliate Tracking IDs

Use Direct Maketing Approach

Large Social Media Traffic

Get Quality Backlinks to Your Site

How Amazon Pays You Commissions

Samples of information:

In How to Choose Your Niche the author says you only need 10 long pages on 10 products. This is simpler and faster than keeping a blog up to date.

He also says it is not necessary to be passionate about your niche. But he does education himself deeply after discovering whether or not a niche will be profitable.

In How to Choose the Right Product he offers three rules.

1. Avoid seasonal products like Halloween costumes for example.

2. Stay away from low-priced products. The commissions are lower. You should look for products over $50.

3. Look for products with four stars or more and good reviews.


His advice makes sense. He is thourough in discussing all the important topics. The use of pictures helps to explain what he is talking about. They do not distract from the topic being discussed. i like that he puts important points in highlights or bold type. This makes it easy to read and to find the most important words or phrases.

He is very good at taking a step by step approach to his instructions. I like that he tells you what you need and…what you do not need. I find that helpful.

There are some typos and grammatical mistakes, but these are not common. On the whole it is easy to read.

One very valuable thing is that he has a website to answer questions and to help you if you need it. After you read the book you can get all the help you need. This is an outstanding service.

The author has excellent information. He explains new things very simply and clearly.


My final verdict is that this is a very useful well presented book. It is practical and clear. I give this five stars out of five.   

To get this book in your hands quickly go to amazon.

There is another good paperback book that is helpful and easy to read. It is “Amazon Associates Affiliate Program” by Ryan Stevens. Good luck in your affiliate marketing.

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‘Amazon Associates

Buy Direct Mail List

Here are 7 things to look for if you want to buy a direct mail list.

A good list is pure gold

1. A Responsive List.  The most important thing to find is a responsive mailing list. That is a list of people who have responded to a mailing of something similar to what you are offering. If you are offering a weght loss solution, you want a list of people who have actually bought other weght loss products. You do not want a compiled list from a telephone book for example. That would way too generic.

2. Buyers Only. This is similar to the secret above. You want a list of BUYERS ONLY. Some lists have only a few buyers or even none at all. This list will NOT help you get where you want to go. Buyers only on the other will help you reach your sales goals.

3. Prime Source. The third secret is to get your lists from the prime source. That is the one who developed the list. This will be a list directly from the source of the list.

4. A Large List.  Many lists are too small to help you get rich if that is what you want. A list of only 100 names would much too small to help you build your customer list. You need a list that grows by thousands every month. Most lists cannot live up to that standard. However, a large list can help you reach your goals.

5. Have Spent Money.  This ties in with the buyers only list. A list of people who have spent an average of $100 is better than a list that has spent only $25. If you have a high ticket item to sell, you need to have a list of those who have spent an equal or greater amount. If you are selling an item that costs $100, you need a list of those who have spent at least $100. If they have spent $200 that is even better.

6. Cleaned. It is good to have a list that has been cleaned. That means one where institutional addresses have been removed. It is important to eliminate deadbeats, tire kickers, and curiousity seekers also.

7. Updated. You want the list to be updated regularly. Duplicates and bad names are deleted monthly at least.

I believe I have discovered one of the few sources that delivers on all of the 7 secrets.  I am pleased with the responses I have received so far. This is a source you can trust. Of course there is no guarantee of specific results.

For more information or to order now see the contact information below.


Good for all opportunity and moneymaking offers.                                                                    Fatten your wallet With Our Exclusive In-House                                                                                    Mailing Lists.

Email, Telephone And Other Categories                                                                                                  Available!

Call (877) 225-5858 or Visit

Write to: TJT Marketing Associates

P. O. Box 55685 * Dept. 14247

Valencia, CA 91385

Do not waste your time and money on old, overworked, unresponsive mailing lists. Now you can tke advantage of our own in-house names. Save time and money now.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

How to Grow Your Own Money

Is it possible to grow your own money? The answer may surprise you.

Can You Really Grow Your Own Money?

Yes the Bible says that God gives you a way to grow your own money. Ps 66:12-14 ..12 …”we went through fire and through water; but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place. 13  I will go into thy house with burnt offerings: I will pay thee my vows, which my lips have uttered, and my mouth hath spoken, when I was in trouble.” (KJV)


So they went through fire and water (trouble) and God brought them out to a wealthy place. Why did God bring them to a wealthy place? Because He had no choice.  He made a covenant with Abraham that forever fixed what God would do.

Prosperity for God’s children shows the continuance of the Abrahamic covenant with you and me. This not just for ancient Jews, but  applies to Christians now. This is truly amazing. This is a very important passage that will change your finances if you follow through with your part.

God wants to bless you financially and in other ways too.  One thing that Abraham did was to give 10% of his income to the Lord. This opened the way for Abraham to be blessed. This will open the way for you and me too.

7 Ways to Grow Your own Money

1. Realize that God gives you the power to get wealth. This is stated in Deut. 8:18 “But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today.”  God created us. He gave us certain abilities that enable us to get wealth. Everyone has something that they can share with others to make money. We help each other in life.

For example, I am definitely not an automobile mechanic.  But I can write well enough to be interesting and informative. I have made some money through my writing. But as a mechanic I would be a complete failure.

I also work at Walmart in maintenance. That involves cleaning restrooms , empying trash, and sweeping floors, and cleaning up spills. I don’t have any special talent in those areas, but I am good enough that Walmart pays me every two weeks.

2. Realize that you are part of the Abrahamic covenant. This is for all Christians today. Look at the verse above. It mentions the covenant with the forefathers and that it applies to us today.  God has promised this blessing. He does not and cannot break his promises.

3. Give to God in thanks for what he has done for you. Give 10% of all your income.  This opens the door to supernatural increase.

I read somewhere that we get more of what we give thanks for. So I did a little experiment. I walked through a large retail department store. I walked for 20 minutes counting how many people were wearing red. It could have been any color. I saw 6 people wearing red in that time.  Then I repeated the experiment but giving thanks for people wearing red.  I saw 9 people wearing the color red. I repeated the whole experiment and got the same results. So I saw 50% more people after giving thanks than I did before giving thanks. Giving thanks pays. Gratitude is definitely a good attitude to have.

4. Praise the Lord. Praise God for all the things he has done for you.  He gave his only son so that you could be saved. He gives you food to eat. I hope you are giving thanks for that. He gives you a roof over your head. He blesses you in countless ways. God is an awesome Provider.  God loves you so much. God helps you through life if you ask him to help you.

5. Respect the Lord. Respect for God means to regard with honor, have a high opinion of, place great value on, have reverance for, and submit to the authority or judgement of God. Many people do not have respect for God today.  Even many Christians do not have respect for God.  To have more peace and joy and blessings we need to have respect for God.

6. Delight in God’s commandments. God does not command us to give, but he does want us to give generously to the church. He does command us to love Him with all our heart and mind and soul. There is a verse that says …delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. The idea is that if we put God first we can get what we want and ask for.

7. Receive God’s increase in your finances. Receive God’s increase in your health. Receive God’s increase in your protection from Satan and from bad things happening to you.

Sometimes God gives us things and we do not take them and accept them. I have done this before. I once found a large amount of money on the floor.  I was conflicted. Do I accept it or not? I did not accept it.  Later I realized that money was meant for me.  It was the exact amount I had prayed for a few days earlier. I found what I asked for but I did not receive the money. I did not accept it.

The same thing can happen with our health.  We may feel better and take it for granted. We may not realize it was a gift of God meant for us.

We need to be careful about not noticing when things are going well. God protects us fron Satan’s mayhem, when we give or grow our money tree. When trouble comes in bunches it may be Satan at work.

To find out more about growing your money go to Jay Snell’s website. He has more information about money and health and healing. This is one of my favorite websites. Jay taught me that blessings promised to Abraham also apply to Christians today.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I will happy to answer. Thanks.

Work Home Stuffing Envelopes


So I will show you 10 simple steps to work home stuffing envelopes.  Many of the methods here I learned from Dan Kennedy and other authorities.


1. First you will CAREFULLY choose a mail order program that offers a dealership. This is twist #1. Be sure that your commission can be $80 to $100 or more.

Most stuffing envelopes programs make you pay for the envelopes, printing and postage. If you are going to pay for those three things anyway, you should choose a slightly different kind of program, You want one that pays a high commission like I mentioned before.



2. Next BUY the program with the dealership. It should offer at least 50% commission. It could be as high as 70% and more.

Now you are qualified to sell the program you bought. Make sure it is of good quality. That is good quality of printing and the literature etc. No faintly copied programs will do for your purposes. You want to make money right?


3. The mailing list is the most important part of the equation for making money. I have tried a few different mailing lists in my time observing and trying mail order programs. .

A good list is composed of buyers only. They have all bought a program similar to what you are selling. This is another important Twist. That is the second twist. Don’t let someone you don’t know choose the list for you. I will help you chose from a few different good sources. I have used all of these and I recommend them.

TJT Marketing Associates, P. O. Box 55685, Valencia, CA 91385 Toll free (877) 225-5858


Cash Flow Products, P. O. Box 18189, Fairfield, OH 45018 Tel: (513) 593-4126

I have made money with this list also.

Greald Peters, P. O. Box 8147, Huntsville, TX 77340 No phone orders accepted. Questions call 936-661-7786

He has a Gol;d List that is $99 for 300 leads. The quality is there.


4. Choose a high quality printer. Do not do it yourself. TWIST #3 is very important.. However, you are not going to print 1,000 copies like I did for one program. That ties up too much money in printing.. I paid for 1,000 small booklets. I had no chance of selling all of hem the way I was promoting. SAVE YOUR MONEY for only the bare necessities. You only need enough to TEST your product, your offer, and the mailing list. That couild be as few as 100. Right now I am going to test a mailing by mailing only 100 envelopes.

I am having 100 photocopies (TWIST #4) made for each of several pages (6 or 7) right now. This cuts my costs way down from trying to print 500 copies for each of 7 different pages.. My costs are slashed to about 20%to $0 of what they would be doing 3,500 pages of printing. Using mail order printers can save you about 50% on your costs. I am using a local printer.

You want to get as much value as you can in each envelope for under one ounce. Postage costs the same whether you have one sheet or four sheets in each envelope. So fill it up if you can afford the copying cost.

Copy back to back on colored paper.


5. Test 100 to 200 envelopes to start with. Do NOT do any mass mailings. Some programs want you to mail a minimum of 1000 to 3,000. Do NOT do this. It could lead to disaster. That is why you want to test small at first.

Testing is one of the secrets to great success in mailing and stuffing envelopes. Test everything. Then test some more. You can drop the things that don’t work. You can do more of the things that DO work. That way you are getting better and better.

Everything is just an experiment.



6. It is important to add something that nobody else has who is mailing the same thing. You cam write your own like I do. You can also find reports on the internet that you can inexpensively get to give to your readers..

You do this in order to give people a reason to buy from you rather than the other guy or gal.



7. Adding a personal note makes you feel like a real person and not a robot or a fictional person. Tell a little about yourself like your name and occupation. You can also say why what you are offering is of benefit to the reader. It will help them make money or whatever.



8. You should hand address your envelopes if this is your first mailing. After you have made a sale to the customer ,you can use mailing labels. But the first time you are looking for the letter from grandma look.



9. It is a good idea to use first class stamps. You are going for the letter from grandma look. Besides bulk rate mail does not always get delivered even. It is often slower even if it does get delivered.



10. You need to fold your letters or flyers in thirds. That way they fit well into a business size envelope. Remember to put the first class stamps onto your envelopes. You can use little address labels for your return address.



Now it is time to put your letters in the mail This is the time you have been waiting for. You will have to wait a few days to get your responses. It could thirty days before you receive all of the orders.

This is the fun part. Opening the envelopes to pull out cash, checks, and money orders. It is like Christmas every day. Wow!

It is time to get the reward for all uour hard work. It is not that hard. It is not physical labor like a migrant worker does in the fields.


Good luck to you. Enjoy the adventure and make money working at home stuffing envekopes.


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Quest for Mail Order Success With WTM

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This is my quest to find legitimate mail order business opportunities.

I am going to tell you about my adventures in mail order with WTM Publication’s postcards. I ordered the program on Friday July 13.  I received the package of materials on Saturday July 21. That is a very prompt response. It made me feel good about doing business with them.

I thought about it many times but never did anything about it until now. I may have seen the postcard for the “Profit Max Formula” 5 times in the last five years. This shows that not everyone will respond the first time they see a certain postcard. Keep that in mind.

Why Did I Choose WTM?

I chose WTM because they have very good-looking postcards. These attract attention. Attracting attention leads to attracting sales.

Why Did I Choose the Profit Max Formula?

I chose the Profit Max Formula because I believe it has the potential to make the most money. You receive $500 for every sale. This makes the profit potential very high. At a 1% response rate, you could bring in $2500 for every 500 postcards mailed. This is not guaranteed of course.


A Simple Plan

You can do this. Anyone can mail postcards. Postcards also have a high response rate because there is no envelope to open. The person receiving the card can read it immediately. They can decide to read further very easlily.

7 Mistakes to Avoid With Mail Order Programs

1. The worst mistake you can make is to not do anything with it. I have done this myself several times. If you don’t try you will never know what could happen. Don’t live with regrets.

One way to reduce the chances of not doing anything is to set a clear, specific goal. Make sure it has a deadline. You could say I will work one hour a day mailing postcards so I can make $1,000 a month by August 1, 2019.. You might say that is not very much, but if you do it every month for 20 years, you could put $240,000 in your pocket.

Also I forgot to say that you should write down your goal. Put it where you can see it every day. This will be a reminder of your goal and will help keep you moving toward it.

2. Starting but stopping too soon. This is another mistake I have made. In the 1970s I had a very good business going with classified ads. But for some reason I don.t know I stopped. It was one of the worst mistakes of my life. I believe it cost me at least $50,000 over the next 10 years. It could have been much more. It could have cost me $100,000 or more.

So my advice is don’t stop when you are on the verge of major success.

3. This mistake can be very costly also. Give yourself at least one full year. Not giving yourself time means you can;t benefit from your experience and knowledge you have gained. Even if you make a mistake you will gain some valuable knowledge from that experience. You know something you did not know before. You are smarter than you thought.

So set your deadline for your goal at one year from your start.

4. Another mistake is to forget the numbers.  Your costs will go down the longer you mail. At first you should go slow. Start with only 500. But later after you have more experience and success you can print in larger quantities and your printing costs will go down. Also there is the fact that you only pay the intial costs once. You do not have to pay every month.

So remember as your experience goes up your costs will go down. These are two very good trends. They will help you succeed.

5. The fifth mistake is to go too fast and try to get rich quick. You need to test carefully in the begining. You need to test your mailing list. Your reponses could vary a lot from list to list. So test carefyully until you find the golden list. The one that makes good money for you. Don’t mail 2000 postcards to start. Mail only 500. But don’t stop until you strike gold.

6. The sixth mistake is to order any  old list.  You need to start with a hot line list. That is a list of recent buyers of a program similar to yours. It this list does not work for you, then the rest of ther list will not work either.

So start with the very best list you can find–a recent buyers list.

7. The last mistake is to not look for ways to increase your response rate. This program for example has a stamp program that could be mailied with it. It would have to go into an envelope of course. But combining the two programs could  increase response to the original postcard.. It is something worth trying.

I plan to update this report every month. So please check back to see what is new with me and this program.

Please comment or ask questions. I will answer as soon as I can.

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I hope this post was helpful to you. If so, please  let me know. Thanks.

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