Buy Direct Mail List

Here are 7 things to look for if you want to buy a direct mail list.

A good list is pure gold

1. A Responsive List.  The most important thing to find is a responsive mailing list. That is a list of people who have responded to a mailing of something similar to what you are offering. If you are offering a weght loss solution, you want a list of people who have actually bought other weght loss products. You do not want a compiled list from a telephone book for example. That would way too generic.

2. Buyers Only. This is similar to the secret above. You want a list of BUYERS ONLY. Some lists have only a few buyers or even none at all. This list will NOT help you get where you want to go. Buyers only on the other will help you reach your sales goals.

3. Prime Source. The third secret is to get your lists from the prime source. That is the one who developed the list. This will be a list directly from the source of the list.

4. A Large List.  Many lists are too small to help you get rich if that is what you want. A list of only 100 names would much too small to help you build your customer list. You need a list that grows by thousands every month. Most lists cannot live up to that standard. However, a large list can help you reach your goals.

5. Have Spent Money.  This ties in with the buyers only list. A list of people who have spent an average of $100 is better than a list that has spent only $25. If you have a high ticket item to sell, you need to have a list of those who have spent an equal or greater amount. If you are selling an item that costs $100, you need a list of those who have spent at least $100. If they have spent $200 that is even better.

6. Cleaned. It is good to have a list that has been cleaned. That means one where institutional addresses have been removed. It is important to eliminate deadbeats, tire kickers, and curiousity seekers also.

7. Updated. You want the list to be updated regularly. Duplicates and bad names are deleted monthly at least.

I believe I have discovered one of the few sources that delivers on all of the 7 secrets.  I am pleased with the responses I have received so far. This is a source you can trust. Of course there is no guarantee of specific results.

For more information or to order now see the contact information below.


Good for all opportunity and moneymaking offers.                                                                    Fatten your wallet With Our Exclusive In-House                                                                                    Mailing Lists.

Email, Telephone And Other Categories                                                                                                  Available!

Call (877) 225-5858 or Visit

Write to: TJT Marketing Associates

P. O. Box 55685 * Dept. 14247

Valencia, CA 91385

Do not waste your time and money on old, overworked, unresponsive mailing lists. Now you can tke advantage of our own in-house names. Save time and money now.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

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Work Home Stuffing Envelopes


So I will show you 10 simple steps to work home stuffing envelopes.  Many of the methods here I learned from Dan Kennedy and other authorities.


1. First you will CAREFULLY choose a mail order program that offers a dealership. This is twist #1. Be sure that your commission can be $80 to $100 or more.

Most stuffing envelopes programs make you pay for the envelopes, printing and postage. If you are going to pay for those three things anyway, you should choose a slightly different kind of program, You want one that pays a high commission like I mentioned before.



2. Next BUY the program with the dealership. It should offer at least 50% commission. It could be as high as 70% and more.

Now you are qualified to sell the program you bought. Make sure it is of good quality. That is good quality of printing and the literature etc. No faintly copied programs will do for your purposes. You want to make money right?


3. The mailing list is the most important part of the equation for making money. I have tried a few different mailing lists in my time observing and trying mail order programs. .

A good list is composed of buyers only. They have all bought a program similar to what you are selling. This is another important Twist. That is the second twist. Don’t let someone you don’t know choose the list for you. I will help you chose from a few different good sources. I have used all of these and I recommend them.

TJT Marketing Associates, P. O. Box 55685, Valencia, CA 91385 Toll free (877) 225-5858


Cash Flow Products, P. O. Box 18189, Fairfield, OH 45018 Tel: (513) 593-4126

I have made money with this list also.

Greald Peters, P. O. Box 8147, Huntsville, TX 77340 No phone orders accepted. Questions call 936-661-7786

He has a Gol;d List that is $99 for 300 leads. The quality is there.


4. Choose a high quality printer. Do not do it yourself. TWIST #3 is very important.. However, you are not going to print 1,000 copies like I did for one program. That ties up too much money in printing.. I paid for 1,000 small booklets. I had no chance of selling all of hem the way I was promoting. SAVE YOUR MONEY for only the bare necessities. You only need enough to TEST your product, your offer, and the mailing list. That couild be as few as 100. Right now I am going to test a mailing by mailing only 100 envelopes.

I am having 100 photocopies (TWIST #4) made for each of several pages (6 or 7) right now. This cuts my costs way down from trying to print 500 copies for each of 7 different pages.. My costs are slashed to about 20%to $0 of what they would be doing 3,500 pages of printing. Using mail order printers can save you about 50% on your costs. I am using a local printer.

You want to get as much value as you can in each envelope for under one ounce. Postage costs the same whether you have one sheet or four sheets in each envelope. So fill it up if you can afford the copying cost.

Copy back to back on colored paper.


5. Test 100 to 200 envelopes to start with. Do NOT do any mass mailings. Some programs want you to mail a minimum of 1000 to 3,000. Do NOT do this. It could lead to disaster. That is why you want to test small at first.

Testing is one of the secrets to great success in mailing and stuffing envelopes. Test everything. Then test some more. You can drop the things that don’t work. You can do more of the things that DO work. That way you are getting better and better.

Everything is just an experiment.



6. It is important to add something that nobody else has who is mailing the same thing. You cam write your own like I do. You can also find reports on the internet that you can inexpensively get to give to your readers..

You do this in order to give people a reason to buy from you rather than the other guy or gal.



7. Adding a personal note makes you feel like a real person and not a robot or a fictional person. Tell a little about yourself like your name and occupation. You can also say why what you are offering is of benefit to the reader. It will help them make money or whatever.



8. You should hand address your envelopes if this is your first mailing. After you have made a sale to the customer ,you can use mailing labels. But the first time you are looking for the letter from grandma look.



9. It is a good idea to use first class stamps. You are going for the letter from grandma look. Besides bulk rate mail does not always get delivered even. It is often slower even if it does get delivered.



10. You need to fold your letters or flyers in thirds. That way they fit well into a business size envelope. Remember to put the first class stamps onto your envelopes. You can use little address labels for your return address.



Now it is time to put your letters in the mail This is the time you have been waiting for. You will have to wait a few days to get your responses. It could thirty days before you receive all of the orders.

This is the fun part. Opening the envelopes to pull out cash, checks, and money orders. It is like Christmas every day. Wow!

It is time to get the reward for all uour hard work. It is not that hard. It is not physical labor like a migrant worker does in the fields.


Good luck to you. Enjoy the adventure and make money working at home stuffing envekopes.


If you liked this post please let others know on social media. Thanks again.

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Quest for Mail Order Success With WTM

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This is my quest to find legitimate mail order business opportunities.

I am going to tell you about my adventures in mail order with WTM Publication’s postcards. I ordered the program on Friday July 13.  I received the package of materials on Saturday July 21. That is a very prompt response. It made me feel good about doing business with them.

I thought about it many times but never did anything about it until now. I may have seen the postcard for the “Profit Max Formula” 5 times in the last five years. This shows that not everyone will respond the first time they see a certain postcard. Keep that in mind.

Why Did I Choose WTM?

I chose WTM because they have very good-looking postcards. These attract attention. Attracting attention leads to attracting sales.

Why Did I Choose the Profit Max Formula?

I chose the Profit Max Formula because I believe it has the potential to make the most money. You receive $500 for every sale. This makes the profit potential very high. At a 1% response rate, you could bring in $2500 for every 500 postcards mailed. This is not guaranteed of course.


A Simple Plan

You can do this. Anyone can mail postcards. Postcards also have a high response rate because there is no envelope to open. The person receiving the card can read it immediately. They can decide to read further very easlily.

7 Mistakes to Avoid With Mail Order Programs

1. The worst mistake you can make is to not do anything with it. I have done this myself several times. If you don’t try you will never know what could happen. Don’t live with regrets.

One way to reduce the chances of not doing anything is to set a clear, specific goal. Make sure it has a deadline. You could say I will work one hour a day mailing postcards so I can make $1,000 a month by August 1, 2019.. You might say that is not very much, but if you do it every month for 20 years, you could put $240,000 in your pocket.

Also I forgot to say that you should write down your goal. Put it where you can see it every day. This will be a reminder of your goal and will help keep you moving toward it.

2. Starting but stopping too soon. This is another mistake I have made. In the 1970s I had a very good business going with classified ads. But for some reason I don.t know I stopped. It was one of the worst mistakes of my life. I believe it cost me at least $50,000 over the next 10 years. It could have been much more. It could have cost me $100,000 or more.

So my advice is don’t stop when you are on the verge of major success.

3. This mistake can be very costly also. Give yourself at least one full year. Not giving yourself time means you can;t benefit from your experience and knowledge you have gained. Even if you make a mistake you will gain some valuable knowledge from that experience. You know something you did not know before. You are smarter than you thought.

So set your deadline for your goal at one year from your start.

4. Another mistake is to forget the numbers.  Your costs will go down the longer you mail. At first you should go slow. Start with only 500. But later after you have more experience and success you can print in larger quantities and your printing costs will go down. Also there is the fact that you only pay the intial costs once. You do not have to pay every month.

So remember as your experience goes up your costs will go down. These are two very good trends. They will help you succeed.

5. The fifth mistake is to go too fast and try to get rich quick. You need to test carefully in the begining. You need to test your mailing list. Your reponses could vary a lot from list to list. So test carefyully until you find the golden list. The one that makes good money for you. Don’t mail 2000 postcards to start. Mail only 500. But don’t stop until you strike gold.

6. The sixth mistake is to order any  old list.  You need to start with a hot line list. That is a list of recent buyers of a program similar to yours. It this list does not work for you, then the rest of ther list will not work either.

So start with the very best list you can find–a recent buyers list.

7. The last mistake is to not look for ways to increase your response rate. This program for example has a stamp program that could be mailied with it. It would have to go into an envelope of course. But combining the two programs could  increase response to the original postcard.. It is something worth trying.

I plan to update this report every month. So please check back to see what is new with me and this program.

Please comment or ask questions. I will answer as soon as I can.

Please use the social media buttons to share this post with others. Thanks.

I hope this post was helpful to you. If so, please  let me know. Thanks.

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Internet Marketing Affiliate Program


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Continue reading “Internet Marketing Affiliate Program”

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Keyword Research Analysis Tools


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Keyword research is very important for getting more traffic to your website. One of the best tools for this is jaaxy. No it is the best for sure.

What is jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a powerful keyword reasearch tool. It is more complete and more efficient than any other out there. At the end of this post I will give you a chance to try it for free. Sounds good right?

Type in a keyword

Type in a keyword that you or others might use to make a search. This could be anything that you are interested in.

Next  click on “search”.

Average monthly searches

This is the number in the first column. This number should be as high as possible. That is as high as possible without much competition. More on that in a few minutes.


This number is to the right of the number above. This is the number you can expect if you on the top of the first page.

QSR competition number

Next is the competition number. This number should be less than 300. If it is more the competition is too high for this keyword.


Next is the keyword quotiient indicator. This tells you whether your keyword is great, normal, or poor. Green is great, yellow is normal and poor is red.


Tthis is a number from 1 to 100. The higher the number the better. You will know you have struck gold if the number is in the high 80’s or in the 90’s or 100.

Try other keywords

Try a few other keywords. Since this is a numbers game, the more keywords you try the better your chance of getting a real goldmine. That is a keyword with high traffic but with low competion. Of course the SEO number will be high also.

List or Save Keywords

Now you are ready to list and/or save your keywords that are the best according to their traffic and competition. Save them now so you don’t have trouble remembering them later.

Try More Keywords

Rremember the more keywords you try rhe more “gold” you will find. So keep on going.

Choose 3 Favorites

Choose 3 favorites from your lists. These will be your “prime” keywords. These are the ones you will likely use in your post when you write them.

Write a Post

Now you can write a post and put one of your favorite keywords into your title. Write it so it makes sense and flows naturally.

Also use one or two of your keywords in the first paragraph.

Now put your favorite keywords into the last paragraph as part of a summary or conclusion.

Are You Ready to Try it?

Here is your chance to try jaaxy for yourself.




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Blog Writing For Money

You can blog your way to an author platform before your book is done. I found an article in Writer’s Digest called “Alpha-Blog Soup”  It tells why you should consider blogging if you want to write a book. The advantage of blogging is that you will alredady have readership before you finish your book.  This is HUGE.  Agents and publishers love when you have a readership already. Blogging is for non-fiction and fiction writers.

ABCs of Blogging

First you need a solid base to start.  Most newbies (that included me) put out lots of content without thinking about their audience or their brand. This causes them to spin their wheels.

First You Need Your Audience

You want to create blog psts now. But if you don’t know who your audience is you will be wasting your time.  You need to know exactly who you are writing for.


First thing you nedd to do is to find a competitive title to the one you want to wrtite. This should be aimed at the same people you want to write for. Often people pick too big and general an audience like all Harry Potter fans or “women 18-74”. Instead ask yourself why the people you are targeting would be interested in reading your blog.. Ask yourself  what themes come across in my writing? What emotions do oes my writing bring out. What reasons would your audience want to read my writing? Figuring out why will help you understand who you are writing for.


You can now check the reviews of the “comp” title you have chosen. Pick one and look it up on Amazon or Goodreads.

Read the reviews of the title you have chosen.  Pick the 3 and 4 star reviews. 5 star reviews are too glowing.  1 and 2 star reviews have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. The ones in the middle will help you figure out who  your audience is  Pick a few reviews and look at them closely like you were in a lit class in college. Look for phrases that catch youe attention.


Click on the reviwers name and it will take you to their profile.  There is a wealth of information there. You will find demographic and psychographic information that will be a gold mine of insights. Look at their biography.  How do they talk about themselves as a reader, reviwer and as a person? What kinds of words and phrases do they use to describe themselves and the type of books they love? You may have to read between the lines a little to see what is there.



Look at other books reviewed by the same reviewer. That will lead you to other similar books. If the reviewer is a dead end you can go back to the original title . Look for the “cusomers who bought this also bought” phrase. This will lead you to other titles. You can follow up with the same type of research you have just. done. Continue collecting information about people who love books similar to yours .


It is easy to get sucked into the reasearch. You will know it it is time to stop when the same answers keep coming up. The magic number is probably seven or less.   So don’t keep going endlessly.

I am going to stop here and coninue with branding and content and developing your following in another post.

This is the best information I have seen on how to determine your audience. It is a bit of a process but it will save time in the end. You won’t be writing a bunch of unrelated posts.

Please comment on this post if you have a question or a comment. I will answer as soon as possible.



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How to Write A Persuasive Letter

Some basic information can help you write a sales letter that makes money. You need a sales letter to follow up on your classified ads. You can use this information to write a good email also. Most of the princples are the same.

I have written at least four sales letters. They all made money.  I wrote down the contents of many successful letters to help get the the right ingredients into my brain.  This is good training for learning how to write successful sales letters.

We will cover the importance of headlines, and where to find headline models, The first parapraph is an important lead in to  the meat of your sales letter.  Sub headlines are also important to make your letter easy to read. You need a list of all the benefits of what you are offering. The difference between a benefit and a feature is significannt .


Headlines Attract Attention

Headlines attract the readers attention.  You only have less than 10 seconds to attract attention. If you don’t do it right away the reader will move on to something else. There is nothing more important than the headline.


Make a Big Promise

One way to get attention is to make a BIG PROMISE. Make money could be one type of promise. Lose weight could be another type of promise. Peolpe are always looking for ways to to do these two things. There are many other promises too.

Make a Specific Promise

A specific money making promise is “Make $2000 a month in 5 hours a week” Or on losing weight you could say “lose 10 pounds in the first 10 days”.

Tell a Story

Tell a story about how the great benefits came about. What did you do and what were the results?  I have only tried this one time, but the results were very good. People love to hear  stories from the time they are children. they remember stories better than a list of statistics for example.

One example of story telling was done for a letter about the Wall Street Journal. The story was about two men with similar backgrounds. One read the Wall Street Journal and the other did not read it. The one who read the Journal was much more successful than the one who did not read it. It was a very dramatic contrast.


Lead with Benefits Not Features

A benefit is something that the product or service will help you do. A feature is the number of pages in a book for example.A benefit could be making money or losing weight like I mentioned before. You should list all of the benefits of using your product or service. You could have dozen or more of them.


Prioritize your list of benefits

After lising all the benefits you can think of for your product, you need to list them in order of importance. The most important benefit should come first. The next most imporrtant should be second etc. Keep going down the list.


The AIDA formula

The AIDA formula is a very important part of writing a successful money-making sales letter. A stands for attention.. I stands for interest. D represents DESIRE.. And the second A stands fior ACTION.

So first get attention with an eyecatching headline. Then grab interest with a strong first sentence or paragraph. The next phase is to build desire with a powerful list of benefits. Last but not least is to ask for action. Have them fill out an order form or make a telephone call or do something.  Tell exactly what you would like the reader to do.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

You need to have a strong guarantee of satisfaction or money back.  This takes all the pressure off the buyer.  They know they will not be disappointed with their purchase or they will get their money back.


Call to Action

Here is where you ask for the order. Tell the reader exactly what you want them to do.  Be clear and precise. Fill out the order form below or call the following number etc.


The P. S. is always read

It is a good idea to have a P. S. or post script in every letter because people always read the P. S.  Here is where you can add a bonus and explain the offer in some detail.


Order form

One great copywriter Ted Nicholas told me to start writing with the order form because it should summarize the whole offer. It should tell exactly what the buyer will get and how much it will cost. It is a good idea to always add a bonus or two  to your offer.

Read and Study Successful Ads

Read and study successful ads to help internalize the elements of successful ads. You can find books with successful ads in them on amazon for example. Practice writing these out by hand.  This will help you to remember exactly what to do when you go to write your own ad.

Here You Have the Basics of Writing a Money-making Sales Letter.

Dan Kennedy says that you can a good sales letter from the information in a post like this or from his book The Ultimate Sales Letter. It does not have to be perfect to do the job. Good luck in your writing. You can build it piece by piece.


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Jaaxy Pricing


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I am in the process of learning more about Jaaxy and it’s pricing.  It is a keyword search tool.  Keywords are words that people use to search the internet for answers to their questions or problems. Keywords help you to do niche research also.

I just upgraded to the Pro level so I can get more from this world’s best keyworld tool.  I went for the yearly plan rather than monthly because it is cheaper that way I saved $29 that way too. There is nothing wrong with that.

By the way I have a special account that allows me to pay for a new computer or to add services that I need for this blog.  I did not even know I would need it when I started it. I just like to always have money. It allows me the freedom to do what I need to do.

Is there a free trial for Jaaxy?

Yes.  Any one can try out Jaaxy for free.  Just search for Jaaxy and it will pop up. You can try it as long as you want.

After you have tried it a while you may want to upgrade so you can do more searches.  You can also find things like your site rank.  This is one thing that attracted me to the Pro version. It will search for the first 10 pages in Google instead of just 1 page for your site rank for each keyword you enter.

The cost is only $19 per month or $199 per year for the Pro version . Pro is what most new websites use..

The Enterprise version is $49 per month.  It is also available for a year at $498

I just noticed that the pricing of Jaaxy is in a state of flux.  It is changing quickly.  I believe they are testing different prices to see what works the best, that is that makes the most money. The most recent price I have seen is $16.58  monthly for Pro and $41.58 for Enterprise.

So there is good news. The price went down in the last day or two. The bad news is that it could change again and maybe go up again. If you see a price you like take it and do not wait.  The old price may not come back. Or it could come back. We don’t know.

The new Jaaxy just started near the beginning of 2018 I believe. I did not use my computer for a couple of weeks at the end of February and the begining of March. I had issues with the old one.

Both paid versions allow an unlimited number of searches. The number of keywords in a search also goes up from the free trial version. The number of keyewords available in a search also goes up.

Allow yourself some time to try out Jaaxy.  Iam still learning about it. but I like what I see so far.

My conclusion is that Jaaxy is worth the money to upgrade, but you do not have to. If you cannot afford it right now Jaaxy lite will serve you well.

You can upgrade to Jaaxy Pro do so here.

Please tell others about this post. You can comment below. Thanks. I love to answer comments or questions.



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Free Budget Planner Worksheet

What do you do when there is a drastic change in your income?  What if a spouse loses his or her job. First you need  a budget worksheet.

1. Budgeting Worksheets.

Here is a sample budgeting worksheet.


Cell phones





Car Insurance

Life Insurance







Transportation: car payment

Liscence Plates





2. Start with the Old Budget

If you had a budget before you can start with that.  Fill in the amounts you have been spending in each category. This is your starting point. If you have been spending $100 a week for groceries,  you can adjust that downward as neceassary.  If this is difficult start with a small 10% cut across the board.  This is a peocess. It probably won’t be done overnight.

3. Modify the Old to Create a New Budget

Like I mentioned above you can reduce everything by 10% to make the process simpler.  If you feel that is too much in some cases you can modify that to 5%.  Other categories many need to be reduced even more for example 15% or even 20%.

One thing I did recently was to estimate the total decrease in “take home” income from loss of a job.  The difference was estimated to be  $8 an hour.  I then multiplied that by 40 hours to get a $320 goss change in income for each week.  This helped me to develop a target for new total gross income. I estimated the total change to be 35%. In other words if total take home income was $1000 a week the new total is estmated to be $650.



4. Establish Your New Budget

Now you can establish your new buget by reducing each category by the percentage you esablished you need. Go down through all the categories and multiply by 65%.  (Since 65% is 100% – 35%.)  You will actually muliply by 0.65 to get the number you are looking for. When you have done all that, the hard work is done.  Budgeting is fun for me since I like numbers. Now you are ready to try out your new budget.


5. Put Your New Budget to the Test

Now is the time to test out your new budget to make sure it works for you.  Each person will have different needs.  Do not be afraid to tweek your new budget a little more.  You need to be comfortable with your new spending plan.

How to Start From Scratch

If you have not been using a budget, then you will need to establish what your current spending pattern are by recording all your expenditures for a period of one month or 30 days. You can make this fun if you try.  There are likely to be some surprises, both good and bad.  Do not worry.  This process will help you gain control over your spending.


Modify Your Baseline budget

You can now modify your current spending patterns to put them in line with your newly required spending patterns. When you get to this point you have really accomplished something. Give yourself a pat on the back.  Give yourself a reward for the work you have done.  Rewards I find are a good motivator.   I think you will too.

I believe this exercise in budgeting will be helpful for many people.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I welcome them.

Please feel free to share your discovery of this article in social media or email below. Thank you for reading this.

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10 things that help you earn money with blogging

Here are 10 little things that help you earn money with blogging. These can make a real difference in your earnings.


1. Set up an affiliate account with Amazon.  This is one of most well-known and trusted sites you could work with.

2. Go to and set up your affiliate link for the product you choose. I have psts on each of the above steps.

3. Build traffic by good use of the keyword tool. See post on the keyword tool. Type in ” keyword tool” in the search box.

4. Build authority by writing about your own experience.  Write about what you know through experience or reasearch..

5. Write about what you love. This will you get you through the difficult times.

6. Blog frequently.  I need to publish twice as much as I am doing now. I have been publishing only once a week.  I published less than that during the holidays.

7. Help your readers solve a problem. That will make your blog useful.

8. Have a variety of subjects, lenghts and formats.

9. Capture the email address of your viewers so you can stay in touch with them. I need to work on this. I found an article on “25+ powerful WordPress themes designed to grow your email list”. Google this for more details. One is called Focus Pro which is very good and costs only $99.95. Another is JustLanded which allows you to test different landing pages conversion rates.

10. Get comments on your blog.  This shows engagement with your readers..

11. A good way to learn these things and a whole lot more is to join Wealthy Affiliate


I hope you found this interesting and helpful. Please feel free to comment.  Please share this with others too on social media. Good luck !

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