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This is a review of a good book on how to make money as an Amazon affiliate. You can do this with a website dedicated to reviewing products that are sold on This is based on information from someone with experience. The author makes $20 to $40 a day from one small Amazon website. This could be the opportunity you are looking for.

Title: How I Make $20 to $40 a Day From One Amazon Niche Website: A Step by Step Guide to Running A Successful Amazon Associates Program

Author: A. B. Lawal


Publisher: A. B. Lawal

No. of pages: 95

Dimensions: 9 in. X 6in.
Who is this for? This is for someone who wants to succeed in affiliate marketing faster than the average blogger does.

Introduction: The author says that all you need is one small niche website to make money online. He shows you how he did it with his first website.

Table of Contents Highlights:

Amazon Affiliate Basic Requirements

Choosing Your Niche

Coosing the Right Product

Keyword Research

Using Jaaxy

Quality Keyword Rules

Researching the Competition

SEO Terms You Need to Know

How to Set Up Your Website

Choosing the Right Domain Name

How to Install WordPress

Customize Your Site

Install the Theme

Install Review Plugins

You Can Create Categories for Amazon Affiliate Products

Creating Your Amazon Affiliate Link

Create Menus

Create Static, Sticky, and Regular Formats

How to Write Blog Posts for SEO

How You Can Write Reviews Posts for Your Affiliate Products

Free Images and Videos

Embed UTube Videos

Create Links for Your Affiliate Products

Create Amazon Affiliate Tracking IDs

Use Direct Maketing Approach

Large Social Media Traffic

Get Quality Backlinks to Your Site

How Amazon Pays You Commissions

Samples of information:

In How to Choose Your Niche the author says you only need 10 long pages on 10 products. This is simpler and faster than keeping a blog up to date.

He also says it is not necessary to be passionate about your niche. But he does education himself deeply after discovering whether or not a niche will be profitable.

In How to Choose the Right Product he offers three rules.

1. Avoid seasonal products like Halloween costumes for example.

2. Stay away from low-priced products. The commissions are lower. You should look for products over $50.

3. Look for products with four stars or more and good reviews.


His advice makes sense. He is thourough in discussing all the important topics. The use of pictures helps to explain what he is talking about. They do not distract from the topic being discussed. i like that he puts important points in highlights or bold type. This makes it easy to read and to find the most important words or phrases.

He is very good at taking a step by step approach to his instructions. I like that he tells you what you need and…what you do not need. I find that helpful.

There are some typos and grammatical mistakes, but these are not common. On the whole it is easy to read.

One very valuable thing is that he has a website to answer questions and to help you if you need it. After you read the book you can get all the help you need. This is an outstanding service.

The author has excellent information. He explains new things very simply and clearly.


My final verdict is that this is a very useful well presented book. It is practical and clear. I give this five stars out of five.   

To get this book in your hands quickly go to amazon.

There is another good paperback book that is helpful and easy to read. It is “Amazon Associates Affiliate Program” by Ryan Stevens. Good luck in your affiliate marketing.

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9 thoughts on “Make Cash with Amazon Affiliate Program”

  1. This book sounds like a good start-up guide for people who are currently starting a new blog or that are just now starting to use affiliate resources. I think that the context of the book is pretty much self-explanatory which is great for those out there with little to no knowledge on how this business works. 

  2. Quite an interesting book to see the review here and to be honest, I am very well hopeful that this would spell good news for me. I have seen people making money through amazon and I have had countless stories of people making it. Hence, seeing that you shared this review about a guide as to making it seems quite interesting to me and I would like to try it out too. Thanks

    1. Thanks for your comment. This book made me feel more hopeful about making money with Amazon. I believe it is worth a try. Good luck.

  3. This one is definitely for me as I have been longing to start making a very sizable amount of money from affiliate marketing and with Amazon as the main focus I think with this book I am good to Go.

    Over the years I have bought books,ebooks and even online course on how to make a successful stream of income from just affiliate with Amazon as the target and I think my dreams would with this book as all the ones I have bought in the past were of no good but your review has show me that this is my solution.

  4. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. amazon affiliate program has always been the best affiliate program and the incentives that are offered to the affiliate marketers surpasses most other platforms. this is a well researched article

  5. Maybe this post came at the exact right time for me. I have worked on my websites for nearly a year and haven’t had sales. Amazon has kicked me out of their affiliate program twice, because of that reason. I am at the moment looking for other affiliate programs that are not so time limited as Amazon. Could you recommend any good affiliate platforms? 

    The book should also help me. It seems to have some good tips. Only 10 pages with posts? That is not much. I wonder how the author has done it. The price is pretty good, and I won’t mind some grammatical errors if they don’t happen a lot. As long as the book provides value, that’s what matters. 

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