Goals : Book Review–Importance of Writing Goals Down

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This is a book review of “Goals” by Zig Ziglar.

A Harvard study of graduates found that those who had clear and specfic goals written down (3%) were 10 times as successful financially than the (97%) who did not. This makes this book very important for any kind of success financial or otherwise.

Book Review

Title: Goals

Author: Zig Ziglar


Publisher: SoundWisdom

Pages: 170 


Zig Ziglar inflenced and taught over 250,000,000 people with his programs and books. He is a major figure in the areas of goal setting and sales training for example.

First he talks about four reasons people do not set goals. The first reason is fear. “The average 18 year old has been told “no” 148,000 times and “you can’t do that”.  The second reason is poor self-image. They cannot imagine graduating from college for example. The third reason is no buy-in. They don’t believe it is really important. The fourth reason is  they don’t know how to set goals.

This book has practical steps to take to help you set and reach your goals. It has many little stories to illustrate the main points. This book is inspirational and motivational. I loved this book.

Nine Steps

Next he tells us about 9 steps to powerful goal setting. Here is a very brief summary of the 9 steps:

1. Write it Down to Make it Happen

Write down what you want to be do or have.

2. Ask Yourself Why

Look at what you wrote and ask yourself why do you want to be do or have each item.

3. Reduce or eliminate

You probably want more than you have time for.  (You)” have to say no to the good so (you) can say yes to the best.”

4. Find Balance

Try to avoid putting too much emphasis on one or two areas of your life. There are seven areas to your life.–physical, mental, spiritual, social, career, financial,  or family.

5. Explore what  Will Reaching the Goal Do For You

There are seven basic questions you can ask yourself. Will reaching your goal make you happier, healthier, more prosperous, more secure, more friends, more peace of mind, improve family relationships?

6. Stretch Yourself

You need to have some goals that really make you stretch. Make yourself reach for something wonderful.

7. Check for Negativity

Unrealistic goals are actually negative rather than positive. They can lead to depression. For example,  a goal of making one million dollars in a year is unrealistic if you do not have $2,500 in savings now.

8. Five Questions to Ask

Ask yourself if this is really your goal or is it someone elses ?

Is this goal fair and morally right?  If you are taking advantage of someone it is not a good goal.

Every decision should be weighed on whether or not it is bringing you closer to your major objective.

Can I emtionally commit to this goal and see it through to the end.?

Can you see yourself reaching this goal?

9. Choose your top 4

To narrow down your goals to only 4, you need to take inventory of where you are.

Step two is to write down the goal.

What benefits will you get from reaching your goal?

What obstacles do you need to climb over to reach your goal? If you are on a diet you will have to change your eating habits.

What additional knowledge or skills do you need to reach your goal?


This is a really good book to help you set and reach your goals. It is practical, inspiring, and motivational. It will help you to set and reach your most important goals.  I used it myself and I am very satisfied so far. I highly recommend Zig Ziglar’s book Goals.

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