What is the Power of Positivity

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I bought a book called Move Ahead with Possibility Thinking by Robert Schuller. It tells us about What is the Power of Positivity.

In the book he tells us the results he got from using the power of positivity to get what he wanted. What he wanted was to build a new church but with both a drive-in and walk-in options.  It had never been done before.

I will give you a short summary of his struggles he had and the results he eventually got.

Schuller Wants to Build a Church

Robert Schuller wanted to build a church.  He tried at least 4 differnt options for places to hold their services.  They all had already been taken. So he looked at the option of using a drive-in theater on Sunday mornings. Several people told him it would not work. One man talked to Schuller for 2 hours telling him all the reasons it would not and could not work.

Negative Thinking Causes Discouragement

Robert was so discouraged after that. He began to doubt everything he was trying to do. This demonstrated the negative power of negative thinking.

Robert kept on moving ahead with the poroject dispite opposition from many people. Almost half the the small congregation he did finally developed opposed buying a 10 acre plot of land to build a new and unique church with both drive in and walk-in possibilities. It was perfect for some people with disabilities. They did not have to get out of ther car.

120 days to Success or Failure?

They needed $18,000 to put down to buy the 10 acres of land.  They used all their resources to come up with the money. But Schuller and his supporters only had $15,000 on the last day. It did not look like the dream was going to come true.  But at the last minute one of his original supportors who had incurable cancer said he could give $3,000 more. He gave Schuller the money.  Schuller then hurried to the bank.  The dream was to come true.

Dreams Do Come True

This is the message Sculler wants his readers to take to heart. His dream did come true in dramatic fashion. Yours can come true to if you use the power of positivity. Don’t give in to doubt, fear and worry but move ahead with positivity. It is the power that makes the difference.


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