Manifest Your Millions: A Lottery Winner Shares His … Secrets Review

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Your lottery winnings

Introduction: This is a book review of “MANIFEST YOUR MILLIONS!” by Eddie Coronado.

Title: Manifest Your Millions! A Lottery Winner Shares His Law of Attraction Secrets.

Author: Eddie Coronado


Pages: 107


You Need to Read This Book Because it is a Law of Attraction Book Written By a Lottery Winner.

This book has some unique perspectives on the Law of Attraction and the use of Creative Visualzation.


Chapter 1 The Author  explains what the Law of Attraction really is.

Chapter 2: He describes the Power of Affirmations to bring you prosperity.

Chapter 3: The author discusses Creative Visualization.

Chapter 4: More on the power of Creative Visualization 

Chapter 5:  The power of giving thanks and receiving

Chapter 6: Living in Balance is important

Chapter 7: Questions and Answered about the Law of Attraction

Chapter 8: Your Action Plan for Prosperity

These are magnets representing the law of attraction.

According to Coronado the law of attraction is a “spiritual technolgy” available to anyone. It is a force that is set in motion by human thoughts. It can help you to manifest your desires. It is a law because it is repeatable.

I like the way the author makes clear a subject that could be very confusing . It could really be confusing if you are new to the subject. His book is easy to read. It is not too long and not too short either.

The author has experience in using the law of attraction to win large amounts of money. He won $50,000 in his first win. Later he won $193,000. This shows that lightning can strike more than once. The law of attraction is repeatable.

The author is not giving you a system of numbers but a system of thoughts to help manifest your desires.

He talks about the importance of continuing with your good thoughts over time. It is not something to do once in a while, but to do on a continuous basis. 

What is Creative Visualization?  Creative Visualization is ” a process whereby the creative faculty of the mind is used to imagine having or doing something.”  For example, you could imagine yourself winning a large lottery. prize. Or you could imagine yourself with a new car, a great new girlfriend, getting a promoted at work, or taking a wonderful vacation. Imagine what you would see, feel or experience if you were living the experience in reality. The chapters on Creative Visualization show how to use your imagination to achieve any goal.

If you are a woman you could imagine an ideal marriage. Imagine what you would feel holding your husbands hand etc. Involve all your senses. Imagine everything in detail. This will help you to reach your goal faster than  you thought possible.

Visualiztion is a very powerful technique for reaching your goals. Think about what you want as though you already have it. This practice is recommended in the Bible.


I like this book. It is complete. It does not leave out anything important. It is easy to read. This is one of the best books I have ever read about the Law of Attraction  and winning the lottery. I have read several.

It has some unique information on Creative Visualzation. I also like that the author has an action plan at the end. It is fairly simple and doable.


Readability: A+

Length: A

Completeness: A

Uniqueness: A+

Helpfulness: A

Satisfactory: A

Experience of author: A-

Action Plan: A


This is a very good program for winning the lottery through the Law of Attraction.  It does not give you number patterns to look for. It is primarily focused on using the Law of Attraction for the purpose of winning large lottery jackpots. I give this an overall rating of A.

From my own list of favorites and bestsellers on the subject I want to mention These:

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 For information on this and other win the lottery books click here.

I do receive a small compensation when you purchase. However, I still recommend all the books I mentioned including any other books by Eddie Coronado. Thanks for your interest.

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