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This is where we will be talking about the jaaxy affiliate program. Joining jaaxy gives you access to the jaaxy affiliate program so you can make money with it.

What is Jaaxy?

jaaxy is a keyword redearch anaysis tool. It helps you to find new valuable keywords that you can use to build traffic on your website. Jaaxy is a more complete and more efficient tool than any other tool out there.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program pays you to  promote a product or service. For example if you do a review of jaaxy you could put in a code or link on your site that will give you credit for promoting jaaxy.  You could receive regular commissions for doing a valuable service for others.

How Can I Get  Started?

This post will help you try jaaxy for yourself. Then it will send you to the jaaxy site so you can sign up for. it.

Is Jaaxy Free to Get Started?

Yes. Jaaxy is absolutely FREE to get started.  You can try up to 30 searches for no cost. You can test it out without cost or obligation.

How Good is Jaaxy?

It is very good. It is the only research tool built by affiliate marketers and for affiliate marketers. You must join jaaxy in order to become an affiliate.  You must become an affiliate in order to make money with it. Jaaxy is one of the very best affiliate programs anywhere.

How Much Does Jaaxy Pay?

Your affiliate commission for a monthly member is $8. The average monthly member stays for 12 months.  So you can make about $100 for each member who joins as a result of your promotion.

How Much Does A Yearly Member Pay?

A yearly member pays $80. That is a lttle more than a 40% commission.. That is very good. One of the very best in the industry.

How Many Visitors Become Members?

Jaaxy has a very high conversion rate. It is close to 20%.  So if you get five visitors to your page one of them will make the sale for you.

How Much Could I Make?

If you got one monthly member per month you would make $100 per month. If you got 10 monthly members per month you would make $1000 per month.

With high traffic on your site you could make a full time living from being a Jaaxy affiliate alone. Wow! That is an exciting thought. Right?

One top marketer I know (Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate) makes about $9800 per month from Jaaxy alone.  This is one of the best internet marketing affiliate programs available.

10 Steps to Steady Income

1. Read this post

2. Go to the bottom and try Jaaxy

3. Sign up for free trial


4. Sign up for the affiliate program


5. Get Your Affiliate Link

6. Write A Post Promoting Jaaxy

7. Insert the Link

8. Keep Working on Your Website


9. Use Jaaxy to Find Great Keywords


10. Use Those Keywords to Boost Traffic and Make Money



Are You Ready to Try It?


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