Law of Attraction Money Magnet: Information You Can Use to Make Money

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One of the most exciting ways to make money is by the law of attraction. It is like magic.. Money simply appears where there was no money before. There are some laws of physics that help explain this but I won’t go into that here.

My plan is to do a series  of experiments, one every week.  Each week I will give the results of the experiment from the week before. I hope you find this as fascinating as I do.

Today I will review the experiment that I did that started my journey into the law of attraction. adventure.

How It All Started

I listened to an audio tape recorded by a multimillionare who said that he used the phrase:

 “everything is coming to me easily and effortlessly”. 

The Experiment

I changed the phrase a little. I said “money is coming to me easily and effortlessly”  i repeated the phrase over and over. I said it throughout the day.  I repeated the phrase at least 50 times.

The Jackpot

Then it happened. I stumbled upon a section of a patio that had coins scattered over a small area. It was the most change I ever saw in one place before.. It was $1.75 in nickles, dimes, quaters and about 25 pennies. Amazing!. 

I actually helped to make money come into my life just by thinking about it. I remember the title of a book I read once. It was called Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life.

Money Manifestation

So my little experiment demontrated that thoughts can be turned into money.  This is the important point. The amount of money manifested. is NOT important. YOUR THOUGHTS CAN CHANE YOUR LIFE . This is the most important point. This demonstrates the power of positive thinking for one thing.  It also demonstrated the power of repeating affirmations.

A New Experiment

The purpose of this experiment is to demonstrate the power of being very specific. I have tried this before but this is the first time I have done it LIVE. 

I will concentrate on manifesting dimes. I will repeat the phrase “dimes are coming to me easily amnd effortlessly”. over and over 50 times. 

My goal is to find at least 10 dimes in one week. I have never found 10 tdimes in one week before. This will be a first if I am successful. The deadline will be 2:00 pm EST next Friday July 13.

So I will be back with the results sometime on Friday afternoon.

My Background

I was a chemistry major at Earlham College in the late 60’s. I did many experiments fpor my classes. However, I was clumsy with my hands. I do not have much finger dexterity. This experiment suits my abilities and interests much better. I changed  my major to sociology and a minor to  psychology.  I also changed colleges. I am still interested in science and psychology. I love to experiment and to measure. I love my watch to be accurate to the second.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I will answer as soon as possible. I work full time and my shedule is irregular. So please give me a little time. Thanks for your comments.


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