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I recently received an exciting postcard in the mail.  It is from WTM Publications. It is about making money by mailing postcards. This is something that can be done from home.

Good Looking

The postcard is very eye-catching. It has a lot of color–red, yellow and black. It has a picture of a good loking woman on it. It is a large postcard so it stands out from the crowd.

Great Selling Power

It looks like it would convert to sales very well. It definitely got my interest. I have been intereted in making money by direct mail since 1975. I have made some money. This looks like it has the potential to make a lot of money. You can get  $500 from each sale the postcard makes.

WTM Does Pay

I did some checking online and found out that WTM does pay. A man named Dee J. had a You tube video. He showed a few of the money orders he had received with his name on them. This is proof that they do pay.

More Proof

I also found a website that promotes several different programs of WTM Publications.  It is the website.

I did not know they had so many different programs. They pay from $25, $50, $100 and up.. The cost to join most of them is lower than for the $500 per sale program. 

The $500 per Sale Program  costs $500 to the authorized dealer and $195 to WTM for processing and handling. So the total cost to join the program is $695. This is not cheap, but I believe it has the potential to earn a subtantial income. This is called the Profit-Max Formula. The headline is “Earn $500 per Sale Senr Directly To Your Mailbox.” 

My Secret to Higher Profits

The key to success in mail order is the mailing list. The BEST mailing list is YOUR OWN mailing list. 

What do you do if you don’t have a mailing list?

You can create your own list by making a simple offer for free informtion about the business opportunity. You can then mail that to the mailing list of your choice. Make sure it is a “buyers only” mailing list. Many cheap lists are worhless because they contain lots of lookesr and few or no buyers.  A looker is someone who sends for free information but never buys anything.

When you get responses to your free information offer, that name and address is part of your mailing list.  It is YOURS if someone responded to your offer. You can then mail the postcard to that name . You will get a better  response to the postcard since they already know you. They also just responded to your FREE OFFER. A recent response is better than an old one.

If you get just one extra response to your postcard it could mean the difference between profit and loss. A small profit is better than no profit at all. Once you have a small profit you can work at getting more and more profit. Persist until you reach your goal. 

Goals Help You Get There

Your first goal should be to get your first response to the WTM postcard. Then you can set higher goals after that. Make your goals reachable within 30 days.

In the beginning all you need are action goals. You do not need to set a lofty dollar goal. You can say “I will mail X number of letters or postcards to start my own mailing list” Mailing 30 per day is a doable goal for a part-time business..

I like to treat business like a game. Games have rules. The most important rule is to start with the best possible list. When you are winning the game you are MAKING MONEY. That is the FUN part.. 

I love the idea of making money by mail order. You can do it from home. 

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