Work at Home Jobs: Where to Find Paid Blogging Jobs

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I started thinking about work at home jobs. Then I focused on paid blogging jobs and where to find them. Here is a list of places to find paid blogging jobs.


This website is al about blogging. It is one of the best places to find blogging jobs. You can search by keyword or location.


This website has many jobs listed. You can search for “blogger” to find blogging jobs.. Other similar terms will work too.

This is another listing of jobs from around the internet, it is updated every day.


Craigslist lists jobs and not just physical objects . You can find many job openings here. You can pick any city you like.

Like most websites this one collects job poenings from around the internet. It makes it easy to find jobs in one place.


This website allows you to pick from contract work to freelance, full-time, and part-time. It also has temporary jobs listed.


This website allows you to write a post on it. This is callled a hub. Hubpages places ads around your hub that are related to it. You get a share of the ad revenue when someone buys a product or service from your post. Hubpages pays at $50 minimum and Google adsense pays when you reach a minimum of $100.


This is a really good online community for publishers.. No bad reviews were found by Forge Fortune. At squidoo what you write is called a lens. Ads are placed around your lens. with related products and services. You get a 50-50 share of the money. You get paid by Paypal.


With this website you have to showcase your skills in your profile in order to get hired. You can get paid quickly.


This website connects owners of blogs with writers of blogs. You must fil out an application form. You can earn money here and get great experience. Pay is $12 to $48 per post.


With this website you can write reviews for products and services.  If you like to write reveiews this is the one for you. You get paid in Eroyalties with the Income Share program. The minimum to get paid is $10 in the US. It is $100 in non-US countries.


I hope these websites help you to find the paid blog writing jobs you want. Please let me know if they help you or not.

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