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Keyword research is very important for getting more traffic to your website. One of the best tools for this is jaaxy. No it is the best for sure.

What is jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a powerful keyword reasearch tool. It is more complete and more efficient than any other out there. At the end of this post I will give you a chance to try it for free. Sounds good right?

Type in a keyword

Type in a keyword that you or others might use to make a search. This could be anything that you are interested in.

Next  click on “search”.

Average monthly searches

This is the number in the first column. This number should be as high as possible. That is as high as possible without much competition. More on that in a few minutes.


This number is to the right of the number above. This is the number you can expect if you on the top of the first page.

QSR competition number

Next is the competition number. This number should be less than 300. If it is more the competition is too high for this keyword.


Next is the keyword quotiient indicator. This tells you whether your keyword is great, normal, or poor. Green is great, yellow is normal and poor is red.


Tthis is a number from 1 to 100. The higher the number the better. You will know you have struck gold if the number is in the high 80’s or in the 90’s or 100.

Try other keywords

Try a few other keywords. Since this is a numbers game, the more keywords you try the better your chance of getting a real goldmine. That is a keyword with high traffic but with low competion. Of course the SEO number will be high also.

List or Save Keywords

Now you are ready to list and/or save your keywords that are the best according to their traffic and competition. Save them now so you don’t have trouble remembering them later.

Try More Keywords

Rremember the more keywords you try rhe more “gold” you will find. So keep on going.

Choose 3 Favorites

Choose 3 favorites from your lists. These will be your “prime” keywords. These are the ones you will likely use in your post when you write them.

Write a Post

Now you can write a post and put one of your favorite keywords into your title. Write it so it makes sense and flows naturally.

Also use one or two of your keywords in the first paragraph.

Now put your favorite keywords into the last paragraph as part of a summary or conclusion.

Are You Ready to Try it?

Here is your chance to try jaaxy for yourself.




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