Law of Attraction How To

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Hello again. Here are some law of attraction how tos. I will show how to get an extra 

$500 in the next 21 Days

More about that in a minute.

Attract what you want

It is really important to think about what you want and not about what you don’t want. There is power in positive thinking. Negative thinking just causes trouble. We tend to attract exactly what we think about. Watch your own thinking and try to remain postive.

when it comes to retirement planning think about a specfic number of dollars that you can live on. The average at age 65 is about $45,000. If that is your number keep that number in mind and it will help you figure out ways to make that number a reality.

You attract what you think about

Yes it is true Thoughts become things.  There is a science to this called quantum physics. I won’t go into that here. But for now you just need to know that matter (things) are potential, they are fNOT fixed. One set of electrons and protons can be one thing now and the same ones can be part of something completely different later.

That is enough science for this blog.

To get more think more

I did one experiment that suggested that the same thoughts repeated over and over are more powerful than thinking a thought only one or two times. Make that two different experiments. I will go into those in more detail later in this post.

Experiments and exercises

I tried another experiment. I learned from a millionare that he used the phrase “everything is coming to me easily and effortlessly”

  One day I decided to say “money is coming to me easily and effortlessly” I said it over and over about 50 times in one day. Ater several hours of saying that phrase I found a lot of change in one small area. It was about $1.75. There were nickles, dimes, quarters and a lot of pennies. 

That was amazing to me. I had never “found” that much change in one place before in my life. It had to be the powerful attracting phrase repeated many times that did the trick.

Another interesting experiment

First, I walked around in a store for 20 minutes and I counted 4 people wearing red. Next I used a similar buit different phrase. I said to myself “red clothing is coming to me easily and effortlessly”. I repeated that for 20 minutes in a busy department store. I kept track of how many I saw wearing red. The total was 6. That was 50% more than the first time. So thought changed my environment as far as red clothing. 

I attempted to repeat the experiment again and I got the same results. There were 50% more “reds” spotted than there were the first time without repeating the phrase. That “magic” phrase really made a difference. 

Admittedly, this is not a strictly “controlled” scientific experiment but I am confident if I repeat it a 100 times I would get similar results every time.

Law of Attraction and Money

The law of attraction works for many things, but it works really well for attracting money. I have described two different “money” experiments that worked well.  This reminds me of another little experiment I did. I repeated a thoughjt about attracting dimes easily. That day I found 5 dimes in one place. 

Amazing! I have never before found 5 dimes in place before. Have you? …No? That’s what I thought.

Thoughts change your results no matter what you are thinking about.

Does the law of attraction really work?

These experiments mentioned before show that the law of attraction really works. Here is a summary of what we learned from these experiments.

1.Thoughts become things

2. More thoughjts become more things

3. Money comes easily with the right thoughts

4.Positive thoughts bring more than neutral or negative thoughts

5.Affirmations have power to change your life

The power of words to get what you want

Words have power so be careful what you say.  Saying things like “I never have enough money” will actually chase mooney away from you. On the other hand positive thoughts will bring what you want.

$500 in 21 Days Story

I wrote a small booklet about how to to be $500 richer in 21 days or less. Here is how that happened.

I met a man in Walmart. I had never talked to him before. This time we talked. He told me about his money problems. He had a one million dollar farm. He was offered that much for it. but he did not want to sell because the farm had been in his family for well over a hundred years.

Unfortunately he was living on Social Security alone. He had no other source of income at all. The problem was even worse because he spent half of his Social Security check on medicine. He had high blood pressure. He was definitely between a rock and a hard place. He had no room financially.

I thought about this man’s pproblem for several weeks. I could not stop thinking about it. Finally, I went online and discovered a website that promised $500 in 21 Days if I did a little experiment. I tried the experiment and I received $503 in 17 days.

How to get your $500

You can get $500 in 21 days just by asking for it.  If you believe in God ask Him for $500.  If you do not then ask the Universe for $500. Think postively about receiving the $500. Give thanks in advance. This shows faith. Then look for the money. It may or may not come all at once.

It may seem strange or even silly to do this. But go ahead and do it anyway. It will be worth it. I challenge you to test this for yourself.

How to get your FREE copy of $500 in 21 days

I wrote a little booklet giving more detail on how to ask for and receive $500  in 21 Days. It is short, only about 10 pages. But it is powerful. You will receive least $500 if you follow the siomple instructions Write to:

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