10 Secrets for a Happy Retirement

Happy Retirement Secrets

“10 Secrets for a Happy Retirement” was inspired by a book called “You Can Reire Sooner Than You Think” by Wes Moss. He is the host of Money Matters and Barons 2014 top financial advisor. Jeff Haden wrote “10 Surprisingly Attainable Traits of a Very Happy Retirement” for Inc.com. based on the Wes Moss book.

1. Need a healthy income but not six figures

The household income of very happy retirees is $92,000 at the peak earning years.  The was for total household income not for each person.  It is LESS THAN six figures.

2. You Don’t Need a Huge Income Now

The household income currently is $82,000 for happy retirees.  This is a high income but it is for the household not per capita.  It is still less than six figures in income.

3. You Do Need a Substantial Net Worth But Not Millions

Happy retirees have a net worth of $500,000 in liquid assts.  This is fairly high but even the happist retirees did not have $600,000 in assets producing income and providing a cushion. $500,000 is like a magic number for a comfortable and happy retirement. You don’t need a million dollars for a happy retirement.

4. Do Not need a huge house

The average happy retiree had a house worth $300,000.  It does not require a mansion to have a happy retirement. In some areas this would be a very modest house.

5. Happy retirees have no mortgage

Happy retirees have no mortgage.  Their house is paid off.  This gives one a sense of security.  No mortgage means no chance of losing your home even if your income changed drastically. Pay off your mortgage early .  It should be possible for nearly everyone if you make that your focus.

6. Happy Retirees Have 2 or 3 Sources of income

This makes a lot of sense.  I met a man who was living on social security alone.  His medication took half his income. He was in poverty.  Two or three sources of income would have helped his situation enormously.

7. Happy Retirees Have a Strong Sense of Purpose in Life

It is important to have a purpose in life.  And it is important to know what it is.  It gives you a focus and satisfaction.

8. Happy Retirees Have 3 or 4 Core Pursuits

Happy retirees have activities that give them a good feeling about themselves and their life. it could be a hobby or a business or travel or playing with grandchildren.

9. Happy Retirees Live in the City or Suburbs

According to the research happy retirees live in the city or suburbs. 37% of “unhappy” retirees reported living in a “rural” area. We need the stimlation of being able to interact with other people.  Watching television all day is not going to do it.

10. Happy Retirees Take Vacations Every Year (2 at Least)

This is one place where it pays to spend some money.  The payoff is greater happiness. Vacations are both stimulating and relaxing.

Use These Secrets as a Checklist

See where you stand in each one of these areas.  Then work on the ones where you are weakest. This will put you on track to be a very happy retiree.  Good luck and have a happy retirement.

Purpose and Core Pursuits

If your purpose and core pursuits involve running a business, especially an online business, you can learn to start now by clicking the link: learn more


                   INVEST IN YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS–Ten Reasons

1. Best Return of any investment

No other investment I know of can bring the rewards of having your own business.  A small investment can bring a phenomenal return.  One man I know about turned $718 into an average of $6,500 a month in less than two years. True story. There are many other examples.

2. A little money goes a long way

You can turn a paltry $359 a year into thousands a month. There are many who are making over 300 referals in a year which comes out to $52,500 a year. or more.

3. You invest mostly time at first

You will invest a little time getting rolling.  But after a year or two money will be rolling in. If you stay with it and finish the whole course I can guarantee that.

4. Learn first then earn

First you will learn what to do . Then you will learn how to do it. Like learning how to use keywords to build traffic.

As your experience grows so will your confidence.  Then your earning power will definitely grow too.

5. You have control

With your own business you will have more control over your results than you could on Wall Street.  There is nothing else like it.  If you work a little longer or a little smarter you can double your money in a short time. Maybe even in a matter of months.

6. Affiliate marketing is the easiest way

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start to earn money online.  It is the idea that you don’t have be big or rich and famous.  People will trust the company like Amazon.  You will get a percentage of the money spent by people on your website.on Amazon products.

7. If you can talk  or write an email to a friend you can do this

If you can talk you can write.  If you can write an email to a friend you can blog.  Blogging is just writing like you talk. This is one of the easist ways to make money online.

8. Explosive growth

Not only is explosive growth possible but it likely if you persist.  Invest only $718 and turn it into a 10,800 % increase in 2 years or less.. That is an average of $6,500 per month.  That is what my online friend did. While I can’t guarantee you will equal that, you might do better.

9. Real people are making real money  

Many people in the Wealthy Affiliate program are doing very well.  The top earners make over 300 Premium sales in a year.  If you made only 100 Premium sales in a year you would be at $17,500. Not bad for part-time work.  Making much more is definitely possible.

10. Persistence and passion win

I recently read about a study of spelling bee contestents. The study found that the most successful were the ones who practiced the most on their own.  Those who did group study were not as successful.  So being persistent and passionate will give you the best results.

11. Community is great.  You are not alone.

Wealthy Affiliate has a great community of like minded people.  They are positive and helpful. There are 800,000 in this great community.  You can ask questions any time. You have several different ways to do it. It is wonderful to know that you are not alone.

12. Support is Super

The support in Wealthy Affiliate iis superb and that means excellent. Haha! For more information on Wealthy Affiate click the link below:


Retire Inspired Review

Retire Inspired Book Review

Name: Retire Insspired


Author: Chris Hogan

Publisher: Lamp Licensing–Ramsey Press

Pages: 260 pages

Overall Rank:  97  out of 100


Retire Inspired Overview

This book is for anyone who wants to retire someday whether you are 25 or 55 or older. It stresses the importance of taking action now to avoid a retirement in poverty.  Many baby boomers are not prepared right now.

The Good & The Bad

The Good

No boring jargon.

An inspiring book that teaches that retirement is not an age but a financial number.

Anyone can retire well if they turn wishes into plans.

Best book for anyone who wants to make the most of their retirement years.

Can show anyone at any age and any income the steps to aceive their retirement dreams.

Shows what you can do if you staet late, you can still end up a millionaire.

The Bad

In your retirement calculations there is no sugar coating.  Social Security is a bonus not something to count on.

Who is Retire Inspired For?

For anyone who wants to retire and do what they want to and not what they have to.  The advice for anyone is to START NOW!  If you are ready for action this is your guide.



Price: $17.24 plus $3.00 shipping plus sales tax. If you get a $25.00 membership you save the shipping fees.


My Final Opinion of Retire Inspired

My final opinion is that Retire Inspired is great book to help you acheive your retirement dreams  There is no jargon to bore you.. It is an action oriented book.

Retire Inspired at a Glance

Name:Retire Inspired

Author:Chris Hogan

Price: $24.99 suggested retail price  Online price:$17.24

Overall Rank 97 out of 100

Verdict: Inspired

This book is useful and easy to read. It also inspires you to action to make your dreams come true.

To get started on your retirement dreams now go to http://www.amazon.com and order this excellent book.

Best Investments For Retirement

Best Investments For Retirement

I bought a book called How To Retire Happy by  Stan Hinden.  In the section on investments it lists 5 investments for retirement. They are multisector bond mutual fund, high quality dividend-paying stock portfolio,variable annuity, and  then a managed diversified portfolio strategy and  a managed portfolio of exchange traded funds.Today we are going to focus on stocks.

Stocks Are A Top Asset

Stocks are a little piece of a company that you own.  They tend to grow in value over time. Stocks are usually what you own in your 401(k). A mutual fund is a group of 100 to 200 companies that are owned by many people.  They ae mutually owned.

Advantages of Mutual Funds

One of the advantages of mutual funds is that you own more than one company.  If something bad happens to one company it will not hurt the whole mutual fund.  There is safety in numbers.  A  mutual fund is safer than one single stock. You own a whole basket of companies.

One Top Fund For Years

In the past 10 years I have noticed one mutual fund that is consistently at or near the top of stock mutual funds. It is the Fidelity Contrafund.  Morningstar rates mutual funds and they put Fidelity Contrafund in the top 40 out of 8000 mutual funds.  This is information we need to know to help us retire happy with plenty of money.

Use the Power of Compounding–the Milionaire’s Secret

It is really hard to save enough for a comfortable retirement.  But fortunately we can use the power of compounding to help our funds grow faster.  In fact they can grow at a faster and faster rate due to compounding.  You begin to receive growth of your original investment plus growth on the growth of your investment.  If you have a 10% growth one year and then 10% growth the next year your total growth is not 20% but 21% because of compounding.

Investing is a Necssary Life Skill Today in America

All of us who want to retire need to learn the skill of investing.  Virtually all millionaires invest.  Most millionaires are over 60 because it takes time to grow an investment.  Time is on your side.  The more time you have the more sure you can be of having enough money to retire in style.  In retirement we want to go from doing what we have to, to doing what we want to.

My Plan For Investing

Say I have $100,000 to invest. I could invest it all at once. But what if it goes down 10% in the first month?  I could invest $20,000 a month for five months.  That way I automatically buy more when the price is low and I buy less when the price is high.  This plan forces me to buy low so I can sell high.  

Of course I want to put my money into one of the best performing funds like Fidelity Contrafund.  The fees are relatively low, the sisk is below average. All this according to Morningstar.

Good luck with your retirement plans and happy investing.


Please leave any comments or questions below. Thanks.

Wealthy Affiliate Review–Retire With Extra Affiliate Income


Is this the best website building platform I have ever seen?.  I have been with WA since Mar 3, 1917. This Wealthy Affiliate Review will show you how to retire with extra affiliate income. I will be talking about many different aspects of this website to help you get a clear understanding of what it is like. We will cover training, support, website building, wordpress hosting. research tools, success stories, price, and affiliate rating and more.

Overview and Rankings

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owner: Kyle & Carson

URL :https://wealthyaffiliate.com

Training  97 out of 100

Support  99 out of 100

Writing  98 out of 100

Web Building 95 out of 100

WordPress Hosting  97 out of 100

Research Tools    94 out of 100

Success Stories    93 out of 100

Price  98 out of 100

Affiliate Program  97 out of 100

Overall Rating        96   out of 100

Training –Best online business training anywhere?

The training for Wealthy Affiliate is really good.  It is thorough and complete.  New training is coming on every week. There is more training than you will probably be able to use.  But it is all there if you need it.

You can get more help for free than most courses give you for a fee.  I took a course once for $89 to help me BUILD A WORDPRESS WEBSITE in 30 MINUTES.  I failed to get any website built at all.

I also bought a book that was supposed to help BUILD A WORDPRESS WEBSITE FAST.  I worked on it for a couple of weeks and never did get a website completed.  I got it started but then I got stuck.

In contrast I was able to build a website in less than 5 minutes on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  I was amazed and very pleased.

Most of the training is by video and with some reading too.  The online entrepreneurship course is seven levels with 10 courses on each level.  The Affiliate Bootcamp course is seven phases of instruction. There are 10  lessons in each phase. Each lesson has specific tasks to complete, usually four. I like that each lesson is broken down into tasks.  It helps you see your progress as you move through the course.—-

Support–Always available

The support is very good and always available.  You have support from over 1,000,000 in the community.  It is a fantastic positive and encouraging community. There is no reason to stay stuck no matter what happens.  You can even ask a question of the co-owner Kyle.  Asking for help is as close as a bar at the top of your screen.  Just type in your question. Sometimes your question will be answered within minutes.  Sometimes it will take a little longer, but it will be answered.

There are people who are special helpers for each section of your training.  This is another way support is readily available.

Once or twice I had trouble logging in to my website.  So I read a discussion that answered my question.

There is also a special support platform for support on any issue with your website. Just click on the support and type in your question.

Siterubix Suite–Build a free site fast

The siterubix suite is where you can build a website in 30 seconds.  I took me a little more time. I took less than five minutes.  for my first website.  It really is that easy.  You just follow the directions.   This compares to my other efforts that failed completely or partially.

This is very powerful and easy to use.  You do not need any experience to build your own website in a few minutes or even seconds. I recently discovered how easy it is to add pictures to your website.  This adds visual appeal and makes your website more interesting and easier to read.

To get started building income go to the link below:


Website Hosting–Simple and Easy

It is a good idea to own your own web domain. You can do that here easily with a few clicks and thinking of a domain name. WA will even help you with that.  It is inexpensive too.  It is something like $15 a year or less. You can pay for one year or several. It is up to you.

Writing Platform–Easy and Fast

I am using the writing platform now to write this post. It is easy to use.  You are even given a total word count at the bottom of the page.  This can help you to know when you have reached your writing goals.  Very nice. It is easy to write bold headlines to break up your writing and make it easy to read.

You will also like the feature of your writing being saved automatically.  You never have to worry about losing your writing because you forgot to save it.

Keyword Tool–A Key to Your Success

The keyword tool in WA will help you get traffic.  It is called Jaaxy. Traffic brings rankings. Rankings bring more traffic and more money from your marketing efforts.  This is an easy-to-use tool that can really help propel your business to success. By using keywords that searchers use to find information you can build your traffic. To find out more go to: https://jaaxy.com.  Also see my post on jaaxy 

Affiliate Program–Best in the industry?

The affiliate program is the best in the industry.  I know that Amazon pays 4% and some others pay 8% but WA pays 50% to Premium members.  That comes to $175 for every yearly membership referral.  That is outstanding.  I don’t know of anything that pays better.  You can also get smaller but more frequent referrals of $23.50 for a monthly membership. Good luck in your affiliate marketing adventure. I believe this is the affiliate program you have been looking for.  There is nothing better for you to turn words into money.

Success Stories

Those people who went to the Las Vegas all expense paid trip sold 300 or more memberships.  One man that I follow reached the ten million mark in total number of visitors. That is truly amazing!  It is exciting and fun to read about the successes of others in the community.

I remember one man who started a membership website and he makes $6,000 per month.

Another member built up her website fast. She did it in only 2 years. She now makes $3,000 per month.


You get a free trial for 7 days.  Take advantage of your time.  After that it is  $19 for the first 30 days of Premium membership. Then membership is $47 a month or $359 yearly.   You save a lot with the yearly membership ($205).

This is a very reasonable price for what you get. You could spend a lot more and get less almost anywhere else. Compare this to the price of business courses at a college or university.  You could pay $359 for each hour of classes at a college or university.

Wealthy Affiliate Rating

My overall rating for Wealthy Affiliate is an outstanding 96 out of a 100.  From my experience with WA there is nothing close to it that I know about.  I have had interest in making money online for 9 years now. I wish I had discovered Wealthy Affiliate years earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time and energy.

Join Wealthy Affiliate. It is FREE. Get Started Now.

How to Claim Your Bonus:

When you join with Your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a bonus if you decide to become a premium member in the first 7 days (includes a 59% discount).

When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate I will personally contact you on your profile with a “hello” and more information about WA. I will tell you how to get help from me and how to claim your bonus.

The WA experience is going to be awesome. It includes my almost 3 years  experience and willingness to help any way I can.

You will never know what you have been missing all these years until you set foot inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Get started now for $0. Special Bonus when you join.  Set up your account and I will be contacting about details of your special bonuses.

Here are some of the bonuses I can offer you:

Free 24/7 support

Free two websites to start

Free keyword tool

Free video training

Free private messaging from me. I started March 3, 2017.

Start now on the road to passive retirement income by clicking the link here:


If you have any questions or comments leave it below at Norman@ retirement-incomes.com and I will get back to you. Thanks.


Making the transition to retirement

Something like 10,000 per day are reaching retirement age. But are you ready? Do you have enough money?

If you are wondering how your savings compares with other baby boomers please see the page on average retirement savings.

If you feel like you do not have enough what do you do?  I believe many baby boomers need additional sources of income both now and after they reach retirement age.

Extra income allows you not to spend the savings that you have so far.  You can keep all your savings for a few years if you have enough income coming in.

Please leave a comment or question below.