Retire Inspired Review

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Retire Inspired Book Review

Name: Retire Insspired

Author: Chris Hogan

Publisher: Lamp Licensing–Ramsey Press

Pages: 260 pages

Overall Rank:  97  out of 100


Retire Inspired Overview

This book is for anyone who wants to retire someday whether you are 25 or 55 or older. It stresses the importance of taking action now to avoid a retirement in poverty.  Many baby boomers are not prepared right now.

The Good & The Bad

The Good

No boring jargon.

An inspiring book that teaches that retirement is not an age but a financial number.

Anyone can retire well if they turn wishes into plans.

Best book for anyone who wants to make the most of their retirement years.

Can show anyone at any age and any income the steps to aceive their retirement dreams.

Shows what you can do if you staet late, you can still end up a millionaire.

The Bad

In your retirement calculations there is no sugar coating.  Social Security is a bonus not something to count on.

Who is Retire Inspired For?

For anyone who wants to retire and do what they want to and not what they have to.  The advice for anyone is to START NOW!  If you are ready for action this is your guide.



Price: $17.24 plus $3.00 shipping plus sales tax. If you get a $25.00 membership you save the shipping fees.


My Final Opinion of Retire Inspired

My final opinion is that Retire Inspired is great book to help you acheive your retirement dreams  There is no jargon to bore you.. It is an action oriented book.

Retire Inspired at a Glance

Name:Retire Inspired

Author:Chris Hogan

Price: $24.99 suggested retail price  Online price:$17.24

Overall Rank 97 out of 100

Verdict: Inspired

This book is useful and easy to read. It also inspires you to action to make your dreams come true.

To get started on your retirement dreams now go to and order this excellent book.

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