What is the Average Retirement Savings for Baby Boomers?

This post will answer the question “what is the average retirement savings for baby boomers?” This is an important question for the purposes of comparing your savings with those of other baby boomers. I hope it will influence how much you save starting now. 

Bad News and Good News

Only 55% of Baby Boomers have some retirement savings. Of that group 42% have less than $100,000. This means that about half of retirees will be living off of social secirity benefits primarily.

According an article in investopedia called “Are We in a Baby Boom Retirement Crisis?” 54% lack enough money to retire. On the other hand, 26% of those age 55 to 65 have balances over $200,000. This is according to the Insured Retirement Institute. 

Average Monthly Income

Another question is “what is the average monthly income of a household led by a retiree?” That number is $48,000 according to the (BLS) Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Median Income for Retirees

Here are the median income for retirees at different ages. Half of the reirees are above the median and half are below the median income.

                         Median Income

age 55-59               $73,645

age 60-64               $63,919

age 65-69               $54,124

age 70-74               $46,797

age 75 and up        $31,893

This information was reported by the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI).

You can see that median incomes go down with increased age.  The incomes in the 75 and older line is less than half of the 55-59 line.

Income for Individuals Above 65

The income number for individuals above 65 is $24,224. This is for individuals not household income.

For more details see newretirement.com. This is very good website that has been around for many years.

You can set up an account for free. Then you can use their retirement calculators. You can also develop a retirement plan. Just fill out the information for the questions asked.

What to Do if You Are Going to Be Short Of Income

If you see from this article or newretirement.com that you are short or are going to be short of income here is what you can do. You can reduce your spending. You can increase your savings. Any change will be helpful. It is never too late to make changes. It is never too late to improve your future and your retirement. You can reduce or eliminate debt. That will allow you to save more. Eliminating interest charges can increase your spendable income. It can also allow you to save more.

Add to Your Income

Another thing you can do is to add to your income.  You can work longer.  You can postpone retirement a few years. This can make a BIG DIFFERENCE. If you are working part-time you could add more hours. You could even work full time. Or you could work in a sideline business to supplement your income. This is a good option for most people. You will not be totally dependent on your business but it could possibly double your income.  That would be great wouldn’t it?

Best Businesses You Can Start

One business that has great potential for creating income is penny stock trading. Most people invest in large company stocks  (401k) that cost a lot and move very slowly.  You need something less expensive that can produce more income. Tim Sykes became a millionaire in less than two years. You may not become a millionaire but you could do very well thank you. You can discover more about Tim and how he became a millionaire in The Penny Stock Course. Please take a look at my post “What Penny Stocks To Invest In?”  You really can make money with this if you know what you are doing. With Tim’s book and other materials you will know what you are doing.

Make Money Online

Another business you can start is an online business. You can start a blog. You could have your own website. Write about things that you are really inerested in. You can learn how to build a website within five minutes. Where can you learn how to do that amazing thing? You can do that with a website called Wealthy Affiliate. This is a great place to get an online business education.  

Wealthy Affiliate Will Take You By the Hand and Lead You to A Profitable Online Business

Wealthy Affiliate is a serious and honest place to get an online education. Affiliate marketing is a way you can make money by selling other people’s products and services. That is easeier than trying to develop your own products and services. While these are not typical examples, I know about people in the Wealthy Affiliate community of over one million who make over $3,000 a month. That is nothing to sneeze at.  It will not happen overnight. But it could happen to you in less than 2 years if you work at it seriously. The community is large and very helpful and supportive. You do not have to go it alone. This is a very important part of your education. I have been with wealthy Affiliate since February 2017. I am still learning every day.

If you like to learn new valuable things, this could be the place for you.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

1. You can make money on your website.

2. You do not have to pay to become an affiliate.

3. You can help promote products and services that you believe in.

4. You can learn about affiliate marketing on useful websites like Wealthy Affiliate

So if you are going to be short of income in retirement you can supplement it with Affiliate Marketing.

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How to Rank My Website in Google

Hello everybody. I recently watched a live webinar by Jay on Wealthy Affiliate. In it he gave several tips for ranking your website higher. A better ranking means more traffic. More traffic can be turned into more money.

Several things were mentioned over and over. If your site is new or you are not satisfied with your websites ranking these tips will help. Most of them are simple to understand. They are usually simple to make the necessary changes.

1. Use Your First Name

Using your first name on your site will make you  stand out as a real person.  You are not just a number. You are not an impersonal corporation. So don’t make yourself look that way. Use your first name. It will help you get noticed as a real person.

2. Use an Image 

If you use of image of yourself it will also make you more of a real person. You can use a photograph. Or you can use another type of representation of how you look. You can use gravatar to help with these options.

3. Internal Links to Previous Posts

It is a good idea to use at least one internal link to a previous post. This helps to connect the dots of your website. It helps to make connections between posts on related topics for example. As long as you have at least two posts you can have an internal link. Google likes internal links. They make your site more useful. It also helps you to connect your posts to each other. It can help bring you more traffic to your site.

4. External Links To Another Website

External links to other sites gives your site more authority. You know about other websites than your own. These external links makes your website more useful to your readers. This is a very good thing if you want more traffic and a higher ranking.

So I suggest you keep external links in your mind while you are writing your content. You can go to wikipedia to find an authority source.

5. Use Meta Titles

It is a good idea to use meta titles. A meta title is the name of a web page.  It is usualy displayed at the top of the page.

6. Use Meta Descriptions

A Meta description is a summary of a web page and is 155-160 characters. .Search engines show it when it includes keywords that are being searched. It entices users to click through to a page. This is a part of SEO.

7. Include a contact page

Including a contact page makes you more accessible.  Users can contact you if they need to. This could include your email address for your blog or website. You could also include your physical address. You could even include your telephone number.

8. Use PPC Advertising

After your website is developed well you can use ppc advertising. PPC adverising means pay per click. You only pay for results. If no one clicks you do not have to pay anything. Kyle co-owner of wealthy affiliate used this when he was getting started. 

9. Read blog on consultancy.com

I reccommend you read a blog post on consultancy.com about “why wikipedia is to top on google: the seo truth no one wants to hear.” It tells why and how wikipedia ranks at the top for 99% of randomly selected keywords.

10. Unique and In-Depth Content

Your content needs to be unique. It should be different from everybody else. No copying some one elses content is allowed. 

Your content should be in depth. My traffic has been rising recently after I tried to write 1500 words per post. Some of my early posts were only 400 words or less. Longer content does help your ranking in google.

11. Target Your Webpages for Key Terms

You want to use keywords that people are actually using in their searches. This will make easier for users to find your webpages. It will also let you rank higher in google. This will bring you more traffic. Of course you need traffic if you are an affiliate marketer trying to make money.

12. Make Your Internal Linking Structure Great

Every new post should link to another post on a related subject. For example, a post on keyword research could be linked to one on the jaaxy keyword research tool. Beginners usually forget to link older posts to the newer ones also. Wikipedia does both kinds of linking very well.

13. Build Page authority

Page authority is a score developed by Moz to predict where a single page will rank. The higher the score the better the rank. Scores go from  1  to 10.  

14. Build Domain Authority

Domain authority is a score developed by Moz to predict where a domain will rank. Scores range from 1 to 100. The higher the score the better the rank. Domain authority is based on many factors.  

So if you want to rank higher in search engines here are 14 ways you can do that. This post was inspired by Jay of Magistudios at wealthyaffiliate.com. This is a good place to get the training you need to make money online. Please check out my review of wealthy affiliate

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10 Steps to God’s Financial Blessing–Miracle Prayer For Financial Blessing

Today we will be talking about 10 steps to God’s financial blessing. There is a saying that you cannot out-give God. So we will look at ways and steps to use that principle. to increase your income.


Making a decision to receive God’s financial blessing has great power. It starts the ball rolling. It gives you some momentum that carries over into the other nine steps.

So make the decision. Make up your mind to do something positive about your financial situation. Nothing will happen until you make this decision.

Making the decision to receive God’s financial blessing will propel you through times of doubt and insecurity. Your faith may be tiny but it only takes a little to accomplish great things in the long run.

You can do this. It is not rocket science. There are things you need to understand. There are things you need to do. But they are not too hard for the average person to understand.


It is another small step to decide to do all the 10 steps. Say to yourself out loud “I will take the 10 steps so I can receive God’s financial blessings.” This is a very powerful step. It is a small but mighty step in your journey to God’s financial blessing. You really need to do all 10 steps to get the best results. So I ask you not to skip any of the steps.

These 10 steps really do work. I have done all of them myself. I had to exp[eriment a little to come up with these 10 steps. You will save time and effort and maybe money by following these 10 steps. They are not difficult. So prepare yourself to do all 10 steps. You will be glad you did.

By the time you finish this step you will be 20% of the way through the 10 important steps.There is great power in making a decision. I have done it many times when I wanted to accomplish something. When you have done this step there is another important step. To me it is a fun one.


The next step is number 3. It involves reading scripture verses on God’s Financial Blessing. I will list some sources that I used in my search for financial blessings This will give you the background you need. It will give you a better understanding of what is about to happen.

click here for 106 scriptures on giving

click here for overlooked benefits of tithing

click here for 77 scriptures on tithes and offerings

Read all the verses that I have listed for you. Study them a little. Let them sink in to your mind. This part is important. You really need to immerse yourself in the knowlwdge about tithing, giving, and generosity. This will put you in a good place before the next step.


With God all things are possible. We are talking about good things like financial blessings. Yes. God has the power to do for you what is promised in the Bible. I have experienced much of it for myself. But don’t just take my word for it. Put God to the test.

That is the best way to increase your faith. Start small and increase your faith a little at a time until your faith grows. It only takes the faith the size of a mustard seed to make a HUGE difference in your life. It only takes a mustard seed sized faith to make a TREMENDOUS DIFFERENCE in your spirit and your finances. This is why God asks us to put him to the test.

It helps to make your faith grow. It is impossible to please God without faith. If you need to you can write out some verses on index cards and read them over every day. This will help your faith in God and his power to grow. That is what you need before you take the next steps.


Next you need to believe not just that God can do wonderful things for you. But also that he wants to do those things for you. You also need to believe that you deserve what God has in store for you.

I urge to read Joel Osteen’s book “Next Level Thinking” available on Amazon. It is a great book. It is one of the best I have ever read. I read a lot. His message is perfect for someone trying to break through barriers in their finances, for example. God wants a life of abundance for you. However, sometimes our thoughts and actions get in the way. Next Level Thinking will help you get to the next level in your life. It will help in your financial life and in your spiritual life. They are all connected.

In the first chapter pastor Joel Osteen talks about the time years ago when the first sub four minute mile was run. Experts said that it could not be done. They said that the human body could not handle it but… after Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile barrier it was broken three hundred times in the next ten years.

This shows the power of belief. So believe that you can receive God’s supernatural power. You can do things with God’s help that you could not do on your own. You deserve it too because you are a child of God. You do not have to be perfect to deserve God’s favor. God loves you and wants the best for you. But there are things you have to do and believe. They are all listed in the 10 steps. When you finish all the steps you will be living a blessed life…an abundant life.


Now it iis time to pray about your fimancial blessings. You need to determine how much you want. You need to find out how much you need. There can be a big difference between the two. With God’s help you can figure out a what is the magic number for you. Determining the magic number for you will take some thought and some prayer.

I always believe in the power of gratitude. By that I mean giving thanks in advance. I did some experiments that showed that giving thanks for something will give you 50% more of what you gave thanks for. This number may not hold true for everything, but it demonstrates the power of gratitude.

Another thing about giving thanks in advance shows faith. Your faith will grow as you use this type of prayer and you receive what you are asking . Your faith does not have to be 100%. A little faith is very powerful.

Pray about your finances. Think about what you need. Believe that you will receive what you ask for. Say it out loud. “Lord, I believe you can give what I ask and I believe you will give me what I ask. To show my faith I give thanks it advance. Amen.”

It also would help to use the law of attraction. The law of attraction says that we tend to attract to ourselves what we think about. most. Try to visualize the amount of money that you need. Imagine it as clearly as you can. See the number in your mind. Visualize a pile of money. Do whatever you can to make it seem real already.. This is a powerful technique I use,

Pray that God will help you figure out the amount to ask for.

“Dear God, our Provider and Source of all financial blessings. I believe you can provide exactly what I need. I believe you WILL provide exactly what I need.. I give you thanks in advance. My faith is growing. I pray like in Lord’s prayer for daily bread. I give you thanks for all you have given in the past. i pray in your will. I pray in Jesus’ name Amen. ”


1. First you need to figure out how much you can give. This should be based on your own financial situation. Do not try to make a generic decision here. You know your circumstances better than anyone. If you are struggling then you will need to take baby steps first. Start whereever you are now financially. Any amount is better than no amount of money.

2. Figure out how much you believe you need.. If your need is great but your finances are not, you will need to move slowly up the ladder of giving. That is perfectly fine. You will get where you want to be in time. If you have debt you can work to get out of debt first. This will put you in a good position.

3. Decide which level of giving makes you most comfortable. This is something that you can pray about if you have not already.

4. Try to find a balance between your first three decisions. This balancing act may not be clear cut. But the act of finding the proper balance for YOU is what is important. Do not worry about any set amount in the beginning.

5. Pick a number based on the first four decisions. Now you are finally ready to pick a number. You could put most of your descretionary money toward getting out of debt. But I believe it is best to give something. In the long run you will get at least part of the money back no matter how little you give.


a. First you need to set a clear and specific goal.. “I have a goal of $10,000 for my financial goal

b. Next set a definite deadline for reaching your goal. You need to set a definite date for reaching your goal. “I will have $10,000 by Oct. 7. 2019.”

c. Writing down your goal on paper or on your computer or phone is an important step. There is great power in writing down your goals. You are more likely to remember it . You are more likely to act on it too.

d. Finally, put it somewhere where you see it everyday. This is another important step. This will keep your goal in your mind every day. This step reminds me of the George Harrison song. “I’ve Got My Mind Set on You”. It is a love song of course but this is a different sort of love song.


a. Set out a plan that makes you comfortable. Give what you can realistically without straining your budget.

b. Make double sure it is realistic for you now. If it is not make an adjustment. Adjust your giving down if you must. The important thing is to get started.

c. Make sure your deadline is realistic. Make your plan for at least 6 months ahead.

d. Simply write out your plan completely and clearly. “My plan is to give X amount per week for 6 months.”

e. Put your plan in your wallet or by your mirror. That way you can see it every day. You will not forget to focus on your plan.


a. Start immediately to implement your plan. You know what to do and how to do it. Start now so you keep your momentum going.

b. You can give weekly or monthly. However be sure you give consistently and joyfully.

c. Stay on course through 6 months to a year. Then you can re-evaluate. You can make adustments up or down as nedded.

d. Keep your own records. I have a separate account just for giving. That way I kow much is going in and how much is going out.

e. Enjoy your blessings. There are many. They are financial for sure. Blessings of joy and love are also part of the blessings you can expect to receive. God will bless you if you are acting rich toward God.

Please comment or discuss this. What do you like best about this article? What would you like to see that is not included.?

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Spiritual Benefits of Tithing

Tithing is the primary  source of financial blessings. There are some simple tithing strateges you can use to make sure you can conitinue to give at the same level and still have money left over.

As I see it there are five levels in tithing.

But first let us look at the spiritual benefits of tithing.

1. Tithing changes your attitude toward money. You can’t give money generously without realising you can’t take it with you. Your attachment to money is relaxed.

2. It changes your attitude toward God. It increases your trust of God. When see with your own eyes how God blesses you and keeps his promises it brings you closer to God.

3. Tithing also changes your love of the church. Where your money goes there goes your heart also. You will love the church more. It will matter more to you.

4. Tithing gives a joy that is amazing. Tithing allows you to help other people in need and that brings a good feeling.

5. Tithing makes you feel good about yourself. You cannot be a selfish person and give generously.


1. First there is giving at any level less than 10 percent of your income. I call this the beginner level. This is where most people start in my obsevation. I was treasurer for our church for 4 years.

At this level you are just learning about giving. We are asked to give cheerfully. Most people  are not comfortable at a level higher than this. At least in the beginning. Some say that giving less than 10 per cent is not enough.  I agree with that up to a point. However we alll have to start somewhere. We do not all have the faith to give more in the begining. We tend to doubt our ability to afford the increase in giving.


God asks us to test him on the giving of tithes.

One way to test God is to… gradually increase your giving. Then watch for the financial blessing in return. It will come. But most of us are not aware it. Make yourself aware by looking for it. Rejoice when you see the return. It will be in proportion to the amount you give. If you give double what you gave before your financial blessing will double.

When I first started increasing my giving I did it v-e-r-y gradually.  If I strated at $5 per week I increased it to $6 the next week and maintained that level for a month. Next I increased giving to $7 per week. I continued this way for about 6 (six) months.  The first time I noticed the return on giving it was a check for $653. I was so excited to see that. I knew that was mine because it was almost exactly half of what I gave. This was proof to me that God does what he promises when it comes to giving and receiving.

 My trust level went up a notch or two.


2.My next step was to move gradually toward the 10% tithe level.  This is a milesone to be sure. Only about 5% of Americans give at this level. So when you reach this you have really achieved something. Only 10-20% of Christians give at this  level. Some denominations expect or even require giving at this level. Most do not expect everyone to give at this rate. Giving is supposed to be voluntary according to my reading of the Bible.

It is inportant to realize that God does not demand  10%. But he really likes it. And… he rewards giving at the 10% level. As I continued my experiment I realized the reward was greater than it was at the lower levels. So it is important to try for the 10% tithe level. In my experience the reward doubles at this level.

So I increased my givimg from $5 to say $20 per week. But this was still not at the 10% level. It took me years but I did get to the 10% level of giving.  On the journey upward my igiving doubled again . The rewards doubled also. The ratio of the reward was the same as it was at the first level. But since the total of giving was greater so was the total reward at the end.


So  I urge you to move up tp the 10% level as gradually or as quickly as you want. It is not so imprtant how you get there. But I really believe it is important to strive for the “real” tithe level which of course is 10%. At this level the reward ratio doubles. It is like receiving a very nice bonus on your paycheck every six months or so.


Keep moving toward the goal of giving 10%. Stay focused, be disciplined, and perservere. You will get there. You want to stretch your income don’t you? This is one of the best and easiiest ways to do just that. The only way to experience the rewards is to do the little things you need to do. Keep giving at higher and higher levels until you reach the mark. There is no better feeling than to reach this kind of goal.  There is joy in giving and… there is the financial result too.


I received a letter one day that looked like a chain letter but with a twist. It did not ask for any money !  It only asked me to send out 20 copies of the same letter.  It said to mail it within 72 hours.and I would receive a financial blessing. I failed to send it out before the deadline.

A few days later I received another copy of the same letter. This time I did send otf the letter. I said a little prayer asking for a big difference in my finances between the days following the first letter and the days following the second letter… if there was such a thing as a financial blessing from God.

The difference was dramatic.. The next time I checked my schedule I was not scheduled to work at all for a whole week. In the 6 weeks after that I had more than the usual number of hours of work.  This made me realize that God controls my finances. My employer does not.control my financres. Uncle Sam does not control my finanes This was an amazing experiment that showed exactly who controls our finances.


3. To move to the silver level you give more than 10% of your income. This can be done gradually like you may have done before at lower levels of giving.

I once gave at this level (20%) to be precise for six months. After the six months of giving I received a blessing of all of the giving plus 23%.  This was fantastic. There is no way to get 23% consistently in the stock market for example.. Cerificates of Deposit pay 1% or less.. Usually much less. All  other alternatives have drawbacks..The results with tithing are guaranteed. They are also greater than almost any other “investment”.


4. After you have reached the silver level where can you go next?  Next is what I call the “gold” level. What is the “gold” level of giving you ask?  It is substatially more than the silver. I would put it at more than double the silver level. It would be something like 50%.  This is a big jump. Yes it is. But the benefits take a big jump also. I have not tried this level yet, but I am working on it. If you want to take your giving to the next level this is it. It could be a little more or a little less depending on your situation. It also depends on your comfort level. Keep breaking barriers if you want to reach the top. If you don’t that is o.k. too. You have complete freedom in your giving.


5. You can go for the top level if you feel comfortable with that. However,do not try this unless you have enough in savings to live off for one year. This is really important. You need to have a real and substantial cushion.  You don’t want to spend money you need to live on. Don’t give the money you need for rent or the mortgage. Don’t give money you need for groceries. Be conservative so you  do not put yourself in a bind. 

This level is giving at a sacrificial level. This is givibg at 100% of your income. If you are not in position to do this…DON”T DO IT. Please heed my warnings.

If you can do this, do it only after experience at the lower levels.  This is not the place to start. 

If you definitely can afford this, the blessings will be GREAT. You will be amazed by God’s generosity. There is nothing else like it.

It definitely takes a lot of faith to give at this level. You need to trust that God will do what he promises.

Affiliate Marketer Training

Today I want to talk about affiliate marketer training. There is so much available you can find whatever you need.


First I want to discuss Amazon affiliate marketer training.

According to digitaldefynd.com e-learning hub the best of the 7 best Affiliate Marketing Course and training is:

Amazon Affiliate Maketing + SEO | 250+ Videos| 17.5 Hours.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing + SEO

 I see there are 282 lectures and 18 hours of videos now.

This course was created by SEO Academy Leaders in SEO Education.

This is a complete guide to “Google Friendly” affiliate sites getting organic (free) traffic from Google search.

You Can Earn Money

You can earn money if you can speak English or know how to hire a writer. My impression is this is easier than trying to get a lot of free traffic from a typical blog.

With this course you get lifetime access. You also get a certificate of completion.

Another great thing is that you get a free preview of some of the videos so that you see what they are like. One good thing about the videos is that you can hear the speaker and see the words on the screen. This is very helpful because the speaker has an accent.

Choosing a Niche

One of the first videos I could view was about choosing a niche. They recommend you NOT spend a lot of time agonizing over your choice of niche. Choose one and gety started is the advice they give.


This is a very good inexpensive training for Amazon websites.  You can preview it to see if it looks right for you. I recommend this.

Affiliate Marketing & SEO Mastery for Clickbank, CPA. Amazon

Afiliate Marketing & SEO Mastery for Clickbank, CPA, Amazon

Adam Bosch is an internet marketer for 7 years. He shares his secrets learned by trial and error.. He discovered keys to online success and wllingly shares them in this course.

This is a combination of two courses.: Affiliate Marketing & SEO for 2018 and using Clickbank, CPA Marketing and Amazon.

There are 4 hours of on demand videos. This course has 33 articles. You get full lifetime access. The cost is only $11.99 (a 94% reduction) After compleing this course you can earn Award-winning WordPress themes.  These are FREE! They are fully licensed and updatable. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


1. Must be interested in making money online.

2. You must have a computer and an internet connection.

3. You do not need to be an expert to market in any niche.

This is a very good course. See the link above to view it. Thanks for reading this.

Work Home Stuffing Envelopes


So I will show you 10 simple steps to work home stuffing envelopes.  Many of the methods here I learned from Dan Kennedy and other authorities.


1. First you will CAREFULLY choose a mail order program that offers a dealership. This is twist #1. Be sure that your commission can be $80 to $100 or more.

Most stuffing envelopes programs make you pay for the envelopes, printing and postage. If you are going to pay for those three things anyway, you should choose a slightly different kind of program, You want one that pays a high commission like I mentioned before.



2. Next BUY the program with the dealership. It should offer at least 50% commission. It could be as high as 70% and more.

Now you are qualified to sell the program you bought. Make sure it is of good quality. That is good quality of printing and the literature etc. No faintly copied programs will do for your purposes. You want to make money right?


3. The mailing list is the most important part of the equation for making money. I have tried a few different mailing lists in my time observing and trying mail order programs. .

A good list is composed of buyers only. They have all bought a program similar to what you are selling. This is another important Twist. That is the second twist. Don’t let someone you don’t know choose the list for you. I will help you chose from a few different good sources. I have used all of these and I recommend them.

TJT Marketing Associates, P. O. Box 55685, Valencia, CA 91385 Toll free (877) 225-5858



Cash Flow Products, P. O. Box 18189, Fairfield, OH 45018 Tel: (513) 593-4126

I have made money with this list also.

Greald Peters, P. O. Box 8147, Huntsville, TX 77340 No phone orders accepted. Questions call 936-661-7786

He has a Gol;d List that is $99 for 300 leads. The quality is there.


4. Choose a high quality printer. Do not do it yourself. TWIST #3 is very important.. However, you are not going to print 1,000 copies like I did for one program. That ties up too much money in printing.. I paid for 1,000 small booklets. I had no chance of selling all of hem the way I was promoting. SAVE YOUR MONEY for only the bare necessities. You only need enough to TEST your product, your offer, and the mailing list. That couild be as few as 100. Right now I am going to test a mailing by mailing only 100 envelopes.

I am having 100 photocopies (TWIST #4) made for each of several pages (6 or 7) right now. This cuts my costs way down from trying to print 500 copies for each of 7 different pages.. My costs are slashed to about 20%to $0 of what they would be doing 3,500 pages of printing. Using mail order printers can save you about 50% on your costs. I am using a local printer.

You want to get as much value as you can in each envelope for under one ounce. Postage costs the same whether you have one sheet or four sheets in each envelope. So fill it up if you can afford the copying cost.

Copy back to back on colored paper.


5. Test 100 to 200 envelopes to start with. Do NOT do any mass mailings. Some programs want you to mail a minimum of 1000 to 3,000. Do NOT do this. It could lead to disaster. That is why you want to test small at first.

Testing is one of the secrets to great success in mailing and stuffing envelopes. Test everything. Then test some more. You can drop the things that don’t work. You can do more of the things that DO work. That way you are getting better and better.

Everything is just an experiment.



6. It is important to add something that nobody else has who is mailing the same thing. You cam write your own like I do. You can also find reports on the internet that you can inexpensively get to give to your readers..

You do this in order to give people a reason to buy from you rather than the other guy or gal.



7. Adding a personal note makes you feel like a real person and not a robot or a fictional person. Tell a little about yourself like your name and occupation. You can also say why what you are offering is of benefit to the reader. It will help them make money or whatever.



8. You should hand address your envelopes if this is your first mailing. After you have made a sale to the customer ,you can use mailing labels. But the first time you are looking for the letter from grandma look.



9. It is a good idea to use first class stamps. You are going for the letter from grandma look. Besides bulk rate mail does not always get delivered even. It is often slower even if it does get delivered.



10. You need to fold your letters or flyers in thirds. That way they fit well into a business size envelope. Remember to put the first class stamps onto your envelopes. You can use little address labels for your return address.



Now it is time to put your letters in the mail This is the time you have been waiting for. You will have to wait a few days to get your responses. It could thirty days before you receive all of the orders.

This is the fun part. Opening the envelopes to pull out cash, checks, and money orders. It is like Christmas every day. Wow!

It is time to get the reward for all uour hard work. It is not that hard. It is not physical labor like a migrant worker does in the fields.


Good luck to you. Enjoy the adventure and make money working at home stuffing envekopes.


If you liked this post please let others know on social media. Thanks again.

How to Get Traffic For My Website: Revisitors

I was recently on a website that introduced me to Revisitors– a marketing resource for building traffic on your website. I checked some reviews and did mot find anything negative.

My website traffic is growing but slowly. I am considering paying Revisitors to send targetted traffic to my website. I have a couple of things to do first.. i want to make sure my Google Anaytics is working. I want to make my site easy to navigate.

I also found many websites that will help you build your website traffic. Building traffic by the way does help with your rankings. My research states  Revisitors is one of the best.. It is one of the oldest too.

Free to Be An Affiliate

One thing I liked is that it is totally free to be an affiliate for Revisitors. No charge. Zero dollars and zero cents. So you do not have to pay a membership fee or anything else. This is a great opportunity for you to make some money.

Sign up is Simple

Signing up was simple, easy, and straight forward. Just fill out a simple form and you are an affiliate. You have to put in your website address of course.

Since 2005

Revisitors has been providing online traffic services since 2005. They have been very successful for a long time. In the online world 13 years is a very long time. There are no 100 year old websites lol.

120,000 Customers

They have had over 120,000 satisfied customers in the last 13 years. That is  an average of  over 9,000 per year since 2005. So they have been around for several years and have many satisfied customers. This shows me that they are reliable and live up to their promises. They could not survive this long if that was not the case.

Thousands of Websites in Their Network

Revisitors has over 21,000 websites in their network. They also have over 12,000 inactive domains. They redirect traffic from these websites and domains to your website. it is a simple idea, but it works very well. I thank you to Revisitors.

Over a Billion in Traffic Provided

Revisitors has provided a massive amount of traffic. The number recently was 1,390, 281,124. That number is displayed on the site at the top of the page. It changes all the time. You can watch it go up when come back to the site after some time.

No Expensive Banners or Text Ads Required

They keep the costs low by not requring expensive banners or text ads. Instead they use a full page ad of your site. This is another simple but powerful idea thar works.

Free Advice

They check your website and then give you advice on how to make it better. An SEO specialist will look at your website You will learn specific things you can do to make your website better.

Choose Your Page Carefully

They will turn your page into a full page ad. Select one that will give you the most benefit. You don’t want to waste the traffic you get by not being ready to receive it. If you have never received thousands of visitors, you need to make sure your site is easy to navigate, for example. You also need to figure out exactly what you want your visitors to do. Do you want them to leave their email address? Is so you need to expain what they will get for this action.

Phone Number and Address

The phone number is :877-389-3330. Tha addres is: 1 Sansome St., San Francisco, CA

You Can Prepare For Success

Imagine receiving 10,000 visitors in 30 days. What would that mean to you and your business.? It would definitely give your site a boost in rankings.  This has exciting possibilities. 


The lowest price is $39 per month including backlinks and some free advice.. You can stop it at any time if you want. With this package you get 2500 visitors a month. That is 80 to 100 per day. This would be a good starting point. The most popular package is the third one. It gives 10,000 visitors in a month. The price is reasonable at $49.95 plus $19 for the backinks. There are five packages all together. You could go up to 100,000 visitors per month if you wanted to.. 


This is a reliable source of traffic. It will give your traffic a boost. I trust the site where I discovered this source of traffic. I am excited to think what this would do for my site. What would it do for you?  For example, you could use Google Anmaytics to help you understand the behavior of your visitors. You could also boost your rankings. So figure out exactly what you want and let Revisitors help you get there.

Now you are ready to look at their site. Click here to learn a little more more before you order.

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Quest for Mail Order Success With WTM

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  gtag('config', 'UA-107712796-1');





This is my quest to find legitimate mail order business opportunities.

I am going to tell you about my adventures in mail order with WTM Publication’s postcards. I ordered the program on Friday July 13.  I received the package of materials on Saturday July 21. That is a very prompt response. It made me feel good about doing business with them.

I thought about it many times but never did anything about it until now. I may have seen the postcard for the “Profit Max Formula” 5 times in the last five years. This shows that not everyone will respond the first time they see a certain postcard. Keep that in mind.

Why Did I Choose WTM?

I chose WTM because they have very good-looking postcards. These attract attention. Attracting attention leads to attracting sales.

Why Did I Choose the Profit Max Formula?

I chose the Profit Max Formula because I believe it has the potential to make the most money. You receive $500 for every sale. This makes the profit potential very high. At a 1% response rate, you could bring in $2500 for every 500 postcards mailed. This is not guaranteed of course.


A Simple Plan

You can do this. Anyone can mail postcards. Postcards also have a high response rate because there is no envelope to open. The person receiving the card can read it immediately. They can decide to read further very easlily.

7 Mistakes to Avoid With Mail Order Programs

1. The worst mistake you can make is to not do anything with it. I have done this myself several times. If you don’t try you will never know what could happen. Don’t live with regrets.

One way to reduce the chances of not doing anything is to set a clear, specific goal. Make sure it has a deadline. You could say I will work one hour a day mailing postcards so I can make $1,000 a month by August 1, 2019.. You might say that is not very much, but if you do it every month for 20 years, you could put $240,000 in your pocket.

Also I forgot to say that you should write down your goal. Put it where you can see it every day. This will be a reminder of your goal and will help keep you moving toward it.

2. Starting but stopping too soon. This is another mistake I have made. In the 1970s I had a very good business going with classified ads. But for some reason I don.t know I stopped. It was one of the worst mistakes of my life. I believe it cost me at least $50,000 over the next 10 years. It could have been much more. It could have cost me $100,000 or more.

So my advice is don’t stop when you are on the verge of major success.

3. This mistake can be very costly also. Give yourself at least one full year. Not giving yourself time means you can;t benefit from your experience and knowledge you have gained. Even if you make a mistake you will gain some valuable knowledge from that experience. You know something you did not know before. You are smarter than you thought.

So set your deadline for your goal at one year from your start.

4. Another mistake is to forget the numbers.  Your costs will go down the longer you mail. At first you should go slow. Start with only 500. But later after you have more experience and success you can print in larger quantities and your printing costs will go down. Also there is the fact that you only pay the intial costs once. You do not have to pay every month.

So remember as your experience goes up your costs will go down. These are two very good trends. They will help you succeed.

5. The fifth mistake is to go too fast and try to get rich quick. You need to test carefully in the begining. You need to test your mailing list. Your reponses could vary a lot from list to list. So test carefyully until you find the golden list. The one that makes good money for you. Don’t mail 2000 postcards to start. Mail only 500. But don’t stop until you strike gold.

6. The sixth mistake is to order any  old list.  You need to start with a hot line list. That is a list of recent buyers of a program similar to yours. It this list does not work for you, then the rest of ther list will not work either.

So start with the very best list you can find–a recent buyers list.

7. The last mistake is to not look for ways to increase your response rate. This program for example has a stamp program that could be mailied with it. It would have to go into an envelope of course. But combining the two programs could  increase response to the original postcard.. It is something worth trying.

I plan to update this report every month. So please check back to see what is new with me and this program.

Please comment or ask questions. I will answer as soon as I can.

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I hope this post was helpful to you. If so, please  let me know. Thanks.

Work at Home Jobs: Where to Find Paid Blogging Jobs

I started thinking about work at home jobs. Then I focused on paid blogging jobs and where to find them. Here is a list of places to find paid blogging jobs.


This website is al about blogging. It is one of the best places to find blogging jobs. You can search by keyword or location.


This website has many jobs listed. You can search for “blogger” to find blogging jobs.. Other similar terms will work too.


This is another listing of jobs from around the internet, it is updated every day.


Craigslist lists jobs and not just physical objects . You can find many job openings here. You can pick any city you like.


Like most websites this one collects job poenings from around the internet. It makes it easy to find jobs in one place.


This website allows you to pick from contract work to freelance, full-time, and part-time. It also has temporary jobs listed.


This website allows you to write a post on it. This is callled a hub. Hubpages places ads around your hub that are related to it. You get a share of the ad revenue when someone buys a product or service from your post. Hubpages pays at $50 minimum and Google adsense pays when you reach a minimum of $100.


This is a really good online community for publishers.. No bad reviews were found by Forge Fortune. At squidoo what you write is called a lens. Ads are placed around your lens. with related products and services. You get a 50-50 share of the money. You get paid by Paypal.


With this website you have to showcase your skills in your profile in order to get hired. You can get paid quickly.


This website connects owners of blogs with writers of blogs. You must fil out an application form. You can earn money here and get great experience. Pay is $12 to $48 per post.


With this website you can write reviews for products and services.  If you like to write reveiews this is the one for you. You get paid in Eroyalties with the Income Share program. The minimum to get paid is $10 in the US. It is $100 in non-US countries.


I hope these websites help you to find the paid blog writing jobs you want. Please let me know if they help you or not.

If you like this post please let your friends know on social media. Good luck and God bless you.

Working At Home Business

I recently received an exciting postcard in the mail.  It is from WTM Publications. It is about making money by mailing postcards. This is something that can be done from home.

Good Looking

The postcard is very eye-catching. It has a lot of color–red, yellow and black. It has a picture of a good loking woman on it. It is a large postcard so it stands out from the crowd.

Great Selling Power

It looks like it would convert to sales very well. It definitely got my interest. I have been intereted in making money by direct mail since 1975. I have made some money. This looks like it has the potential to make a lot of money. You can get  $500 from each sale the postcard makes.

WTM Does Pay

I did some checking online and found out that WTM does pay. A man named Dee J. had a You tube video. He showed a few of the money orders he had received with his name on them. This is proof that they do pay.

More Proof

I also found a website that promotes several different programs of WTM Publications.  It is the .makemoneywithmailorder.com website.

I did not know they had so many different programs. They pay from $25, $50, $100 and up.. The cost to join most of them is lower than for the $500 per sale program. 

The $500 per Sale Program  costs $500 to the authorized dealer and $195 to WTM for processing and handling. So the total cost to join the program is $695. This is not cheap, but I believe it has the potential to earn a subtantial income. This is called the Profit-Max Formula. The headline is “Earn $500 per Sale Senr Directly To Your Mailbox.” 

My Secret to Higher Profits

The key to success in mail order is the mailing list. The BEST mailing list is YOUR OWN mailing list. 

What do you do if you don’t have a mailing list?

You can create your own list by making a simple offer for free informtion about the business opportunity. You can then mail that to the mailing list of your choice. Make sure it is a “buyers only” mailing list. Many cheap lists are worhless because they contain lots of lookesr and few or no buyers.  A looker is someone who sends for free information but never buys anything.

When you get responses to your free information offer, that name and address is part of your mailing list.  It is YOURS if someone responded to your offer. You can then mail the postcard to that name . You will get a better  response to the postcard since they already know you. They also just responded to your FREE OFFER. A recent response is better than an old one.

If you get just one extra response to your postcard it could mean the difference between profit and loss. A small profit is better than no profit at all. Once you have a small profit you can work at getting more and more profit. Persist until you reach your goal. 

Goals Help You Get There

Your first goal should be to get your first response to the WTM postcard. Then you can set higher goals after that. Make your goals reachable within 30 days.

In the beginning all you need are action goals. You do not need to set a lofty dollar goal. You can say “I will mail X number of letters or postcards to start my own mailing list” Mailing 30 per day is a doable goal for a part-time business..

I like to treat business like a game. Games have rules. The most important rule is to start with the best possible list. When you are winning the game you are MAKING MONEY. That is the FUN part.. 

I love the idea of making money by mail order. You can do it from home. 

I welcome your questions or comments. Please use the social meda buttons if you like this post. Thanks.