“Double Your Income Doing What You Love” by Raymond Aaron

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This is a great book.  The title is “Double Youe Income Doing What You Love”. I like the way this author thinks.  He says that it is possible to double your income without suffering doing something you don’t like.

Your Special Talents Are The Key To Greater Income

By knowing your special talents you can change what you do each day.  You can spend more time doing what you love and less time doing everything else.  This is the special key to doubling your income.

Raymond writes about a friend of his who was a good salesman.  He really liked to close sales.  But he spent 80% of his setting up appointments and other things that he did not like. When the company changed his job so that he only closed sales his income skyrocketed. It went up 500%. He was so good he only had to work 6 hours a day.

That is five times the income in three quarters of the time.. Not bad.

“How Should I Spend My Day?”

This is the question you need ask yourself to make the most money possible.  When you spend time doing things that you don’t like you are limiting your  income. For one thing it makes you want to procrastinate. Right? You don,t feel  excitted about getting started. Getting started is half the battle right?

Narrow Your Focus to Live a Grander Life

Raymond the founder of Power Mentoring is telling you to focus more on the things you love the most.  Focus on just a few things and you will get more done   . And you will make more money!

To Enjoy More Do Less

To enjoy your life more you need to do less. That does not mean doing less work but doing fewer things. 

Raymond’s Special Talents

In his book he talks about his special talents that allow him to make more money. He makes more money even though he hires people to do the things he does like to do.

He only does three things in his work life.

1. He produces educational materials.

2. He teaches.

3. He helps others to be all they can be. He encourages and inspires and informs others.

Discover Your Special Talents

How do you discover your special talents?  It is not easy. But you only need to think about 4 things.

1.Think about your work and what brings you the greatest joy.

2. Think about what you always do first if you have an option.

3. Of the things you do at work what do you make the most money doing or what would you like to make the most money doing?

4. Think about what you are most skilled at or what you would like to become most skilled at.

To explain number 3 a little more. Maybe you are not making much or any money yet beause you have not done it very long or you have not built up your credentials yet.

For number 4 what would like to most skilled at doing.  Maybe you need to do it longer or you need to take more courses

That activity that fulfills all four of the requirements that is your first special talent. Write it down.  Even if it is not exactly rright you need to write down something.

Sacred Duty

It is your sacred duty to discover and use your special talents.  You need to find 2 to 5 special talents. If you do not use them then many people, maybe thousands will not be helped by you and the world is worse off because of it. Use your talents and the world is a little better off for it.

I hope this post helps you discover your special talents.  It will be worth the effort. I felt very good when I discovered mine a few years ago.

So discover your talents, use them  and watch your value and income soar!

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