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I am in the process of learning more about Jaaxy and it’s pricing.  It is a keyword search tool.  Keywords are words that people use to search the internet for answers to their questions or problems. Keywords help you to do niche research also.

I just upgraded to the Pro level so I can get more from this world’s best keyworld tool.  I went for the yearly plan rather than monthly because it is cheaper that way I saved $29 that way too. There is nothing wrong with that.

By the way I have a special account that allows me to pay for a new computer or to add services that I need for this blog.  I did not even know I would need it when I started it. I just like to always have money. It allows me the freedom to do what I need to do.

Is there a free trial for Jaaxy?

Yes.  Any one can try out Jaaxy for free.  Just search for Jaaxy and it will pop up. You can try it as long as you want.

After you have tried it a while you may want to upgrade so you can do more searches.  You can also find things like your site rank.  This is one thing that attracted me to the Pro version. It will search for the first 10 pages in Google instead of just 1 page for your site rank for each keyword you enter.

The cost is only $19 per month or $199 per year for the Pro version . Pro is what most new websites use..

The Enterprise version is $49 per month.  It is also available for a year at $498

I just noticed that the pricing of Jaaxy is in a state of flux.  It is changing quickly.  I believe they are testing different prices to see what works the best, that is that makes the most money. The most recent price I have seen is $16.58  monthly for Pro and $41.58 for Enterprise.

So there is good news. The price went down in the last day or two. The bad news is that it could change again and maybe go up again. If you see a price you like take it and do not wait.  The old price may not come back. Or it could come back. We don’t know.

The new Jaaxy just started near the beginning of 2018 I believe. I did not use my computer for a couple of weeks at the end of February and the begining of March. I had issues with the old one.

Both paid versions allow an unlimited number of searches. The number of keywords in a search also goes up from the free trial version. The number of keyewords available in a search also goes up.

Allow yourself some time to try out Jaaxy.  Iam still learning about it. but I like what I see so far.

My conclusion is that Jaaxy is worth the money to upgrade, but you do not have to. If you cannot afford it right now Jaaxy lite will serve you well.

You can upgrade to Jaaxy Pro do so here.

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