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Turning  information into money is one of the best ways to make money..  We live in the information age. We have more information than ever before and it is hard to keep up with it.  If you have information that solves a problem you can turn it into money.

1. What information do you have that can be turned into cash? 

If you are no longer young you have learned how to do things.  Others would like to know how to do those things.

Maybe you have a problem now that you would like to solve. Rresearch it, study it, ask experts until you solve the problem and then you can sell that information. I am talking about selling booklets with solutions to problems.

To find a general subject that many are interested in you can go on Amazon and search for something like the “law of attraction.” There are over 4,000 books on this subject.  This is a good subject to write about.

2. Write your own “how to” booklet.

There are thousands of titles that begin with the words “how to”.  But I caution you that you should have actually done what you are writing about.  If you have never done it yourself you can use a different title.

By the way, I have actually made money with writing and selling information booklets. One of the first I wrote was called “$500 in 21 days”. It is a law of attraction title. I have used this technique several times and have received at least $4,000 total.

3. One of the biggest problems with publishing is solved.

One of biggest problems I found in the beginning was spending too much on inventory. I found a soltuion somewhere between publishing on demand and publishing 1000 copies or more that I will never be able to sell. I found a sweet spot in a compromise between the two extremes. My sweet spot is to publish 20 copies at a time.  I keep my costs near $3 per copy.  Then my breakeven point comes after selling only 10 copies or even less.

Whenever inventory gets to 4 or 5 copies I go to the printer to print 20 more copies. My costs are about $60 the first time and a lttle less for reprints. I was so happy when I found this solution. Compare this to printing 1,000 copies at $1.50. The total cost up front is $1500.

4. How can I sell my booklets?

I sold primarily by word of mouth.  I told people I knew about my books and some wanted to buy. It was more profitable than selling on Amazon for $2.99. I gave them a price of $6 or $7 and a money-back guarantee for printed booklets.

I learned that people who know you will buy more easily than a bunch of strangers online.

I want to sell some booklets by mail through newspapers or small business publications. The price will need to be higher. It needs to be $20 or more. That is the econonics of selling by mail.  The reason is that You need a sales letter to sell by mail.  You sell in two steps insteadf of one. Place a small classified ad first offering a FREE REPORT. Then send the reporrt which is a sales letter descibingl the benefits of your booklet. This is the best system I have found for selling by mail.

You could use direct mail and rent a list.  This is fast but more expensive.  Test everything with classifieds followed by a sales letter first.

Thiese are my favorite amd most successful ways of selling information. Please comment below if you like this post. Please ask any questions you may have.

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One thought on “Turn Information Into Money”

  1. I like your approach to earning money. The retirement of many people my age is often very iffy. Not so secure, and offers too much stress at a time when many of us can’t do much about fixing it.
    This is a nice option you’re giving us.
    I like the examples of your own experiences making money. I think there is now and will continue to be a lot of useful information here for many people. I’ll be back.

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