10 Reasons to Sign Up Now for WA if You Are Sitting on the Fence

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Here are ten reasons to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate right now if you are unsure. There is tremendous power in making a decision.  I made the decision to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate.  I have never regretted it. In fact I wish I had done it years ago. I have wanted to have my own maoney-making website for 6 years now.  I signed up on March 3, 2017. I feel like I am on track to make good money consistently. i wanted to supplement my retirement income.

1. You Can Make Up to $52,000 a Year or more

I know of one man who has been a member for ten years who past the ten million mark in total number of visitors. He has earned at least $52,000 each year for the last four years at least. The website is called I’ve Tried That. He has probably made over $250,000 in that time. Not bad.

if you join the Affiliate Program you will learn how to biuld your business .  You will be able to make money for rest of your life. I cannot guarantee how much you’ll make. But another online friend is now making $6500 a month on average.  Kyle one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate says that every one who completes the Affiliate Program course..makes consistent money.

There is a building process that you have to go through but after that there is no limit. to how much you can make. Kyle says there is potential to make one million dollars a year in any of the niches he recommends.

The Affiliate Program pays a whopping 50% commission on referrals. When someone joins WA and pays for a year you earn $175.  I don’t know of any program that pays more than that.  Many like Amazon pay much less.  They pay like 4% for low volume sellers.

2.You Can Save $841 Dollars Too

You can save hundereds of dollars by not  paying someone to build your site for you.  I received one quote of $1200 to build a similar site to what I have now. I paid only $359 for my WA website.  Plus I have another website also that is not actiove right now.

To my knowlege there is nothing that offers as much training and support .  Nobody ellse offers the same qualty for less money than WA.  I have been serching for six years.

3. You Can Go to Las Vegas for Free

You can go to Las Vegas when you get 300 referrals to WA.  This is amazing.  WA will pay for your trip and you can learn and have a good time with others who have reached the 300 mark. You can set going to Las Vegas as one of your goals.

Can you imagine how exciting that would be? Fun, excitement, learning from other smart people with experience.


4. You Can Try It For Free

You can try it for 7 (seven) days for ffree.  Set uo your account and you can try everthing out without risking a dime.

I do not know about anyone else who will let you try it before you buy it.  This is one benefit that puts Wealthy Affiliate at #1 on my list of recommended websites.  This one lets you build a website online on the first day if you want to.  I have tried books and courses that did not allow me to build a website. I spent $89 for the course. and I got nothing. I spent $20 for the book and I got nothing.

But my membership with WA allowed me to build a website in 5 minutes or less.  I had success on the first try. Yahoo! Victory at last.


5. You Can Learn Skills That Will Last A Lifetime

Once you learn money-making skills no one can take that away from you. They can keep skyrocketing your income for the rest of your life. I estimate that I will make $500,000 in the next 20 years. Would that be great or what.  You can do even better than I do. You can fatten your bank account  to a million dollars. 

I hope you are as excited as I am  thinking about the big picture. So picture yourself with a million dollar bank account and you are having the time of your life. What could be better than that?

WA gives you complete training on every important aspect of building your business.  They have a video for every section so that you see and hear exactly what to do.  Most of them are fairly short. They are ususually 20 minutes or less.Your training covers the importance of keywords for building traffic to your site.


6. You Get Two Free Websites to Start

You really do get two free websites to start your business.  This makes it really easy to get started.  Like I mentioned before you can buils a website in a few minutes.  It could be done in 30 seconds if you really tried. This is the easiest way I have ever experienced to get started with your very own websites.





7.You Can Share and Get Support From an Awesome Community

This is one of the most interesting aspects of Wealthy Affiliate.  You can get help many different ways if you need it. You have live chat.  It moves very quickly.

You can also private message your friends. You can even private message Kyle the co-founder of WA. I did that once  when I was having trouble sharing one of my pages and got a quick reply. Thank you Kyle.

You can also ask for help at the top of your screen any time.  I have used that to get some information on what to do if you are not making any money yet.




8.Free Video Training Helps You Improve Your Site 100%

There is live training on various subjects of real interest every Friday. I am going to experience my first live webinar tomorrow. I will have to write about in another post in the near future.

One of the subjects I wanted to learn more about was reaching goals for Google Analytics.



9. You Get Great Site Support Keeps Things Running Smoothly

You get great site support for your website(s). It is quick and effective in my experience.

I have mentioned this before in another post.  One time I was having trouble loggin to my website.  I was getting frustrated. So I emailed site support. I explained the problem.

In 14 minutes or less the problem was solved. I was ablle to log in. Then they asked me to let them know if the problem was solved. I did that and I was very happy with the service.

Site support here is really top notch. There is none better in my opinion.



10. Free Keyword Tool Helps Build Traffic

There is a free keyword tool for you to use. This will help you to build traffic by using commonly used keywords that people use when searching. This ia a very important tool and it is free.

There is also a premium keyword tool available if you want it. However, you don’t need to use it.  One member commented that he only used the free keyword tool and he got really good results. One third of his pages and posts were at the top page. That is very good indeed.

So you have two keyword tools to choose from.  You can use only the free keyword tool and get good or even great results.

The keyword tool is used to discover commonly used serch words that have lttlte competition.

11. Three FREE Bonuses For Signing Up Now

Don’t miss out on the Wealthy Affiliate experience.  It is fabulous. For more information click the link below:

more information

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