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Make Money Online Fast–Insider Secrets to Making Money With Classifieds

One way to make money online fast is to use the small but powerful clasified ad.  Online classifieds are fast. You do not have to wait for weeks to get your ad out there as you do in print. 

There are many little things to consider when you are using online classified ads.  We will talk about them here.

We talk about benefits first

The most important thing is to put benefits first.  What is a benefit? A benefit is what the product or service will do for you.  A feature on the other hand is a description of the product. So a BENEFIT tells what it does for the user. A FEATURE tells how many pages are in a book for example. It is really important to know the difference.

Benfits help you sell. Features only describe the product or service.

Make a BIG Promise

So when you are starting out your ad you want to tell the BIGGEST BENEFIT FIRST.  Make a BIG PROMISE.  That will get attention.  Small promises can easily be skimmed over.  But a BIG promise will stop the reader in their tracks. This is exactly what you want.

Be very Specific

It is important to make the promise very specific. Tell the reader exactly what they will get from your product or service. For example,

Lose Wieght Fast. Lose 10 pounds in 7 days. That is a BIG promise.

Lose weight gradually. This headline would not attract much attention.

Start on a shoestring

Another reason classifieds are good to start with is they are free or low cost.  It does not take thousands of dollars for a small classied ad.  You can start for $5 or $10.  Many are free. We will talk more about that later.

Offer FREE Information First

If you are offering a product or service in print it is almost always best to offer free information.  This is called a two step ad.  It would cost a lot to give all the details in the ad. You would send literature with the full details in a follow up mailing.

In an online classified you could refer someone to a website to get the full details.  Again this is faster than waiting for your literature to come. You are still offering free information on a website intstead of a mailing.  Offering FREE INFORMATION is an important part of the success formula. 

Use the AIDA Formula

This is a formula that has proven to work over and over.  It is a formula that sells.

The first “A” stands for attention.  You must get the readers attention or nothing else matters.  You will failotherwise.. To get attention you need to make a big promise as already mentioned above.

The “I” stands for “Interest”.  You can say something that gains the readers interest like “secrets revealed”.

The “D” stands for desire.  You can build desire by telling how you will fill the big promise.  The final “A” stands for action.  At this point you need to tell the reader how to act. What do you want the reader to do. Do you want them to write, call, or  go to a website.

This simple formula will help you to get the results you want. You will get inquiries, calls, orders or visits to your website.

Tell how the reader will get the benefit

Now we need to tell exactly what will bring the big benefit to the reader. For example, 

Lose Weght fast. 10 pounds in 7 days with Weight-Loss Magic Pills. 

Now your reader has an idea of what can bring the benefit you have talked about in your ad.

Put your name in the ad

Before you put your name in you need to tell the reader exactly what to do.  You want them to go to your website. Or write if you are using postal mail.

Next you can put your name in the ad.  It could just be your own name or your company name. Using your own name is more personal. So that could be your first choice.  People like to do business with a person.  They don’t want to do business with a corporation. So you could use your own name like John Smith.

You could combine the two so that you use your name in the company name. Use something like Jones Publishing. 

Put the address in your ad

Next it is time to put your address in the ad.If you are advertising online you put your URL.  For example,   If you are using mail you would use your postal address. Make it complete without using abreviations except for the standard state abreviations.

Where do I  place ads

First you want to place ads where there are other similar ads.  If the ads are for real estate you don’t want to try to sell a book there.  Look for a business opportunity section if that is what you are selling.

Are there free ads?

Yes there are many sites that have free classified ads. I found online a list of 31 of the top free classified ad sites.They include some well known ones along with others you never heard of before. You can just google free classified ads or something similar.

Free Classifieds online-Top 31

Here I found a list of the top 31 free classified ad sites. They include Ebay and Craiglist and many others. Adpost and Ablewise have business opportunity sections. These could be very important to you if you adverise in that area.

There are low cost ads

There are low cost classified ads that are worth considering. They may be more effective than free ads.  You will just have to test to find out. If free ads work for you that is the way to go.  If not then try low cost classifieds.

Be sure there are similar ads to yours

I already mentioned this but be SURE to advertise where there are ads similar to yours.  If there are not then go somewhere else.  You will be wasting your time.

Cut the number of words if necessry

You may have cut the number of words in your classifieds If there is a word limit.  Or if you are paying by the word. In that case be sure to make ewvery word count.  Cut out any uneccessary words. Keep only the essential words.  Words like and or the can be cut out.  Use a comma in place of and.

You can offer two benefits in one ad

You can strenghthen the impact of your ad by putting two powerful benefits into one ad. You could offer fast weight loss and increased energy.

Test Test Test: Testing is one key to success

It is important to test your ads. Try different ways of offering the benefits. be sure to test  different sites against each other to see which one works the best.  In time you will have a list of the best for your offer.  When you have a winner you can repeat the same ad over and over maybe even for years.

Testing will help you get the most from your little ads.

Online, Offline or Both

If you have an online business then of course you need to advertise online. But you might enhance the performance of your ads by using online and offline ads.  This is something I am considering and you should too. My advice is to test this as well as other options.

Types of benefits that work

Here is a short list of the types of benefits that work in advertising.  This is not a complete list.

Making money, saving money, lose weight, look better, better relationships etc. 

Some low cost classified ads online

Here are some classified ad sites that have business opportunity ads.  They are:

There is also one for print advertising in newspapers. It is American Classified Services.

Putting It All Together is Powerful

When you finally put everything together that is in this blog you will have something that can bring in income for many years to come.  After you get established you can coast a little and spend more tome filling your bank account.

Remember classified adveritising is the simplest form there is.  But there is one more piece to the puzzle and that is how to write a sizzling sales letter to respond to the people curious about your offer. I will have another blog post on letters in the near future. Again the same principals apply to online or offline classified ads and to sales letters. So enjoy the journey and have fun making money. Good luck.

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