“Making Money With Classified Ads” Benefits

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            “Making Money With Classified Ads” Benefits

1. $1,080 a month by a 16 year old

A 16 year old boy with no marketing experience soon made over $1,000 a month selling books by classified ads. He placed ads in Popular Science magazine.  That was before the digital age. Now you can do the same thing in a little bit different way.  You can use online classied ads.  They are cheap but powerful.

The boy saw an ad in Popular Science for a book on chess. He sent for information. He bought the book.He made a list of books he wanted to sell. He wrote to the publishers and made a deal with each one to sell their books by mail for 50% off the retail price.  It wasn’t long before he was making $1,000 a month selling the books. This he did this with no marketing experience.  You can do what he did with a digital twist. More about that in a minute.

2. You can do this

Classifieds are shorter and simpler than full page ads.  Anyone can learn how to write classfieds that will work. A typical classified ad is 20 to 40 words. There is a simple formula for writing these short ads.  We are talking about online or offline ads.  They both use the same simple formula.

3. Melvin Powers SHOWS YOU exactly what to do

Mevin Powers shows you exactly what to do.  He has done this many times over a period of 40 years. He has shown others how do it. These are people just like you.

He takes you step-by-step through the process of creating winning ads.  He even shows examples of what did not work and expains why it did not work.  You get to see the inner workings of a millionaire’s mind.  To do this in person would cost $5,000 or more. You get the same benefits for a tiny fraction of the cost of a personal consultation. This is a REAL BARGAIN.

4. Believe in yourself and you will succeed

Melvin Powers talks about the differences between those who succeed and those who don’t.  One key is to believe in yourself.  There is nothing more important than that.  There  is nothing simpler than that. If you give yourself the right mindset. 

Just say to yourself “I can do this. Others have done it. I can too.” Repeat these statements over and over to yourself if you must until you really believe it. This is the power of suggestion at work.  People who study the subconscious mind say that your subconsciuos mind will believe  whatever you say. If you make positive statements, it will beleve those and begin acting on them right away.

5. Follow the steps recommended by the author teacher

So follow the simple steps laid out by the author and you will be on the road to success. It is as easy as 1,2,3. Remember Melvin Powers has done this a thousand times over many years.  He can lead you to where you want to go. 

There is no easier way to make money than following these simple steps.  

6. Be persistent– never give up

Stay with it no matter what. You are following proven steps to building a business.  Too many people give up just when they are about to be successful.  Don’t let that be you. Persistence pays.  

Sometimes a small ad will just not work.  That is ok. Then you can just move on. Move on to  a different  small ad.  Stay with the program even if you fail a few times.  That is normal.

Tony Robbins has said that those who succeed the most are those have FAILED THE MOST.  They have tried a lot of things. They have taken action. In the process they have succeeded many times also. So don’t be afraid to fail. Please don’t give up.

7. Learn a simple formula–follow examples of success

There is a simple formula for success with classified ads and small display ads. Melvin will show you exactly what the formula is. The formula is so simple a 12 year old could do it.  You do not have to be a genius marketer. You do not need any previous marketing experience at all. It really is simple.

This book is for beginners or experienced marketers.  The beginner will learn the simple formula.  At the same time more experienced marketers can learn something too.  This is some really powerful information.  It could even make you rich. This is not hype. It is the truth. After all Melvin Powers became a millionaire using the same techniques you will be using.

8. Write down your goals and read them every day

Goals are extremely important to your success.  So you will want to come up with clear, specific goals. Then write them down. For example,

“I am making $1,500 a month selling information by using classifieds and other small ads.” Set your goal. Write it down. Put it where you can see it every day.

9. Take action immediately

As soon as you set your goal take steps to make it come true.  In this case you can decide to own this book and begin your education in making money with classified ads.. Start TODAY. 

10. Do not try to reinvent the wheel–learn from success

Follow proven formulas for making money.  There are many schemes and scams for making money but this is a PROVEN SYSTEM for making money. If you do the same things a successful person does you will get the same or similar results.

People just like you have been very successful with Melvin’s methods.

11. Start on a shoestring

Part of the beauty of using classifieds ads or small display ads is that you can START ON A SHOESTRING. It does not take a lot of money to get started.  You can start with a $100 or less.  All you need is a very small test to see if your ad works.  From there you can multiply your ads and keep growing..  

12. Learn from a millionaire

With this information packed volume you can learn from a millionaire.  You can learn from a real money-making expert.  There is no better way to discover the secrets to making BIG MONEY.  You could be making thousands a month within a year.  When you learn from someone who has done what you want to do you have an opportunity to make real money faster than you thought possible.

13. FREE BONUS Report for fast action

For those you act quickly I have a special bonus you have never seen before.  I call it the“$166,403 cash bonanza report”. This is based on my own experience.  It is one of the most exciting things in my life. 

But you must act soon. Order within by September 30 to get your very own FREE COPY of this exciting bonus.  I guarantee you can benefit from this too. It is easy. It is fast. Anyone can benefit from this amazing report.

14. Order your own copy now

There is a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if your are not satisfied. I don’t believe that will be the case. You will love it.

Send a piece of paper with your name, street address,city, state and zip code on it.  Enclose cash, check or money order for $30. This includes postage and handling. Write the words “MAKING MONEY WITH CLASSIFIED ADS” on the piece of paper.  Send it to:

NJS, P. O. Box 89, Paoli, IN 47454

You will be glad you did. Good luck. I will give you free consultation by mail if you need it.

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